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As parents we all want the best for our children; we want them to have the kind of childhood memories that still linger in our minds from moments we spent racing around the park, throwing water bombs, or kicking a ball around with our mates.

As parents we all want the best for our children; we want them to have the kind of childhood memories that still linger in our minds from moments we spent racing around the park, throwing water bombs or kicking a ball around with our mates. 

We all know that our children’s digital literacy in a growing technological world is important BUT we must never forget the importance of good old outdoor play.  At PoundToy, we aim to fuel their imagination with a wonderful collection of toys for the back garden or local park. 

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Cheap garden toys for splashing fun 

Water play is incredibly important for our children’s development but playing with water outside provides a greater number of options for fun without having to worry about the clean-up afterwards! We have some amazing outdoor water play equipment including a variety of water bombs, water guns, water cannons and pump squirters in durable plastic. 

Perhaps you're taking a staycation in the UK and want some inflatables for the communal pool or maybe even for your outdoor paddling pool (which we also stock)? We have an awesome range of lilos and other inflatables of all shapes and sizes including inflatable musical instruments so you can play air guitar while splashing in the kiddie pool. We recommend our range of inflatable toys and armbands for safe water play.

The coolest collection of toys for the garden

We also have an amazing range of outdoor games for play on grass or hard surfaces including yoyos, play dough and putty, or why not take things old school and play some hop-scotch with our washable pavement chalks.  And if you’re worried about letting your rugrats play in the backyard, why not try some of our foam tiles – colourful, cushioned and safe for outdoor play.  

All children love blowing bubbles. Bubbles are fun and exciting; the joy on their faces as they compete to see how big their bubbles can get and then the laughter when one pops. Here at PoundToy we have SO many bubbles: bubble wands, bubble guns, bubble cyclones and even traditional bubble blowers!

Games and puzzles

Looking to combine fun with keeping fit? We have a large range of outdoor sports equipment too. If you fancy a game of tennis or football at the local park, we have balls of all sizes and colours to suit your budding sports star. How about a skipping rope or one of our traditional wooden garden games? Or if you’d like to feel the wind in your hair as you run through the fields, why not try one of our kites or glider planes in a range of cool designs for boys and girls who love active play!

The benefits of outdoor play

It is a fact that children spend dramatically less time outdoors than previous generations. Child psychologists and other specialists in childhood development have noticed that both children and adults are living more sedentary lifestyles and over-reliance on technology means children are spending much more time on solo play indoors. The consequences of this are vast including a growing disconnect from nature, increasing social anxiety in young children, diminishing social skills including team working and communication, and deficits in fine and gross motor skills. Many parents report that there are fewer green spaces available to take children or they have concerns about safety but it’s incredibly important to let our children explore the natural world!

  • Fresh air is good for us and the more space children have to play, the more opportunities for physical exercise too. Other fundamental skills are built when playing outdoors: fine and gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, learning about nature, risk-taking, experimentation and exploration, socialisation, executive functioning skills and team working.
  • Throwing and catching a ball develops hand-eye coordination and group ball games teach them social skills like how to work as a team and how to play fair - all skills that are transferable in later life.

Outdoor play in early childhood will encourage your child to appreciate the wonders of nature. Kids today are often characterised by the latest techno-gadget in their hands but there's a reason why in school, they have 1-2 periods of outdoor play - because they need it! They have so much space to run, jump and dance that it gives them the freedom to build social skills, run wild and release pent-up energy in a safe, structured environment.  Children need this - we all need it, to be honest!

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