Cheap Party Supplies

Throwing a party does not have to be expensive and stressful. At PoundToy, we supply everything you could possibly need to throw a successful do without breaking the bank. Whether it's a kid's birthday party, an anniversary party, a Christmas party, a hen do, or a random special event, we’re here to help you out.

Throwing a party does not have to be expensive and stressful. At PoundToy, we supply everything you could possibly need to throw a successful do without breaking the bank. Whether it's a kid's birthday party, an anniversary party, a Christmas party, a hen do, or a random special event, we’re here to help you out.

We stock cheap party tableware in a range of colours, patterns and themes, as well as an extensive collection of party decorations and toys at a fraction of the price of most suppliers. Say no to stressful shopping and order all of the accessories, games, party bags, invitations, dinnerware and decorations you need from the comfort of your own home - job done! Here at PoundToy, we aim to provide party products that ensure your guests enjoy an amazing party, whilst the host benefits from hardly spending a penny to throw it! So, grab your party planning notebook and start clicking - we promise you won’t leave without a big, fat tick next to every single thing on your list!

PoundToy stocks a never-ending supply of magnificent, low cost toys for all age groups, scrumptious sweets for big kids and fun games for the whole family! Why shop anywhere else when PoundToy delivers discounts as breath-taking as this? Shop wisely - save the cash and enjoy a huge delivery of high-quality toys and discount party supplies today.

Kids' Birthday Party Supplies

Being a parent is expensive as it is without digging into your bank account for more pennies to throw a huge celebration. Believe it or not - your child does not need an expensive party with special guest appearances, a buffet to feed the country and 6000 balloons. Kids are really easy to please. You can throw an incredible party without spending your entire month’s wage and still make your little one scream with delight. Here at PoundToy, we have you covered for every step of the party planning process. From fantastic party invitations to cheap party bag fillers and delicious sweet treats - fill your basket up with cheap supplies and create the perfect party package!

Right, let’s get started. What exactly do you need to add to your list of supplies for a child’s birthday party?

Party Decoration Supplies

We all know that children love a themed party, tailored to suit their current tastes. Unicorn-obsessed? Football fanatic? Animal crazy? Whatever they may be into, we have what you require to bring their party to life and give them the extra special day they deserve. We stock a huge range of cheap birthday party balloons, plastic table covers, colourful banners and a whole lot more in a variety of birthday party themes at teeny tiny prices. 


No child goes to a kid's party to sit still and watch. Boost their energy with a heap of sugary sweets and they will be running, jumping and dancing for hours! The best part of filling kids to the brim with sweets? You get to send the hyperactive, crazy kids back home to their parents before bedtime! We sell mouth-watering jelly sweets, massive tubs of sour sweets and tonnes of lollipops at amazing prices for every birthday occasion. Take advantage of the small price tags and order numerous boxes of sweets - you’re guaranteed to have plenty left over for your secret stash of goodies! 

Disco Party Lights

What do kids love more than disco lights? Set the scene in your event space and drive your mini party guests wild with our cool collection of portable flashing lights to compliment your children’s party playlist. Combine the endless supply of sweets with these colourful strobe lights and your child’s party will turn into the ultimate kiddy rave!

Party Games For Kids

Is it even classed as a party if there are no crazy, enjoyable games? Have the kids in fits of laughter by organising a couple of hilarious party games. We provide an endless array of games that all children, big and small, can get involved with. Not only does purchasing low-cost games help you stick to your party budget, the fabulous games we sell can also be given as birthday gifts.

Party Bag Fillers

Collating all the little items together to fill up party bags can be a nuisance and can also set you back quite a few pounds. However, we supply a massive selection of party bag fillers that not only save you pennies, but also save you time. We make party planning easy by selling cheap bumper packs of filler toys and accessories so that you can quickly distribute items into each individual bag. Send your children’s friends away with a party bag bursting with entertainment!

Cheap Party Prizes

It isn’t a successful party without a good few rounds of ‘pass the parcel’, and that is not a statement up for debate. The only hindrance to hosting this game at your child’s party is finding reasonably priced prizes that will make every kid leap for joy. We understand this to be a terribly stressful aspect of birthday planning, which is why we supply a range of cost-effective party prize options to choose from. Not got time to select the most appropriate fun toys? Don’t forget to check out our exciting blind bags - neither you nor the prize winner will know what to expect - who doesn’t love an element of surprise?

We weren’t telling fibs when we said we had your child’s party covered. Whether your little one is Disney-mad or wild about Fortnite, you will find suitable party decorations, toys and games that are sure to please! We have an array of themed-party accessories such as Lego City party supplies, Mr Men party supplies and everything you could need to throw a celebration for your football fanatic. 

Low-Cost Christmas Party Accessories

When Christmas is approaching, we stock a massive range of cheap Christmas decorations in a range of bright festive colours to bring some Christmas spirit to your family celebration. From baubles to tinsel, crackers to fairy lights, bunting to Christmas Eve boxes, we've got it all at incredibly low prices. Also, if a paper hat from the festive crackers isn't your thing, we have affordable fancy dress accessories including Santa hats and reindeer antlers.

When the dark nights begin to draw in and December begins, you may want to start things off with one of our advent calendars or maybe your little angels have caught the naughty elf bug? If so, we stock competitively priced elf boys and girls and various accessories to make a parent's job a lot easier when planning new and ingenious ways to make your little ones think the elves have been up to no good.

When the time comes to put your tree up (whether that's right after Halloween in your house, or at the start of Advent, we have everything you could possibly need to decorate your tree (whether real or artificial) and your home sparkle. We have baubles in every colour you can think of, including our stupendous giant baubles which contain small surprises for your little ones. We have themed bunting, decorative window stickers, inflatable Santa decorations, stockings and if you feel like taking the Christmas spirit with you everywhere you go, we even stock Christmas decorations for your car!

Creating a perfect Christmas atmosphere isn't just about the brightly coloured tinsel and baubles though. You can really set the scene with the right lighting and at PoundToy, we have a great choice of cheap lighting. You can choose from fairy lights, portable strobe lights or what about a glorious light projector? If the unmistakable scent of cinnamon helps you get into the Christmas spirit, we have many candles in a variety of Christmas scents. It's all about creating a cheap but cheerful festive environment.

Everybody celebrates the festivities in different ways but if you have children, keep them entertained so you can enjoy a tipple, a nap or your favourite film. At PoundToy we have lots of stocking fillers, as well as bigger presents which are sure to keep a smile on your kids' faces. We also have a huge selection of party games, craft materials, wrapping paper and mystery party bags. 

Christmas-themed dinnerware

If you'll be hosting Christmas dinner this year, we have some fabulous fun accessories to make your dining table the talk of the town including novelty Christmas-themed napkins, table cloths and cutlery holders. No matter what you serve to your guests on Christmas Day: turkey, ham or even duck, we have tableware in varied styles and colours to suit your vision. Don't fancy doing any washing up? We have a range of disposable paper cups and plates featuring Santa and his friends. Or why not get the kids to help with preparations? We have a range of Christmas crafts which are sure to keep them entertained in the run-up to the big event.

Adult Party Supplies and Games

Throwing a cocktail party or something a little less sophisticated for your group of mates? Welcome to the home of cheap party supplies. Be it baby shower party supplies, hen and stag party supplies, or just general accessories for your 30th birthday soiree, you’ll find what you need to allow you to be the hostess with the mostest. Beyond the general partying necessities, PoundToy likes to ensure that adults feel included in the fun. Every grown-up loves to get involved with hysterical games and relive their youth through engaging with nostalgic toys. So, if you’re looking to purchase a gift ahead of your friend’s birthday get together, explore our superb range of novelty gifts for adults.


When it comes to throwing an adult party, the events that unfold may become a little messy. To be best prepared, you should purchase a few cheap tableware items that can be spread across your table for practical reasons. PoundToy provides tablecloths and paper plates in all colours to suit different preferences, styles and occasions.

Drinking Games

Games aren’t just for kids. We like to ensure that all the adults get their fair share of fun in the form of drinking games! Fancy a game of beer pong? Either look out for our sets or try our American-style £1 party cup packs and one of our disposable, waterproof table cloths to catch all the inevitable spills. For those that wish to partake in civilised gaming - you will find all of the old classics priced spectacularly low on PoundToy.

Gifts For Adults

In addition to checking out the party decorations and accessories for your big day, you can also find low-price gifts for the birthday girl, mum-to-be or bride. There’s nothing that PoundToy doesn’t think to stock - we have all age ranges covered with the most interesting and exciting gifts! Our newly expanded cosmetic collection includes high-quality, branded makeup for all to enjoy. From foundations, eyeshadows and lipsticks to glitters and bronzing oils, customers can build the ultimate makeup collection for their loved ones.

Collect Everything You Need to Throw the Best Party on the Block From PoundToy!

Get party ready with the cheapest party supplies on the internet.  With continuous sales and heavily discounted branded products, there’s no more convenient place to shop. Whilst you’re party shopping, why not check out our range of ridiculously low-cost (yet amazing) kids toys? You’ll be able to find perfect gifts for children and adults all year round on our website - PoundToy exists to ensure all of your children can be catered for in the cheapest way possible.

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