Cheap Christmas Toys

In case you haven't heard, Santa Claus is coming to town. It's time to pour yourself a (large) glass of mulled wine and order those toys for your little ones, ready for the big day! At PoundToy, we stock an extensive range of affordable gifts and toys for all ages (including the big, BIG kids - yes we’re talking about your husband). We provide toys at an incredible value, without compromising quality. If you want to save money this Christmas, shop with PoundToy for exclusive deals from only 1p!

In case you haven't heard, Santa Claus is coming to town. It's time to pour yourself a (large) glass of mulled wine and order those toys for your little ones, ready for the big day! At PoundToy, we stock an extensive range of affordable gifts and toys for all ages (including the big, BIG kids - yes we’re talking about your husband). We provide toys at an incredible value, without compromising quality. If you want to save money this Christmas, shop with PoundToy for exclusive deals from only 1p!

With up to 80% off RRP on branded toys, board games, stocking fillers, books and lots, lots more, our prices cannot be beaten anywhere else. We stock everything a parent could need to make their child’s festivities as magic as can be. From stocking fillers, Christmas Eve boxes and advent calendars to hugely discounted, fun toys - everything you need is sold by us.

We make it our mission to sell an assortment of safe, cost-effective and fun toys that educate, entertain and inspire children in their development journey. Our wide collection of toys promote learning and creativity, whilst encouraging exploration, critical thinking and independent play. We understand that the toys children play with take an active role in their development, which is why we take care in selecting toys that matter - at an extremely cheap price. To access the biggest discounts and cheapest deals on toys that your kids will be sure to love, you have come to the right place. Stay savvy this holiday season - purchase your kids’ Christmas presents at PoundToy.

Best-Selling Christmas Toys for All Age Ranges: What’s on Santa’s Wishlists?

There is nothing quite like witnessing the smiles and laughter of an over-excited child unwrapping a gift they’ve been hoping for at Christmas, which is why it’s important to get it right. At PoundToy, we know what’s popular and what toys are going to be scribbled on wishlists for Mr Claus. By shopping with us, the children in your life are guaranteed to have a smile on their faces on Christmas day. Whether you are buying for a babbling baby, a hard-to-please 8 going on 18 year old or that distant young relative you know nothing about - we have what you need. If you are in the process of buying Christmas toys and need a little inspiration with gift ideas, our Christmas category will provide you with all the best buys.

Cheap toys for babies and toddlers

Buying Christmas toys for babies is arguably the easiest age group to buy for. Put simply, toys with bright colours, entrancingly bright lights and interactive elements guarantee keeping the cries at bay. Babies and toddlers are fascinated with textures, sounds and movement, which is why the toys we source are designed to complement their varied curiosities and assist them in their cognitive development. Here are some examples of the best Christmas toys for the littlest ones:

Soft toys: An oldie but a goodie, soft toys are an excellent keepsake toy, bedtime partner and comfort object. Small babies in particular love the cuddly, fluffy texture of these toys - giving them the perfect object to snuggle. From birth to toddler age, soft toys prove to be excellent companions for young children in providing comfort and fun. What's more, teddy bears and soft toy characters play a fantastic role in sparking creativity, as children begin to venture into make believe and role play activities. We stock a variety of recognisable characters that will make your toddler squeal with delight. From Winnie the Pooh toys to plush Disney Princesses, you won’t find a cheaper snuggly toy for those babies and toddlers to cuddle.

Interactive books: Engagement and interactivity are crucial as part of their educational upbringing, even from the tiny ages of 0-2. Reading books with musical, pop-up, sensory and interactive features is incredibly stimulating to their little brains, helping them to establish speech and language skills.

The reading experience between adult and child is incredibly beneficial for bonding - especially at the end of a tiresome day filled with children’s TV and endless whinging! Why not introduce your child to Old MacDonald with a farm activity book? Or treat the avid Peppa Pig fan in your life to an entertaining story? The books on our website are the cheapest you will find online and in store, and the diversity of our selection makes sure, come Christmas, there’s a present for everyone. Our wonderful collection of books for babies and toddlers promise to have their wide-eyes fixated and mini hands occupied.

Low-cost toys for 3-6 year olds

Now, we’re moving into the cheeky monkey stage, where children learn the wonders of non-stop talking, running riot and making a mess! These years comprise some of the most major milestones in a child’s life - a time where imaginative play is at its peak. At PoundToy, our objective is to meet the educational, social and entertainment needs of children everywhere, and we achieve that with our huge range of amazing toys and fun games! If you’re stuck for buying toys that are enjoyable yet cheap - we have got you covered.

Arts and crafts - Developing a sense of creativity and expression starts at a very young age. Not only does painting and crafting enhance their artist skills, it keeps them occupied and doing what kids do best - getting messy! If you are buying for children that love to get stuck into art projects, our creative gift options will be perfect for them. We stock craft paint, coloured paper and a wide range of pencils and crayons. In short, you can literally purchase an entire supply of craft products for a great big art project! Besides, who doesn’t love plastering pictures of paint splodges onto their fridge?!

Fidget toys - Year upon year, kids across the globe are getting sustained enjoyment from fidget toys. Designed to sooth and keep children calm, fidget toys come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours to provide children with hours of entertainment. We sell an extensive range of cheap, colourful fidget spinners and pop-its that are guaranteed to make your little ones smile with joy. Our collection includes Paw Patrol-themed bundles and the highly popularised Bubble Fidget! Pop It games - our prices are so low, why not create a fidget gift set?

Play dough - This wonderfully, moldable dough provides endless possibilities for your little ones. Keep their hands moving and creative ideas flowing by gifting those little monkeys with a Dough Tastic Hair Stylist Salon, which allows kids to create wacky hairstyles all day long. Alternatively, increase their playdough collection with tubs of different doughs in bright colours. Our large stock will ensure your little artist is fully equipped for building cool designs.

The coolest gifts for children aged 7-10

As children get older, their ability to understand the wider world grows with them. On top of this, children in this age range are beginning to discover their personality and engage in creative tasks that develop their general knowledge. Whether they are book lovers, story writers, scientists or practical jokers - there are plenty of toys at PoundToy that every child will adore. Our assortment of interesting, interactive toys aim to expand their knowledge, further their social skills and have them running around with laughter.

Slime and all things messy - Much to many parents’ disapproval, kids love mess, and the team here at PoundToy love it too! This is why we supply various toys and messy substances for kids to go crazy with. Children love a good battle, which is why the Slime Blaster Gun is the perfect present for siblings who love to get gooey! Gelli Play is another amazing alternative for messy play, allowing kids to play in a bath of green, gooey, squishy water. We have lots of toys that give children the chance to get their hands dirty - but we shall not be held responsible for the mess!

Puzzles and LEGO - A classic toy that never gets old - puzzles are the perfect toy for developing problem-solving skills and are guaranteed to keep those children occupied for hours on end. Children adore cube puzzles especially, as they thoroughly enjoy the prospect of solving the unsolvable! Can the little one in your life complete the task? An equally challenging and captivating type of toy is LEGO, a well-loved game by people of all ages - even adults find enjoyment in building LEGO projects! Better yet, inspire their creativity with this popular LEGO Play Book that is full of jaw-dropping designs to get their developing brains thinking big.

Family board games - Who doesn’t love a friendly, lightly competitive board game? Get the whole family playing and giggling together by gifting children with a fun game this Christmas. We stock all the classic family favourites, including Snakes and Ladders or Disney’s Frozen-themed Charades. Can’t decide which board game would best suit them? Opt for a box of 100 Classic Games - there will never be a dull day!

The fun doesn’t need to end for teenagers - captivating toys for 10-13 year olds

As children get older, it becomes much harder to find the right gifts to put a smile on their face. However, the fabulous thing about shopping with PoundToy is our amazing variety of low-cost toys that allow parents of hard-to-please children to provide a huge selection of gifts. We stock toys that go above the expectations for children of all ages, and which are guaranteed to amuse even the biggest kids!

Books - Generally, the reading ability of children in this age range is much improved, which gives gift buyers the perfect opportunity to buy a book or 2 for Christmas. We stock books from a range of genres with relevant subject matters and text lengths. Whether your child wants a guide book or manual for their favourite video game, a big book of puzzles for those dreaded long road trips or a bunch of thrilling story books - you can kick-start their book collection this Christmas by shopping with PoundToy.

Learning kits - As children begin to discover their interests and develop passions for different subjects, it is important to encourage them to delve into these subjects in a way that is enjoyable for them. At PoundToy, we sell an array of everything-you-need kits for inquisitive children. For little performers, the Magic Tricks Kit Box comes with everything a child needs to begin their magician journey. Additionally, computer and technology lovers can develop their skills with a fantastic coding kit for endless hours of fun.

Educational science toys - Learning through play continues to be highly beneficial to an evolving brain throughout a kids’ entire childhood. Children between the ages 7-13 years are at that perfect age to be introduced to the world of science and technology. By encouraging them to get creative through experimental play, their understanding of the world around them grows substantially. More importantly, dedicating their skills and effort into a mini science project is especially fun and rewarding! For astronomy lovers, there is no better way to make a child happy than gifting them with the Make Your Own Rocket Launcher Experiment Kit. If this wasn’t exciting enough, how does the ability to create a homemade galaxy sound?!

Christmas Eve Boxes and Stocking Fillers

In recent years, Christmas Eve boxes have become a festive phenomenon, providing children everywhere with early gifts before Santa makes his arrival. These boxes can be customised in any way that best suits the child you are buying for, promising to have their little faces beaming with glee the night before Christmas! Not only can we provide you with the fabulously designed boxes themselves, but we also supply everything you will require to jam-pack those boxes with fun! Here are just a few ideas for how to pack the perfect Christmas Eve box:

Confectionery: No box is complete without a sweet treat! Our selection of chocolate and sweets is second to none - you can find chocolate coins, large packs of sweets and selection boxes to satisfy those little taste buds.

Activity packs: Start the excitement early by giving little ones an activity pack to complete before bed - kids are always excited to get their crayons out!

Blind bags: The clue is in the name - surprise your children with randomly selected gifts in the theme they most enjoy. Only when they open the packet will they know which toy they have been gifted with - sh, it’s a secret!

Festive-themed stocking fillers: Everybody loves a festive accessory, especially Buddy the Elf-themed toys. If the mischievous little elf makes an annual appearance at your house - why not stash some elfy extras into their boxes?

Why Shop with PoundToy for Your Christmas Gifts?

We understand the stress that comes with Christmas shopping and aim to make the experience as easy as possible. With PoundToy, everything you need is perfectly placed in one place - meaning there is no need to rush around shopping centres panic buying! From extravagant gift sets to cheap party supplies and mix ‘n’ match toy deals, the possibilities and choices are endless! Furthermore, keeping costs down at Christmas is essential to most families, and our guaranteed low prices are a sure-fire way to save money. We offer a huge collection of gifts at incredibly low prices, as well as flexible payment options to make your shopping experience easier for you. With free delivery options and a next-day delivery preference, you will not find a more efficient, cost-effective place for toys. Tick off your gift list in one checkout today at PoundToy.

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