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Looking to throw the perfect birthday party for your little one? Look no further than PoundToy for all of your party-throwing needs! Party bags are an absolute necessity to a child’s birthday celebration, but filling those little bags full of fun and excitement need not be a pricey affair.

Looking to throw the perfect birthday party for your little one? Look no further than PoundToy for all of your party-throwing needs! Party bags are an absolute necessity to a child’s birthday celebration, but filling those little bags full of fun and excitement need not be a pricey affair.

By shopping with us, you can gather all of the fillers you need to create the ultimate party bag - bound to get your little guests beaming from ear to ear. Looking to purchase party supplies without spending a fortune? Don’t let throwing a party be a burden to your bank accounts. Our prices at PoundToy are unbeatable. With cheap toys costing as little as just 1p, there truly is nowhere better to carry out the ultimate birthday shopping spree! 

By supplying a huge selection of high-quality toys, delicious sweets and a diverse range of cheap party supplies, parents can find everything they need to entertain their party guests in the most cost-effective way possible. If you’d like to find themed party bags for Marvel superhero lovers or affordable birthday gifts for a LOL Surprise mega fan, we’ve got your back. Get your party items as quickly as possible by checking out with next day delivery - we’re always making things easier for customers at PoundToy!

What to put in party bags?

Getting a party gift at the end of a fun-filled day of dancing, bouncing and falling over after too many cups of pop, is a kids’ dream come true. Can you imagine the look of disappointment on their little faces if they didn’t get the most awesome party bag ever? Don’t panic. By shopping with PoundToy, we guarantee your party bags will be the biggest hit since Baby Shark! Cram your bags full of bouncy balls, bubble pots and amazing party treats. We have so many party bag filler ideas that we know will help you tick off your birthday shopping list in no time. So, let’s get cracking with some party-poppin’ ideas.

Kids bath bombs

Slightly obscure for your average party bag but trust us on this. Children love these unique gifts, especially when they add bursts of bright colours, glitter and mess to their evening baths. Water toys and bath bombs are really enjoyable for children of all ages, it gives them something to play with without any distractions from the TV. Moreover, the parents of these little party guests will be glad to see something different and useful come from their gift bags!

Party hats & blowouts

What’s the point in a party if the guests and birthday boy or birthday girl can’t dress for the occasion? Adding a themed party hat to their selection bags or your dining room table is an absolute must. We stock multi-packs of kids party hats at highly discounted prices. From unicorn party themes to poo-emoji hats - you are bound to find something amusing from our extensive party range! Make sure to compliment your accessories with incredibly noisy but extremely fun blowouts - you don’t want to forget those!

Blind bags and mystery packs

As if the concept of a party bag wasn’t intriguing enough, blind bags add that extra surprise that every child finds exciting. Opening the rustling packet to reveal nothing other than the coolest, tiniest and interesting toy ever! Our blind bags are a huge success with kids, as the element of surprise cannot be beaten. We stock cheap Fortnite blindbags and packs of mystery toy cars, rest assured your guests will not be disappointed!

Travel-sized arts and crafts

Supplying your guests with an activity they can get involved in once the party ends is an all-round fantastic party bag item. We sell cheap crayons, activity books and colouring books, so buying enough to cover each guest won’t be a problem for your budget. Another wonderful kids’ party bag filler is stickers. Although they may be simple, they are very, very effective. We have said it before and we will say it again - kids are super easy to please. Provide little ones with a pack of cheap stickers and they’ll be occupied for hours!

Sweets and chocolates

The easiest and most common thing to bulk out your party bags with is sweets. Not only do you not have to panic about filling them with sugar once the party has ended, they’re also (undoubtedly) everyone’s favourite thing. Here at PoundToy, we stock the most enormous range of cheap sweets and confectionery that Willy Wonka could only dream of owning! Throw in a couple of lollipops, chocolate coins and sour sweets and your party guests will be jumping for joy. Don’t forget to add a slice of birthday cake to truly fill their tummies!

Save more pennies - buy in bulk!

Buying bulk buy packs is the most cost-effective and convenient way to gather your supplies fast. We provide an assortment of cheap bulk party packs of lollipops, fantastic toys and party items that are guaranteed to save you plenty of hassle in planning a party. Our diverse, cool selection of low cost gifts for children come in bulk packs to save you money and time. Our stock is always expanding and our ideas are constantly evolving, helping us to supply exactly what you need to make your lives easier (and less expensive!). 

Shop for cheap party bag fillers with PoundToy today!

Now you’ve found inspiration from our amazing party bag ideas, you’re ready to crack on with your party plans and get the celebrations unway.

Remember, party bags aren’t just for kids parties - adults can enjoy them too (the contents may vary slightly, however!). We take extra care to make sure we please the parents, aunties and uncles as well as the children. We supply affordable branded makeup, accessories and sweets that make the perfect combination for hen party bags and 30th birthday parties! 

Now all that’s left to do is grab your party clothes, purchase your party decorations and tableware and create a disco playlist! By coming to us for all of your party needs, we guarantee you won’t find better, cheaper solutions that perfectly meet your requirements.

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