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Magnificent, messy and cheap slime toys

Here at PoundToy, we focus on providing amazing toys at tiny prices to protect the precious bank accounts of parents! We understand that kids’ interests and desires change like the weather, which is why keeping the costs low when it comes to purchasing new items for the toy box is so important. So, now that you’re in the right place to buy toys cheaply, let’s get to exploring our sticky and exciting range of cheap slime kits.

Squishy slime is a strong favourite of many kids (and adults - who doesn’t love getting messy from time to time?), which is why we ensure stocking the biggest possible variety of it. The cheap slime available to purchase on our website makes for fantastic stocking fillers, additional birthday gifts and party bag fillers for a children’s birthday party. We know what you are thinking: ‘How can there be so much slime to choose from?’ Well, believe it or not, the possibilities are endless. From galactic slime to dark glitter slime and putty toys made to look like unicorn poop, there’s all types of slime on sale at PoundToy.

Slime Baff and Gelli Baff for a playful bath time

Gone are the days of standard bubble baths. The concept of turning bath water into a display of colours with splodgy slime products is as exciting as it is crazy - kids go wild for slime baths! Our collection of Gelli Baff comes in a variety of colours, why not gather a complete set so that your child has every colour under the rainbow? This product is stain-safe, easy to clean and friendly to the skin. Simply wait for your PoundToy order to arrive, then go wild adding this solution to your bath water for an explosion of colourful jelly!

Homemade slimes for creative fun

If you want to gift the special kids in your life with something a little more creative, why not look into producing some slime at home? We provide the kit, you craft the slime - it’s as easy as that! Encouraging children to get involved with a craft project is always a brilliant idea, especially when they get to play with their creation afterwards. You can even make some jelly-fied friends with our easy-to-make slime sachets coupled with interesting moulds for maximum fun and artistry.

What are sensory toys and what are the benefits?

Slime is one of the many toys that encourage sensory play and improve fine motor skills. Early childhood development includes sensory play, and providing opportunities for children to actively engage their senses as they explore their world is critical to their brain development. In babies and young children, exploring their senses is a natural way for them to learn, considering that the skills they will depend on to understand objects, spaces, people, and interactions are not yet fully developed. 

As adults, our senses provide us with essential information that guides thousands of decisions per day. Although we often take this ability for granted and barely notice it, helping children to discover their own senses is crucial. Sensory toys are designed in a way that stimulates the senses, often bursting with fantastic colours and textures. They are crafted to engage children and allow them to practice their gross motor skills and help build core strength.

For children with a diagnosis such as autism, finding ways to engage in sensory play is particularly important to their development and growth. As these children tend to have difficulty processing sensory, it’s a useful idea to have children engage with sensory toys that allow them to explore sight, smell and touch. Slime does just that. This gooey substance stimulates the senses in wonderful ways. The texture, elasticity and visually pleasing aspects provide an all-encompassing calming effect for children.

We know children and adults with a diagnosis like autism, dementia, Down’s syndrome or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) need sensory items no matter what their ages are. Therefore, the sensory products available at PoundToy meet everyone's sensory needs.

Purchase low-cost sensory toys at PoundToy today!

Slime makes the perfect gift, an excellent party bag filler for a kid’s party and a wonderful addition to a sensory box. Explore our assorted collection of tactile toys before checking out a basket full of squishy, stretchy slime, putty and play dough. The fun doesn’t stop there. You can explore a diverse range of fidget spinners, puzzles, art supplies and activity sets - the perfect recipe for a fun-filled day!

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