Movie Monikers

Movie Monikers

From the big screen to the birth certificate - these are the most popular movie-inspired baby names!

A good movie can be inspirational for viewers, from embracing a new outlook on life to finding a new passion, but what about the inspiration it can provide for names of newborns?

Some movie characters are so iconic that their names are passed on to the children of fans, but what are the most popular blockbuster baby names?

From Marvel to Disney we took a look at 2000-2019 UK and US data to find out, focusing on the names of some of the most legendary characters to ever grace the big screen.

The Most Popular Movie Inspired Baby Names

When we looked at both boys and girls names, we saw a clear source of inspiration was found in Disney films, with the top three names belonging to Disney princesses. Jasmine takes the top spot, with 132,859 babies, showing just how huge the fan base is for this Disney princess.

Disney Princesses Baby Names

1. Jasmine - 132,859 babies

2. Aurora - 45,776 babies

3. Ariel - 45,478 babies

4. Maximus - 32,138 babies

5. Amélie - 22,216 babies

6. Tiana - 15,775 babies

7. Elsa - 11,923 babies

8. Atticus - 11,588 babies

9. Ace - 11,544 babies

10. Leia - 10,979 babies

The Most Popular Baby Girl Movie Names

Out of the top 10 girls names, six are classic Disney princesses, or seven if we count Star Wars’ own princess Leia!

Baby Girl Movie Names

1. Jasmine - 132,633 girls

2. Aurora - 45,764 girls

3. Ariel - 36,393 girls

4. Amélie - 22,216 girls

5. Tiana - 15,775 girls

6. Elsa - 11,923 girls

7. Leia - 10,979 girls

8. Precious - 8,245 girls

9. Belle - 5,794 girls

10. Coraline - 4,367 girls

Most Popular Baby Boy Movie Names

The boys kick off their top names with the hero of the 2000 blockbuster, Gladiator, with the name Maximus, a name belonging to 31,131 boys. The rest of the top 10 features some absolutely iconic characters such as Ace Ventura and Atticus Finch.

Baby Boy Movie Names

1. Maximus - 31,131 boys

2. Ace - 11,209 boys

3. Atticus - 11,178 boys

4. Ariel - 9,085 boys

5. Odin - 8,183 boys

6. Forrest - 5,419 boys

7. Rocky - 4,520 boys

8. Anakin - 3,082 boys

9. Neo - 2,985 boys

10. Donnie - 2,734 boys


We used a number of lists to compile our list of movie characters, including lists from Empire, Wikipedia, Marvel, and List Challenges. We then only took names that are directly

associated with the movie character they belong to. To ascertain this, we searched the names in Google and took those that had a featured snippet relating to the character.

We then used government data for UK boys and girls and US babies for babies born between 2000-2019 to give us our totals for the most popular movie names.

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