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We love story time! Take a look at our wonderful collection of Story Books available for your little ones. There's plenty of well known character & stories to choose from. Get an EXTRA 20% off all cheap kids books at PoundToy with discount code 'BOOKSALE20' at the checkout!

Stories shape the very basis of everything we believe, love and become as we grow up. The magic of a story really does live in us forever. From mythical creatures, aliens and wizardry, the enchanting characters and fictional worlds we discover as children impact our entire lives, interests and imagination.

As JK Rowling once said, “the stories we love best do live in us forever”. That being said, our collection of brilliant books at PoundToy promise to inspire, teach and mould kids and their beliefs throughout their childhood. Reading has infinite benefits on children, which is why we work so hard to deliver the greatest selection of books at unbeatable prices. We have compiled a handy list of our catalogue of children’s book types and genres to help you in your shopping experience, the kids are going to love these:

Timeless classics

The classic stories that never fail to make children smile, no matter how old they are, make for perfect bedtime books. Infamous characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit provide children with wonderful quotes and adventures that they love to look back on later in life. The beloved stories we admired so much as children can still be enjoyed by our kids, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. By shopping for books at PoundToy, you will find heavily discounted story books for children of all ages to cherish and enjoy.

Picture books

Baby books are just as important as any chapter book, as they enable children to step into reading in the simplest, most engaging way possibleDespite being a book of very few words, picture books assist small children in learning to talk, enabling them to spot recognisable animals, people and places in the form of illustration. Picture books at PoundToy are colourful, bold and wonderful, providing your little ones with hours of fun and interaction at tiny prices!

Interactive books

Fiction books don’t always need to be picture-less and hefty. Interactive books tell stories in engaging ways to help little readers immerse themselves into the world within the pages. Help your child understand and enjoy an entire book by purchasing interactive books that encourage social interaction, sensory development and fine motor skills. It is impossible to be bored with a book that is this interactive! Shop today with PoundToy for an assortment of cheap books for kids to engage with.

Informative books

Every child has an interest that they wish to learn more about, which is why an informative book of colour, illustration, texture and understandable vocabulary is so valuable! Children’s literature is spectacularly created in a way that interacts with young readers appropriately. Informative books are written with a goal to educate in a manner that best interests children. With fun language, intricate illustrations and beautiful storylines, kids are sure to benefit from books and collect a wealth of information surrounding their favourite topics.

From dinosaur books to robot books and princesses galore - PoundToy knows how to amuse, entertain and help children learn with a diverse range of exciting books and toys!

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