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The wonderful world of Disney provides children and adults a place to escape reality. Let your children immerse themselves  into the magical realm with a collection of all of their favourite Disney characters. The imagination can do wonderful things, especially when equipped with fascinating toys, books and play figures! We promise your little ones will have hours of fun playing with the exciting products we offer.

Classic Disney Princess Toys

No matter how old they may be, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty remain modern-day icons. Explore the wonders of the forbidden forest with Snow White, sail across the ocean to find the heart of Te-Fiti with Moana, fly the magic carpet with Jasmine or dance until the clock strikes midnight with Cinderella. The possibilities are endless with our plushies characters and accessories. Why not gift your precious little ones with everything they need to transform themselves into their beloved characters? We stock branded face paints, jewellery and make-up - the perfect combination to experiment with different looks! 

We are proud of our ever-evolving massive selection of toys that cater to all of the princess fanatics.

Fantastic Frozen characters

Ever since our screens were graced with the presence of a cheeky little snowman and two incredible sisters, Elsa and Anna, children across the globe have been begging for Frozen-themed toys and action figures. Off the back of the release of Disney Frozen II, the fanbase has grown even stronger, which is why we work hard to keep these fans happy with toys and merchandise that we know they will adore. From board games to activity packs and dressing up items, parents can curate a gift box bursting with cheap Frozen goodies!

Star Wars Legends

The force of discounted prices remains strong at PoundToy. Venture into a galaxy far, far away with a line-up of Madalorian toys including Baby Yoda keyrings, sticker books and blind bags. Defeat Darth Vadar in a make-believe battle using swords, force and a whole lotta imagination! Step into the Star Wars world for collectables, homeware and an exciting range of toys to satisfy the Jedi-obsessed children (or adults) in your life!

Magnificent Marvel superheroes

Name a better franchise than the Marvel Cinematic Universe… we’ll wait. Almost every child and parent loves superheroes which is why Marvel toys and products make the best gift in any situation. Thanos may have destroyed the infinity stones but he will never defeat our incredible deals on marvel toys! Help your son, daughter, niece or nephew to build an outstanding collection of superhero figures with our cheap mini characters. We guarantee that these cheap toys will blow their little minds! With a plethora of Marvel mugs in amazing designs, an assortment of storybooks, PoundToy delivers exactly what the superfans want.
Take a peek at our selection to find Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America and more!

Mickey Mouse and friends

Back in our day, Mickey Mouse was a legend. The face of Disney itself. Even now, kids adore this loveable little mouse as he appears in Disney Junior’s very own programme, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Find awesome toys based around Pluto, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck. From fun-filled activity books to surprise blind bags and colourful crayons and pencils. We know that Mickey Mouse and his wonderful friends are a strong favourite amongst the littlest of children, which is why we stock Mickey Mouse baby toys that are cute, cuddly and colourful!

Disney soft toys

Having a cuddly partner by yourself throughout childhood is one of the most valuable things you can have. In our experience, kids love to have a plush version of their favourite characters to snuggle up with and go on adventures. Choose from a broad range of popular characters such as Aladdin, Princess Belle, Black Widow and loads more to find your child’s new best friend.

Cheap Disney toys available now at PoundToy!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you won’t find more affordable prices anywhere else on the net. Find toys that bring fun for the entire family, cheap party supplies that make party-throwing easy and the biggest range of books that you ever did see! Here at PoundToy, we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends to secure the toys that all children adore. When you shop with us, you’ll find everything you need to make the kids in your life jump for joy. So, start shopping now and await the arrival of your exciting PoundToy package!

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