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Got a kid’s birthday coming up and don’t want to spend a fortune? No problem. You’ve landed in the best possible place for low-cost (but high quality) toys! Not to brag, but we do sell toys for as low as just 1p - just saying. Therefore, you can be sure to find a plethora of affordable and exciting toys for boys and girls on our website. We stock an extensive range of cheap gifts for kids (or adults - whatever floats your boat) that are guaranteed to make little ones smile on any occasion.

Got a kid’s birthday coming up and don’t want to spend a fortune? No problem. You’ve landed in the best possible place for low-cost (but high quality) toys! Not to brag, but we do sell toys for as low as just 1p - just saying. Therefore, you can be sure to find a plethora of affordable and exciting toys for boys and girls on our website. We stock an extensive range of cheap gifts for kids (or adults - whatever floats your boat) that are guaranteed to make little ones smile on any occasion.

Get your shopping fix at half the price by browsing our selection of Peppa Pig toys, Marvel and Disney toys, board games, books and much more. With up to 80% off RRP on toys and unbeatable discounts and offers, there really is nowhere better to buy gifts for children than PoundToy. We even offer flexible payment options to ensure that you can always secure the gifts you need, no matter what.

As far as quality is concerned, the toys, games and books that we sell are never compromised in quality, despite the low costs. Here at PoundToy, we understand the importance of enhancing a child’s learning journey through play. As a result, we make it our sole mission to stock meaningful toys that we know will educate, inspire and entertain children of all ages. Moreover, our ever-growing stock includes all the tools needed to encourage and develop children’s creativity, social skills, motor skills and imagination.

We promise to deliver perfect toys as special as the little people you are buying for. So, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy your online shopping experience with us - you’ve earned it!

Cheap toys for babies and toddlers

Buying gifts for babies and toddlers isn’t too difficult, they are easily pleased! Regardless of the fact they may be more enticed by the packaging, our baby range of mesmerizing toys will have your little ones babbling and giggling for ages! We sell baby toys with and without batteries, depending on your preferences - don’t say we didn’t warn you! The toys at PoundToy aim to captivate little eyes through attractive colours, bright lights and interactive features. Encourage your baby to explore new textures by purchasing an assortment of interactive toys, teddies and board books. By gifting toddlers and bouncing babies with a variety of toys, this will assist them in developing their cognitive and gross motor skills. A toddler with a variety of toys learns how to engage in independent play, which we all know is incredibly advantageous when it comes to completing chores!

Soft toys: Soft toys are a classic favourite of all kids, as they provide children with the perfect bedtime companion. Teddy bears make excellent comfort toys for babies, toddlers, nursery children and even many adults. There truly is nothing more precious than a beloved childhood fluffy friend. The soft textures of these toys are wonderful for babies, giving them the ultimate snuggle partner to help them fall asleep. In addition to their snuggle benefits, soft toys are also fantastic tools for the imagination. Once babies grow, soft toys can be used in different games and activities - the possibilities are endless! Here at PoundToy, we sell a wide range of recognisable, favourite characters for children to play with and cuddle. Whether your little one loves Disney Princesses or Paw Patrol, you will find all of the plush characters you could need to form a box of soft toy goodies for their birthday.

Interactive toys: A crucial part of development in babies and toddlers is their ability to interact and engage with objects. Obviously, the brighter and more extravagant they are, the more likely they are to be transfixed. Therefore, we stock all of the baby toys you need to stimulate your child’s little minds and help establish hand-eye coordination and language skills. From sorting toys, wooden puzzles, spin-top toys, and instrument sets to loud toys jam-packed with buttons, sounds, music, lights and fun (we told you we had options with and without batteries - choose wisely)!

Baby books: Baby-friendly books are without doubt one of the most useful things to own as a new parent. Not only does reading to your little ones fill parents’ hearts with love and happiness, reading to children also enhances their language and communication skills. Have your babies flicking through board books and soft, interactive books until their heart’s content. At PoundToy, you will find a diverse range of beautifully designed books that little people will adore.

Affordable and exciting toys for 3 - 6 year olds

Not only is this the age range where cheekiness and sass develops, this is also the approximate age where kids gain a curiosity of the world around them. They love to explore, go on adventures and play pretend all day long. So, why not enhance their imaginations with a collection of exciting toys to play make believe with? We have everything a child could possibly want including dinosaur toys, gooey slime, superhero figures and a whole load of art tools and accessories. Your young relatives are bound to feel spoilt with toys this great!

At PoundToy, our objective is to meet the educational, social and entertainment needs of children all across the country - we achieve that with our huge range of amazing toys and fun games! If you’re searching endlessly for toys that are enjoyable yet cheap - we have got you covered for every occasion.

Arts and crafts - Little girls and boys love to get messy and create abstract paintings to plaster on their family members’ fridges. Furthermore, engaging in artistic activities encourages children to be creative, allowing them to explore their imagination. The kids craft selection we stock is as varied, colourful and exciting as can be. By shopping with PoundToy, you will find an amazing variety of craft products including pencil crayons, watercolours, glitter and stationery. With prices this low, why not gift your art lover with a bespoke box of arts and crafts galore?

Fidget toys - Sensory toys remain one of the most popular toy categories amongst kids of all ages. The soothing and calming effect that comes with a fidget toy is incredibly beneficial to children who are happier with something to fiddle with. The textures and colours of these tactile toys are known to relieve stress and stimulate children and adults alike. These toys are also great for children and adults with ADHD, autism and several other conditions, as they help with sensory stimulation. We sell an extensive range of cheap fidget spinners and pop-its that are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained for long periods of time. Shop our colourful, interesting and diverse edit of fidget toys now!

Cool toys for 7 - 10 year olds

As children get older, their ability to understand the wider world grows with them. Moreover, children in this age group are beginning to develop their personalities and start participating in creative activities that develop their general knowledge. Shopping for a 7 year old can be much tougher than shopping for preschool age children, as they know exactly what they want and when they want it! However, not to fear, our experience earns us the knowledge needed to understand what children in this age bracket are wishing for.

If your child enjoys books, stories, science, or practical jokes, PoundToy has plenty of toys they'll love. We strive to develop children's knowledge and social skills with our interesting, interactive toys.

Action figures - By this age, most children will have developed particular interests and preferences for different famous characters, games and hobbies. For many kids, superheroes and gaming characters are literally the best people on Earth. For this reason, action figures are a massive hit with children, as they love to bring their favourite characters to life. We have a large choice of action figures to choose from here at PoundToy, meaning that many interests are tailored to. Got a little girl who is a big fan of wrestling? We’ve got characters for that. Got a little boy who is Fortnite crazy? We have action figures for that. Have a child that adores Star Wars? Yep, you guessed it. We have characters for Star Wars fans too!

Puzzles, jigsaws and LEGO - Jigsaw puzzles are one of the oldest classic toys, but children still adore them. Puzzles are perfect for helping children to develop problem-solving skills. If that’s not convincing enough, larger puzzles could keep little ones busy and quiet for hours on end! Children especially enjoy solving cube puzzles as they enjoy the prospect of solving the impossible! Is your little one up to the challenge? LEGO is another challenging and captivating type of toy, which is loved by people of all ages - even adults enjoy building LEGO models. Find all the challenging puzzles for your kids to complete at PoundToy!

Board games - Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly, light competition between friends and family? Get the whole family playing and giggling together by gifting children with a fun family board game. We stock all of the classic family favourites. Can’t decide which board game would best suit them? There's multiple options on offer at prices as low as just £3, maybe build a bundle so that your kids never run out of options!

The best toys for teenagers

Really struggling to find good enough gifts for a tech-obsessed pre-teen or a 13 year old? We’ve all been there. Getting an ecstatic reaction to a present from a teenager is virtually impossible. But it’s ok, we’re sure our toys for older kids will please. It’s important to move their eyes away from technology from time to time, which is why we stock puzzles, books, accessories and chocolate for older kids to be distracted from screens by. Even the biggest kids find joy from our impressive collection of toys, as we make sure to cater to everyone.

Books - Children of this age are much more likely to find pleasure in reading fiction, often uncovering a particular passion for storybook characters (yes, we’re talking about Harry Potter). We stock books from a range of genres with relevant subject matters and text lengths. With PoundToy, you can start your child's book collection in the most wonderful way: with a guide or manual for their favorite video game, a book of puzzles for long road trips, or a collection of thrilling stories.

Educational science toys - The benefits of play continue to be significant to the developing brain of a child throughout his or her entire childhood. Introducing science and technology to children is incredibly beneficial to them, as it enables them to further their knowledge of how the world works. There is great satisfaction to be earned from completing a science project or experiment. Who could say no to creating an exciting chemistry explosion in their own home? We have science kits available for astronomy lovers, chemistry fans and those that love to create anything artsy!

Kids birthday party accessories

You’ve arranged a party for your little one and need to ensure it's the best day ever for everyone involved. Want to throw the biggest and best party in the town but on a tight budget? Get PoundToy involved and we can almost guarantee you achieve this. You will find a selection of cheap party games, affordable dress up accessories and lots and lots of sweets.

Confectionery: We sell sweets and chocolate from all of the biggest brands. From sour sweets that blow heads off to delicious creamy chocolate - the sweetness at PoundToy never ends! With prices for confectionery starting at 1p, it’s simple, easy and affordable to build up party bags and gather bits and bobs for your food table.

Blind bags: Got a couple of games planned and need a decent prize for the winner? Our blind bags are some of the most exciting items we sell. Although you, as the buyer, will have no clue what is inside - children will love to discover the surprises inside the brightly coloured bags!

Party decorations: We weren’t joking when we said PoundToy have everything you need to throw a party. Shop with us to stock up on all of the themed paper plates, party hats and table clothes you need to make your party look amazing.

Why shop with PoundToy for all your gifts?

We pride ourselves in our ever-evolving vast array of children’s toys. We ensure to keep up to date with the latest trends, crazes and newest toys to bring our customers everything they require for their little ones. We are here to be your go-to website for every occasion. Whether it’s birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Halloween or you simply just want to celebrate some good grades and fantastic behaviour - choose PoundToy every time. For the greatest ever discounts, mind-blowing sales and the most diverse and exciting toys on the market, start your shopping experience with us today.

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