The UK's Best Family-Friendly

Staycation Locations

Over a year since the effects of the first coronavirus lockdown were felt across the country, and as restrictions slowly start to lift, people have become increasingly interested in taking a staycation within the United Kingdom.

Even when the airports reopen and we can travel abroad there will still be many who have discovered the beauty upon their doorstep and, as such, it seems that the staycation is here to stay. Heading towards the second summer of socially distanced holidays at home we have compiled a list of some of the best destinations around the UK for families to visit this summer.

To determine which locations are the best for families to visit, we used a number of factors to calculate a score out of ten for each destination, these factors are as follows:

In a world where we still have to wear masks and socially distance, areas that are less crowded have become increasingly important.

In some of the more rural areas of the country, big hotels can be hard to come by. Consequently, camping has increased in popularity and the more campsites in a location, the better.

A summer holiday in the UK would not be complete without the great British weather. While no part of the country will have Mediterranean style heat, some places are certainly hotter than others.

Similarly to population density, having lots of outdoor green spaces (such as parks and nature attractions) is important in a world where we all distance and stay outdoors. Moreover, more open natural space often translates to a more picturesque area.

Outdoor activities such as running and cycling have skyrocketed during the pandemic, and while many indoor attractions sadly remain closed, an area with a high number of outdoor activities is ideal.

After all that outdoor activity it would only be natural to feel hungry, and as such having a multitude of different restaurants in the vicinity is a must for potential staycation destinations.

The UK’s Best Staycation Locations (Post Pandemic)



People per square kilometre

Number of campsites


Number of
green spaces
(per 100,000 people)

Number of child-friendly
outdoor activities
(per 100,000 people)

Number of child-friendly
(per 100,000 people)

Overall Score


Starting with a list of over 100 destinations including counties and national parks, we gave each destination a normalised score out of 10 for each of the following factors, before taking an average score across all the factors, to reveal the top 50 destinations.

People per square kilometre

The number of people per square kilometre according to the Office for National Statistics estimates of the population for the UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with figures for national parks taken from the most recent data published by the parks themselves.

Number of campsites

The number of campsites according to

Average summer temperature

The average temperature for June to August, according to, using a major town or city within each area.

Number of green spaces | Number of child-friendly outdoor activities | Number of child-friendly restaurants

Each sourced from Tripadvisor and calculated per 100,000 people.