22" Sticker Books

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Although stickers are the bane of any parent's life (has there ever been a child who HASN’T ruined their bedroom walls with stickers?) Kids sticker books are one of the most popular activity books for toddlers and preschoolers.

With all the endless decorating possibilities, children are bound to endure hours of fun with the cheap sticker books stocked at PoundToy! Our range of quality products include themed sticker sheets of all children’s favourite characters, colourful stickers of adorable animals and fun-packed books of reusable stickers. Our collection really is never-ending, so you will never struggle to find the perfect companion for your crafty child!

Contrary to popular belief, sticker books are much more than just a novelty toy, but an excellent learning resource. In fact, there are an abundance of reasons why playing with a sticker activity book can advance your child’s learning and development journeys. Not only will Investing in a bunch of fun sticker books keep them joyful and entertained for hours, they will actually provide them with useful life skills. Engaging in something as simple as a sticker book will:

Reward children

Reward stickers are used very commonly as a parenting technique to reward good behaviour. By giving children the visual affirmation that they have displayed great behaviour, stickers can be a wonderful way to keep your child on track and working towards personal goals. The reward stickers are PoundToy are colourful and exciting, bound to get your children excited to add to their charts!

Assist with word recognition

Sticker books are one of the best activities for children who are learning to talk or read. Not only does completing these activities with your child help to improve their ability to follow directions, it also expands their vocabulary as they discuss the stickers they use. With our collection of sticker books at PoundToy, each and every fantastic topic of book will have your toddlers chattering away as they craft their sticker creations!

Strengthen fine motor skills

Stickers are difficult to peel off and accurately stick on the pages, which is what makes them a brilliant learning method to improve fine motor skills. Children that play with stickers will practice their neat pincer grasp as well as their hand-eye coordination skills. For these reasons, a range of children benefit highly from the concentration and motor skills required to play with a sticker book. By exploring our assortment of sticker books, you will be sure to find the perfect sticker book for furthering your child's all-important skills and abilities!

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