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Welcome to the home of the most wonderful and cheap toys on the internet! Whether you are searching for a birthday present, reward for good behaviour, stocking fillers or educational resources, we guarantee you will find what you need here at PoundToy.

Welcome to the home of the most wonderful and cheap toys on the internet! Whether you are searching for a birthday present, reward for good behaviour, stocking fillers or educational resources, we guarantee you will find what you need here at PoundToy.

Looking to buy gifts for a special little girl but don’t want to spend a fortune? We hear ya! By shopping with us, you can build up your basket with countless exciting toys at extraordinary low prices. The continuous sales we offer combined with our ever-evolving range of popular toys make us the go-to toy shop for parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents everywhere! At PoundToy, you can reap the benefits of up to 80% off RRP, incredible discounts on branded toys and birthday gifts priced under £1. We have toys in the theme of all of your children’s favourite characters. In our collection you’ll find Peppa Pig toys, Cocomelon toys, Frozen products and a variety of LOL surprise dolls and accessories - your options are endless!

Spoil your little princess without breaking the bank. We have something amazing on sale for every interest, age and hobby imaginable. Whether your little girl likes to bury her head into a beautiful book, get her hands stuck into slime and all things messy or create a minuscule world of roarsome dinosaur toys - we have you covered. We have an absolutely huge range of girls toys in stock, so you may be scrolling and clicking for a while! Shop now for wonderful toys at affordable prices.

Engaging toys for baby girls and toddlers

Even the tiniest of people can gain an education and hours of enjoyment from a good toy. A fantastic toy not only provokes cute giggles and gummy grins, they are also incredibly valuable to a child’s development journey. We have an abundance of baby toys at budget-friendly prices.

Lights and sound toys: Noisy and bright toys are without doubt some of the most engaging products you can buy for a baby or toddler. Colourful objects that sing nursery rhymes and make humorous sound effects are super effective for commanding a child’s attention. We have a wide variety of baby toys that your little one will love playing with (and throwing around the room - let's be honest) on a daily basis. From musical microphones to brightly coloured shape sorter toys - your baby will be spoilt for choice. P.S we will not be held responsible for the frustration endured by parents whilst these toys are in use.

Soft toys: Cuddly companions make the perfect gift for little girls and babies. Nothing beats cosying up with your favourite TV character, Disney Princess or furry animal friend at bedtime. Soft toys are excellent comfort objects that parents often use to settle their youngsters throughout their toddler years. Search our assortment of cheap teddy bear friends today.

Exciting toys for 3-5 year old girls

This is an age range where many parents and family members go wild for birthdays and Christmas, because kids between these ages will literally play with anything. To be honest - you might even find they enjoy the packaging more than the toys you buy!

Children’s creative activity toys: At this age, kids love to role play and imitate everything that adults do. One of the most popular categories for children in this age bracket is toy kitchen appliances and pretend dining accessories. With our assortment of interactive toys, your child will love to get creative with their very own kid-friendly washing machines, kettles and microwaves!

Dolls & accessories: On the subject of playing make believe, dolls are a fantastic choice for young kids. We stock a varied selection of cheap dolls that little girls and boys adore pushing around in pushchairs! In addition to baby dolls, we also stock the prettiest Barbie dolls, mermaids and Princesses at fantastic prices! Why not combine your doll toys with a collection of dress up accessories? Your little girl will love to prance around in a princess dress!

Cheap toys for 6 - 8 year old girls

As little brains develop, the toys that children play with become much more advanced. This is an age for really exercising their artistic, language, construction and writing skills through fun games and activities. At PoundToy, we promise to deliver everything you need to truly impress your little ones.

Science kits for girls: What is more exciting to a kid than an explosive experiment? Help your tiny Einsteins discover the world of science with a cheap science kit. Our range includes astronomy discovery packs, Gelli Baff activity sets and much much more.

Activity books: Not only do activity books and subject workbooks help with improving a child’s knowledge, many children find completing these tasks really rewarding. We have handwriting activity books, maths, english and science books that your little girl can fill out and scribble in. Our cheap activity books also make excellent prizes for a birthday party - simple yet effective and affordable for every child to enjoy!

Interesting games toys for 9 - 12 year olds

With the amazing collection of toys, books and accessories here at PoundToy, even the older, harder-to-please kids will crack a smile when they receive a delivery from us. Take the opportunity to really challenge the minds of your clever children with our assortment of games and puzzles! To gain inspiration for what to buy your moody pre-teens - read on!

Board games: Get the family together to compete in a classic game that gets brains ticking away. We supply plenty of cheap board games that promise to have the entire family in fits of laughter! Alternatively, gift your older girls with a mind-boggling rubix cube or difficult puzzle to assemble - will she be up to the challenge?

Arts and crafts: Self expression through art is a wonderful way for older girls to ditch their technology and engage in a creative activity. With our extensive arts and crafts collection, you will find a huge variety of pens, pencils, paint and art sets that your child will love to go wild with! Top tip from us - a big customised box of art materials and tools make an impressive gift for older kids.

What are you waiting for? Get Shopping with PoundToy today!

To take advantage of the Incredible prices and high-quality toys stocked at PoundToy, start adding to your basket today! Our toys are the perfect solution for adults sticking to a tight budget. Not only are our prices as low as possible, every single one of our products is packed with fun and entertainment for all to enjoy. Why not enhance your shopping experience by treating yourself to some sweets and chocolate? We suggest hiding your goodies from little eyes and hands - what’s wrong with ordering something for yourself for a change?!

Gift guide: Most popular girl’s toys

We know that searching for toys for girls is both difficult and time consuming. That's why we want to make the gift buying process easy for you. 

If you've not already noticed, the toy options available at PoundToy are never-ending, which makes choosing the perfect present unchallenging (and affordable!). 

Over the years, we've seen which products and collections have sold off the shelves. We know what kids love, we understand what kids want and most importantly, we stock all of that and more! 

So, here's our rundown of the most popular gifts for girls - you'll be clicking through to ordering in no time!

1. Blind bags

Give the gift of mystery and let your special little girl uncover the surprise. You never know what you're going to get with blind bags, but we do know that they're fun.

Blind bags are perfect for kids who like surprises and don't mind not knowing what they'll get until they open the package. Simply pick a theme that you know they'll love and there you have it - the surprise comes the moment they open the packaging! We stock cheap blind bags in the themes of LOL Surprise, Trolls, Love Diana and tonnes more!

Blind bags are brilliant gifts all year round. Purchase them as stocking fillers, birthday presents or random surprise gifts wherever you feel they deserve it best!

2. Character plushies

It's time to bring your child's favourite TV and film characters to life and welcome them into your home! These adorable little character plushies are just the thing to cuddle with before bedtime, use as a comforter on long journeys or simply display on the shelf.

We've got a wide selection of plushies for all ages. You can choose from our popular Minions collection, featuring the cute yellow creatures from Despicable Me, or our Disney Princess collection, featuring your favourite princesses like Cinderella and Elsa.

Whatever your child’s favourite character may be, we’re sure to have it in stock (at an exceptional price, too!).

3. Cosmetics and accessories

Our products are designed to make your little girl feel special, confident, and ready for anything! We have a selection of accessories, fancy dress outfits and cosmetics perfect for the littlest of people.

Our press-on nails come in a variety of colours and styles, so your child will have fun experimenting with different designs.

Our temporary tattoos are easy to apply, unique in design and safe for gentle skin. We've got Disney Princess tattoos and emoji-themed tattoos. The prices are so low you can even stock up on a bundle of them!

We also have lip gloss sets and children's make-up, all created to provide a subtle look for any girl or boy. Children love imitating their elders, so they're sure to have plenty of fun recreating some of the striking looks they've seen (mums, we're looking at you).

Complete your gift set with a children’s perfume - a simple spritz will go a long way and leave your little ones smelling delicious!

4. Creative toys and kits

Not only do kids love our creative toys and kits, they also enhance their skill set and put their little brains to good use! 

We offer a wide range of products to help young ones do everything from building their own house to sewing and creating bath bombs with kits for all ages. We also offer craft sets for all ages, which makes it easy for kids (and adults!) to let their imaginations run wild. 

Our sets and kits include all the components needed to complete the task at hand. Unleash their creativity by choosing a selection of building sets, art kits and colouring activities - you'll never have to hear a boredom complaint again!

5. Slime

Does your child love to get messy? We've got the perfect solution.

Slime is the perfect sensory toy for kids of all ages. Let them get their hands dirty as they squelch the gooey slime through their fingers. Kids love to create shapes and channel their creative skills when playing with slime, so that's why we sell the best slime kits for making cool stuff.

Make bath time fun again with our themed Gelli Bath sets! Take slime to the next level by adding some of the solution to your child’s next bath, they’ll love the vivid colours and super sticky textures. The best part? It’s completely safe, easy to wash off and won’t ruin your bathtub!

6. Fidget toys

Fidget toys are a craze that's unlikely to die down anytime soon. And we're not complaining - we love these little fun toys as much as the next person. But they're especially great for children with autism, or those who just enjoy playing with small textured toys.

If you have a child who struggles with anxiety or other sensory needs, fidgets can be a lifesaver. Not only do they keep kids' hands busy and focused, but they can help them calm down and focus on the task at hand.

Choose from colourful Pop-its or sensory bundles full of interesting shapes and textures. Every child needs a fidget toy in their life - they provide endless entertainment all day long!


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