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Finding educational toys that aid children along their learning journey is essential. We stock high-quality, affordable and exciting toys that make the perfect companion for any child as they learn, develop and grow.

Our eclectic collection of cheap toys is designed to provide children of all ages with the tools to evolve their imaginations and skills. At PoundToy, you will find educational resources that include intricate puzzlesinteractive toys, activities and a plethora of books of every possible category. What makes our toys different? PoundToy sources the cheapest toys on the internet, without compromising quality and safety. With products priced as little as a penny, you can affordably purchase all the educational resources and toys you could possibly need. Keep your little ones entertained for just a fraction of the price you would spend anywhere else. 

Explore our bespoke range of toys and books, guaranteed to promote your child’s growth and development, below. By shopping with us, you will find toys that cater for avid Peppa Pig fans, artistic children, bookworms and fidget toy hoarders!

The amazing range of cheap learning toys at PoundToy

Children’s educational toys have an abundance of benefits and are designed to have a positive impact on a child’s everyday life. Countless studies reveal that a child's development is largely influenced by play. As well as ensuring children have enough energy to be released through play, ensuring they have enough playtime as part of their day is paramount to making sure they grow up as confident individuals. Throughout a child's various development stages, their minds are expanding simply by observing their surroundings and taking it all in. However, you can enhance their learning journey through a brilliant collection of toys. From puzzles to science kits, there’s a valuable lesson to learn from all toys! 

With the help of educational toys, children can learn all kinds of skills that they will need throughout their lives. Toys can help develop problem-solving abilities, promote conflict resolution, and provide an understanding of cause and effect. As well as teaching children about sharing, these toys help to develop their fine and gross motor skills and encourage their imaginations. 

Educational toys can have a positive impact on children as young as one month old. We have compiled a list of some of the best educational toys for kids based on their age range and detailed why they are advantageous.

Educational toys for toddlers 

Sensory play is a great way to stimulate your child's senses at an early age. In order to increase your child's interaction with toys, you can introduce toys that help with hand-eye coordination as he or she grows. As your child's activity matures, we recommend introducing problem-solving toys. With the help of these toys, children can work through conflicts and become familiar with cause and effect - essentially, "If I do this, then that will happen". After trying out a toy and getting guidance, they will also build their confidence. It's also a good idea to introduce toys that promote movement as they approach 6-9 months, as they begin to experiment with crawling. 

The baby and toddler ages are the perfect periods to introduce toys bursting with bright colours and interesting sounds. Here at PoundToy, we sell cheap baby toys and a huge variety of toys for toddlers that our customers love.

  • Sensory toys - perfect for engaging children and keeping their attention fixated on an object, allowing them to explore sight, sound, smell and touch. 
  • Soft toys- a wonderful companion that teaches young children how to self-soothe. Soft toys are great for stimulating imaginative play.
  • Building blocks- teach the basics of building with our colourful blocks. These toys increase a child’s attention span dramatically. Not only this, but building blocks are excellent tools for improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination

Educational toys for 5 year olds and above

Once school age approaches and children prepare to embark on a brand-new learning journey, finding toys that make education easier and more enjoyable is crucial. Roughly, at the age of 5, children begin to explore the world around them and adopt a greater understanding of language. With this, their wider range of vocabulary coupled with a wild imagination makes this an ideal age to build a diverse collection of educational toys. 

As kids grow up, they can become prone to spending too much time in front of a TV or tablet. In order to reduce the amount of screen time they clock up, parents should encourage their kids’ attentions more frequently away from screens and towards fascinating toys. The benefits of play are endless, as are the benefits of playing together as a family. But what do we provide at PoundToy that guarantees to keep your kids occupied?

  • Puzzles- A good jigsaw puzzle challenges the mind in wonderful ways. Completing puzzles comes with great satisfaction, teaching your child perseverance and better problem solving skills. 
  • Board games- Another golden opportunity to strengthen your child’s problem solving skills, exciting board games provide hours of fun for the entire family. 
  • Science kits- Allow your child to explore the excitement of science by gifting them with explosive experiment kits. No child is too young to discover the wonders of science, so why not introduce them now?

As you may expect, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what older children enjoy playing with. As their personalities develop, their interests do too. To ensure we cater to all of the varied interests, we sell both branded and unbranded toys at small prices. Affordability is super important to us and our customers, so you can always look forward to a cheap haul when you shop with PoundToy.

Why are toys good for learning?

Educational activities and toys do not just provide children with hours of fun, they also help with their physical, social and emotional development. Toys develop a child’s fine and gross motor skills, encourage role play so they can learn how to problem solve, and build their creativity and imagination. Additionally, playing with games and toys with other children encourages sharing and resilience, as well as helps them to learn rules and the importance of fair play – all integral to emotional intelligence.

All toys have some form of educational element and, as renowned child psychologist Lev Vygotsky once said, “Play contains all developmental tendencies in a condensed form” - so even very young infants will benefit from playing with toys. For example, colourful wooden blocks help babies to develop their sense of sight and colour recognition, not to mention provide early access to scientific concepts such as what goes up, must come down (simple physics). However, studies show that too many toys, particularly toys of the same type, can be overwhelming for children so it's a good idea to choose carefully. Try to curate a selection of toys, which will ensure your child doesn't become overwhelmed, while still having variety and choice. For example, choose a few small toys, such as: car toys, which your child can easily hold in one hand; colourful blocks, which can be piled high and counted; a ball, which is versatile for a great number of games and can be used to practice throwing and catching; musical instruments, such as a toy drum or even a rattle when they are very small, which can stimulate their auditory senses; some role play toys e.g. pretend kitchen items, toy hoovers, dolls and prams, which are excellent for teaching your child about careful play, replicating the world around them. 

It's best to avoid too many large toys, particularly for infants, but a tricycle or scooter is ideal for your toddler. In the first 5 years of your little one's life, kinaesthetic sensory play is incredibly important in stimulating their senses, so toys that encourage a little 'messy play' are also ideal.

Explore our colourful collection of toys for learning

As you’ll notice when exploring our range, the toys at PoundToy don’t cost an arm and a leg. Therefore, buying toys that your children will love can be done without breaking the bank. If you’d like to gather a variety of educational books, art supplies and games, start shopping now.

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