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We've got a marvellous range of kids books on offer for you! Choose from brands such as Thomas & Friends, Peppa Pig, Harry and The Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Hairy Maclary and more! Get an EXTRA 20% off all cheap kids books at PoundToy with discount code 'BOOKSALE20' at the checkout!

Roald Dahl once famously said, “A little magic can take you a long way”. For as long as fictional worlds exist, our children will always find enchantment in the delicate pages of a wonderful book. There is no better bonding experience than immersing you and your children into a captivating story.

At PoundToy, we stock the most popular children’s books across the globe, enabling our customers to shop from an online book emporium of mystery and wonder! From classic books, adventure books, activity books and educational books - the fantastic, huge range we stock at PoundToy make delightful gifts for little book lovers and kids of all ages. Building a collection of sensational stories has never been easier or cheaper, as we commit to delivering astonishing deals all year round! Why not give your little ones their favourite character fix with a book from our themed collections? We stock all the best reads from Peppa Pig, Avengers, Peter Rabbit, Harry Potter and Star Wars!

We are passionate about reducing costs, stress and time for our valued customers. Therefore, by shopping with PoundToy, you will benefit from the ability to purchase exhilarating toys at the lowest possible prices through the click of a button! With up to 70% off RRP and continuous sales and offers, our customers are spoilt for affordable choices all year round.

Fascinating books for toddlers and preschoolers

Babies and toddlers are far from forgotten here at PoundToy, we provide an array of soft toys, activities and books for the littlest ones to play with (or chew on!). Introducing children to the beautiful realm of stories at a young age is highly beneficial to their mental and physical development. In opposition to popular belief, despite a baby’s inability to read - encouraging them to physically engage with a book and hear their favourite adults read is incredibly valuable to their little minds. There are plenty of books that are designed for babies and toddlers, encompassing relevant themes and interactive features that enable them to take that first step into reading. This enables them to gain an understanding of the world around them and the people, animals and places that they come into contact with on a daily basis. Small children are entranced by the way things look and feel, as a result, many books and toys for this age range are multi-coloured, textured and bold to obtain their attention.

Board books are an excellent choice when it comes to selecting the most appropriate baby books, as they are perfectly designed to withstand tiny teeth marks, launches and rough-handling! We stock an assortment of board books that are safe, exciting and fascinating for the littlest of children. One highly popular topic that is adored by babies and toddlers is animals. Reading (and even performing in most instances) animal themed board books allows toddlers to discover interesting sounds, colours and words as they evolve their literacy skills and world awareness.

Remember - reading does not always need to be savoured for bedtime! Books can be experienced anywhere throughout the day for many different reasons and intentions. Whether storytime is exercised to get little eyes fluttering at 7pm, or as a morning activity to start the day, a book is the perfect companion for any activity. Reading during bath time can be especially fun and interactive, which is why we supply water-proof books that can be easily enjoyed as you splash away! These books can also be used to introduce self-hygiene practices, it is surprising how much their little brains absorb regarding routines once they are taught in the format of a fun book. Toddlers will adore the idea of taking a book in the bath as they listen to a story whilst blowing bubbles and giggling.

Cheap Kids Books for 4-7 year olds

Uh-oh, the age of the non-stop talking, sass and attitude! This is the perfect age to really encourage your little ones to delve into a good book as they begin to unfold a passion for reading. Here at PoundToy, we are all too familiar with the popular toys, books, games and themes that children of this age range love and adore. Therefore, we work hard in ensuring that our online store has everything your children could ever wish for! With our knowledge of popular kid culture combined with a strong understanding of how toys and books advance those ever-evolving minds, our abundance of gifts in stock guarantee to make your children grin!

At around the age of 4, most children will begin to understand basic language skills and start to learn early literacy skills - which is why the purchase of books during this time is absolutely essential. Teaching sentence structures, confidence, phonics and simple words is much easier to accomplish through the use of a good book. Books that are tailored to this age group are designed for early readers, constructed in a way that will strengthen their emerging reading skills as well as entertain them endlessly. The stacks of books at PoundToy exhibit incredible variation, with an assortment of exhilarating books from different genres, categories and themes to choose from, it's inevitable that you’ll find the perfect gift for a kid! One brilliant example of a well-loved interest for plenty of children is dinosaurs. What’s not to love about a huge, roaring, mighty dinosaur? Give the child in your life the gift of dinosaur exploration books such as sticker books, activity books and roar-some stories!

In addition to dinosaurs, there are thousands of children’s book collections that have been cherished for decades, many of which are stocked right here at PoundToy. One of the most incredible things about a story book is that they can be retold for centuries and infinitely enjoyed by every generation. Do the names Mr Happy or Little Miss Giggles ring a bell? (Don’t worry - we’re that old too). What better way to bond with your children or grandchildren than to reminisce over the treasured series of Mr Men books. Or better yet, relive your childhood by retelling a story or two from the bestselling series about the wonderful characters of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet. With our compilation of books on offer, your children will be clued up on well-loved fairy tales and classic characters in no time!

Exciting books for 7 - 11 year olds

From this age on, the books that children love best become much more advanced and undoubtedly more exciting, making it the perfect time to build an impressive collection of books! Creativity and imagination is certainly at its peak throughout this age range, particularly at a time where specialists believe a child’s personality begins to form. This is an age where chapter books, exploratory topics and challenging vocabulary comes into play as their minds mature and capabilities expand. What better way to further their reading skills than gifting them with an action-packed, fascinating story? Every child loves to dive into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and our magical stock of wonderful books gives them that opportunity. With our deluxe customisable book & puzzle sets and blood-curdling books about mythical creatures, your sons and daughters will be transported into a universe of fantasy!

Some of the additional items we have listed on our website at spectacular low prices are guide books and handbooks. These are a great choice of gift for children that have expressed a particular interest in a hobby or activity. For lego lovers, we supply an immense guide book to help your clever little builders to develop their skills and create masterpieces. Alternatively, entertain your mini Disney fanatic with a fantastic book of great craft ideas. These cheap books are increasingly popular for birthdays and Christmas, as kids just adore the endless possibilities of ideas that are interwoven between each page.

Our wider selection of book categories

Although every child and adult loves a good storybook, we make certain that all types of books are available at PoundToy. In addition to affordability, providing extensive variety is at the heart of our business, which is why we pride ourselves on the never-ending range of engaging books we have on offer.

Activity books

In addition to the magnificent storybooks we stock, we also sell an amazing array of affordable activity books that smaller and older kids love to get their teeth stuck into. Activity books are a huge hit with children that enjoy practicing their skills and putting their brain to the test of puzzles, word searches and tasks. Having children engage in a book of this category not only peels their eyes away from technology, but also encourages them to express themselves and potentially discover a love for art or writing.

Educational Books

Looking for low cost learning books to assist a child in their studies? Educational books and workbooks are excellent tools in aiding your child’s learning journey.

Whether they need some help with revision for upcoming exams, or you simply just want to give them additional resources at home - PoundToy has a wide range of books for all educational levels and topics. Priced as low as just £2, you can ensure that your child receives all the guidance needed to revise, learn and develop their abilities in English, Maths and Science.

Sticker Books

One of the most entertaining forms of book, the sticker book is a classic favourite for children of all ages. Providing hours upon end of fun, our range of cheap sticker books are the perfect way to encourage your child to engage with reading and learning at home. We continue to ensure that the themes we stock are varied enough to provide amusement for kids with all interests. From Christmas stickers, unicorns, dinosaurs and animals, to a plethora of beloved favourite character sticker books such as; Minions, Star Wars, Disney Cars and Toy Story! The possibilities are endless when you shop for amazing entertainment at PoundToy.

Colouring Books

One of the most popular choices of books, colouring pads make ideal gifts for everyone. Often selected as stocking fillers at Christmas, a colouring book enables children to relax and participate in a calming, pleasurable activity. Children can create intricate displays of artwork with our paint-by-numbers activities or Marvel Avengers bumper packs, both of which can vastly improve coordination and artistic skills. Whatever your little one’s preferences may be, we supply an endless variety of colouring books that are bursting with designs for little artists to experiment with and enjoy.

Why is Reading Important for Children?

Reading is a fundamental part of a child’s upbringing and development. It goes without saying that children’s literature has become an integral contribution to the way in which a child is raised and educated. Reading is highly beneficial to a child’s brain development, communication skills and world awareness in general. As Dr Seuss once said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go”. Reading is an experience that transports children to other worlds, educates them on culture and history and most importantly - advances their development. For a child, having access to books will enhance their language skills, literacy skills and communication skills. In addition to this, whether a child reads alone or reads with an adult, there are an abundance of benefits in picking up a book. Some advantages include:

Providing a child with exciting books will ensure that they engage in less screen time.

Bedtime reading relaxes, unwinds and settles children prior to falling asleep.

The more books that a child reads, the more advanced and extensive their language and communication skills become.

Reading story books enhances imagination and creativity.

Reading with a parent is an excellent bonding experience, allowing the adult and child to explore new adventures and ideas together.

If a child listens to their families read to them, their attention span will lengthen.

Books educate children about the wider world that they live in through the means of recollection of history, cultures and events.

Here at PoundToy, we are advocates for reading. We understand the importance of enabling children to develop in ways that are extremely fun and amusing. As a result, we make it our mission to provide the nation’s children with the best books and toys in the market - at the cheapest ever prices! So, why not embark on your child’s reading journey today with our affordably priced books? PoundToy aims to continuously expand our varied range of books to ensure that your little ones’ collection can keep growing, just as their little legs do

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