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Looking for an assortment of affordable toys for a very special little boy? Don’t panic - we’re here to provide you with exactly that. We supply everything a parent, grandparent, babysitter or uncle could need to defer the dreaded tantrums, turn frowns upside down and put joyous smiles on little faces! The huge selection of cheap toys here at PoundToy are exciting, extravagant and enjoyable.

Looking for an assortment of affordable toys for a very special little boy? Don’t panic - we’re here to provide you with exactly that. We supply everything a parent, grandparent, babysitter or uncle could need to defer the dreaded tantrums, turn frowns upside down and put joyous smiles on little faces! The huge selection of cheap toys here at PoundToy are exciting, extravagant and enjoyable.

With our continuous sales and unrivaled discounts, you are sure to find a big bunch of toys at teeny tiny prices. Shop with PoundToy today to benefit from exclusive offers on construction toys, Marvel toys, Harry Potter accessories, Paw Patrol toys and a whole world of books!

Need some inspiration with locating the most suitable and wondrous toys for boys in different age ranges? Not a problem. As experts in the toy industry, we know what children of all ages love to play with on a daily basis. Moreover, our ever-expanding stock ensures that we are always up to date with the latest trends. So, take a read through our inspirational guide and go wild! Shop large and spend little today with PoundToy.

Toys for baby boys

From around the age of 6-months old, babies begin to explore the textures, sounds and sights around them. This is a crucial time to introduce noisy toys (slightly irritating for adults, sorry), books bursting with lots of colours and fine motor toys. Playing with toys is a fundamental part of a baby’s physical development and cognitive growth. For this reason, toys for babies are designed to encourage tactile exploration and assist them in strengthening fine motor skills. Above all, gifts for babies should be crammed with bright colours, vivid textures and engaging sound effects.

Bath toys: Bath time is a wonderful part of the day for engaging in playtime activities and exploring new textures. In addition to blowing bubbles and splashing, waterproof bath toys are an excellent choice for babies. Enjoy a wonderful bath time experience with your little ones by splishing and splashing around in the tub with rubber ducks, bath crayons and colourful boats!

Sorter toys: A beloved classic genre of toy that improves fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Shape sorters make the perfect gifts for babies and young toddlers alike. Sorter toys educate little ones about colours, shapes, sizes and encourage concentration, allowing them to solve the challenges that these fabulous toys present.

To locate the best baby sensory toys, snuggly Disney soft toys, baby blocks and teethers, explore our wide range of baby toys now.

Toys for 3 -5 year old boys

Leaving the stressful terrible twos behind, this age range is one of the most exciting periods for adventures. Typically, children of this age become increasingly curious about the world around them. In other words, the age where parents get asked ‘but why?’ 67 times a day. What better way to answer those questions than by reading story books and bringing toys to life through play? Shop for cheap toys for 3, 4 and 5 year olds today!

Dinosaur toys: Dinosaurs are some of the coolest toys you can buy. Let’s face it - what child doesn’t love to role play with ferocious beasts? At Poundtoy, we stock almost every category of toy imaginable in the theme of dinosaurs - why not purchase a bundle of dino emporium of books, puzzles and soft toys? These creative toys are excellent for imaginative play and expanding their language, which are crucial elements of a child’s development.

Activity books: When children start preschool or nursery school, a new-found interest in scribbling and mark-making is developed. Prevent bedroom walls from becoming a canvas by supplying your little boy with a brand new collection of activity books. From first letters to brilliant animal sticker books, there’s plenty of ways to practice their skills with the entertaining cheap books at PoundToy! Why not also explore our story books to enjoy with your child at night time? Bedtime stories are always a winner with toddlers!

Toys for 6 - 8 year olds boys

Boys of this age are generally bursting with energy and fantastic ideas and are much more keen to play creatively. Their evolving awareness of their surroundings plays an active role in the way that they play. From posing as pirates on an imaginary gigantic ship to acting out cinematic fight scenes using random objects as swords - the possibilities of pretend play are truly endless!

Construction and building toys: These kinds of toys are perfect for the development of fine motor skills and logical reasoning skills. The creative and challenging elements that come with building blocks and construction toys make them incredibly engaging for kids, in addition to encouraging independent play. This gift keeps your child occupied for a very long period of time due to the hundreds of parts to assemble! In the same vein, LEGO is always a hit with children of all ages, providing them with the opportunity to construct, design, and play with their finished products.

Sensory toys: Slime and fidget toys are very popular at the moment because many parents have realised the benefits of tactile toys. Your little boy can play all day with our cheap fidget toys, gooey slime and moldable putty. We have everything you need to assemble a personalised box of sensory wonders, including fascinating fidget spinners and pop-its!

Toys for 9 - 11 year olds boys

Let’s start by saying we understand. This is a difficult time. Has there ever been a pre-teen-year-old that was easy to buy for? We didn’t think so! But don’t fear - PoundToy is here! We have a whole range of gifts for boys that include cool toys, accessories, card games and much much more - we promise to provide endless hilarious entertainment and fun. Prise those eyes away from technology and get your older boys stuck into the following exhilarating toys:

Board games: By this age, boys' knowledge and abilities are much more advanced than ever before. Why not enhance and exercise their growing brains by gifting them with an exciting strategy game? If you’re looking for a gift that brings the family together, invest in a bunch of our brilliant versions of classic games. Not only will that special boy in your life love a challenging board game, but so will your partner and family! That’s why our assortments of cheap games make incredible gifts all year round - the perfect Christmas present!

Outdoor games: Come rain or shine, playing outdoors is many children’s favourite thing to do. The outside world is the perfect place for adventures and the best opportunity for environmental exploration. Here at Poundtoy, we stock an amazing range of toys to enhance your child’s outdoor experience. Engage in a round of football with our soft foam balls or jam-pack your pockets full of water bombs for the biggest ever water fight! With our collection of cheap outdoor toys your little boys will be running wild for hours on end!

Seen some interesting products but unsure on the target age? Be sure to check out the age recommendation on our product descriptions to ensure you purchase the more age-appropriate toys.

Shopping online with PoundToy comes with numerous unmissable benefits.

Save time? Check.

Save tonnes of money? 100%.

Receive the best toys on the market? ALWAYS!

With our flexible payment options, fast delivery, and mind-blowing savings, your shopping experience is guaranteed to be unmatched. We will be your go-to shop for toys for all of your shopping needs - we’re pretty sure of it!

Gift guide: Most popular boy’s toys

You’ve landed on PoundToy because you’ve heard about our insanely low prices, fast delivery and brilliant selection of toys for all ages.

But one thing you need help with is choosing the right toy. We know that choosing from our wide range of toys is difficult, so we’re here to help.

If you have a boy in your life who loves playing with slime, construction toys, paints, dolls and action figures then look no further than our boys toys section. 

We have some great brands like Hot Wheels and Lego that have been picked out by our experts based on their quality and value for money. If you're looking for something more educational we also have a good selection of science kits, puzzles and fun games that will keep your little one entertained for hours!

For help with purchasing the best gifts for boys, here are some of the most popular toys we sell:

1. Jigsaw puzzles

If you’re looking for a great gift for your son, nephew, godson, or grandson, consider jigsaw puzzles.

There are so many different kinds of puzzles to choose from here at PoundToy: dinosaurs, unicorns, and even superheros! There are also a variety of difficulties to suit the skill level of any child.

Puzzles are not only fun but also educational. They help kids develop problem-solving skills and patience as well as an appreciation for art and design. Puzzles also encourage socialisation because they can be done with friends or siblings (or parents!).

2. Bath bombs and bath toys

Bath bombs are great because they help create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for your kids to enjoy when they're taking a bath. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits into your budget. If you want to go all out, there are even scented bath bombs available! These will add a sweet smell to your kid's bath water and make them feel like they're truly bathing in luxury.

Bath crayons are another great gift idea for boys who love their bedtime baths! They come in bright colours and can be used to decorate the walls of their bath with pictures - this is also a great way to help them develop motor skills while having fun!

The best part? They're made with natural ingredients and are completely safe for kids of all ages, so you can relax knowing your little guy is getting all the cleanliness and fun he needs in one easy step.

3. Arts and craft

In the age of computer games and mobile phones, no activity feels more wholesome and traditional than playing with art supplies and craft sets. Arts and crafts are a fantastic way to get creative and have fun together, and colouring pads, colour pencils, paints, and paintbrushes are just a few of the options available.

Let your little one choose their favourite medium, whether it's drawing on paper or painting with watercolours. They'll love being able to make something with their hands that you can keep forever!

You can even search for themed art sets made from all of your child’s favourite brands and characters. From superheroes to Peppa Pig, there’s art supplies available for everyone!

4. Outdoor toys

Playing outdoors is one of the best parts of childhood. Whether it’s running wild in the garden and chasing dragons or sitting quietly on a fresh patch of grass making daisy chains, outdoor play is magical.

We want to make playing outdoors fun, which is why we are proud of our extensive range of outdoor toys! Give the special little boy in your life everything they need to practice their football skills, push their imagination and burn off energy with our brilliant garden toys.

From bubble guns to ball games, from water guns to frisbees, we've got it. So whether you're looking for a new toy for your 2-year-old or something for your teenager's birthday, we have everything you need right here!

5. Children's books

Boys love adventure and action. Give your boy a book that will keep him engaged and excited to read. From baby board books to adventure books for teens, we have everything you need to keep your child entertained.

Here at PoundToy, you’ll find a wide variety of children’s books from some of the best-selling authors. We understand the importance of reading, exploring imaginations and spending quality time with family. That’s why we continually expand our collection of books for early and experienced readers with captivating stories. 

We also sell activity books and colouring books for children that love to interact and get involved with whatever they are reading. This includes those all-important study books and educational books for those looking for out-of-school resources!

No matter how much technology evolves, the feel and smell of a good old book will never be beaten.

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