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At PoundToy, our priority is providing quality cheap toys and games, as well as branded products for children of all ages. We offer a wide range of educational toys, slime toys, sensory products and a whole lot of books for boys and girls. Believe it or not, we sell toys as cheap as just £1! But we never compromise on the safety and quality of our products.

Fidget products are one of the most popular toys for kids, they provide hours of fun and are excellent tools for enhancing fine motor skills and concentration. What’s better than gifting your children with toys that are both fun and educational? The countless benefits of fidget toys make these compact, colourful, squishy and exciting items the perfect birthday gift or party bag filler. Read on to find out more about the selection of sensory toys available at PoundToy (psst - we sell them all!).

The wide range of cheap fidget toys available at PoundToy

Over the last 3-5 years there's been a growing trend for distraction toys, so, what are the best fidget toys?

The first fidget toy to hit the market was the fidget spinner, invented in the early 1990s. However, their popularity really soared in 2017, essentially promoted as a fidget toy for relief of symptoms of ADHD, stress and other neuro-divergent conditions. Since then, a plethora of fidget toys has evolved into the modern child’s favourite toys and we sell a large, impressive range:

Cool fidget spinners

Fidget spinners keep kids amused for hours on end - even parents are guilty of borrowing these little spinners for their own entertainment! We sell a huge range of cheap fidget spinners in all colours and sizes, enabling you to create your very own bundle. If the colourful assortment wasn’t intriguing enough, we also stock mesmerising light-up spinners, they’ll have your kids going crazy!

Squeezable stress balls

Stress balls have been around for hundreds of years in various forms and are often seen on the desks of high-flying executives looking to relieve stress and increase muscle tension but stress does not discriminate. With children exhibiting rising levels of stress too, we could all benefit from a little relief. At PoundToy we have lots of squishy stress balls to choose from.

Fidget Pads & Snap Pads

PoundToy also stocks a number of multi-functional fidget and fiddle toys. These toys are really portable but incredibly entertaining with the ability to snap, bend and squash sections to create calm in a stressful environment. Many parents find these types of toys extremely useful on long journeys as they tend to keep children occupied for long periods of time. Find our vividly coloured fidget pads sold alone or as part of an exciting bundle.

Pop- its fidget toys

The most popular fidget craze at the moment is pop-its, also known as push-poppers, and it's not surprising why.  All of us at one time or another have taken pleasure in popping the bubble wrap that surrounds breakable purchases and pop-its are a reinvention of that - albeit a more robust and colourful version. At PoundToy we have a vast array of pop-it fidget toys to suit all tastes - they’re cheap as chips, too!

The benefits of fidget toys

Getting kids to sit still and avoid distractions has been considered a problem at home and in classrooms since time immemorial.  Long before the invention of fidget spinners, pens and other toys, some children would doodle but nowadays, rather than see this as a distraction from their studies, it has since been proved that this helps people slow down their breathing, lower their stress levels and actually improves concentration.  Not to mention, that these toys keep idle hands busy and away from less destructive distractions.

Recent research shows that there are many benefits to fidgeting, particular for neuro-divergent adults and children.  These studies have found that fidgeting improves executive functioning, enabling people to concentrate better and make decisions more easily. 

Furthermore, self-stimulation or "stimming" is a type of fidgeting which is associated with people with autism or ADHD.  Fidget spinners, pop-its and other fidget toys have proved incredibly beneficial to regulate these movements, calming the mind and improving executive functioning.  However, fidget toys are not only for people with complex needs.

All of us are prone to fidgeting when stressed and pausing for thought; whether it's tapping our feet, biting our nails or pen lids, playing with our ring or watch, stretching silly putty, pulling our hair etc., we all welcome sensory distraction.  Sensory input is important to all of us but children actively seek out sensory stimulation and this is a perfectly normal development stage.  Children want to hear, touch, taste, see and smell things in order to learn all about the world around them.  This is one reason why fidget toys are so popular and new designs are being released regularly, combining tactile, visual and auditory components.

At PoundToy you'll find fidget toys in all shapes, sizes and colours to appeal to every child (even the big kids aka parents).

Toys for anxiety relief

The media has been flooded with articles in the last 2-3 years about rising anxiety levels in children, particularly teenagers and given that anxiety can often lead to agitation, any tool that can help children regulate their mood has to be a good thing.  Fidget spinners, balls, cubes etc. are a fantastic way to redirect pent-up nervous energy or feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious. Often, children can find it difficult to know how to deal with generalised anxiety or the sudden onset of anxious feelings and fidget toys can provide a calming channel for these emotions.

However, fidget toys are not just for people with anxiety, stress, ADHD and other neuro-divergences.  They are fun for all to enjoy and given how cheap they are, can also be a great thing to collect, share and swap with your friends.

As with all PoundToy's products, our fidget toys are reliable, inexpensive, and safe.  Take a look at the huge range on offer, we promise you won’t leave with an empty basket with deals and toys this good!

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