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Here at PoundToy’s wonderful emporium of cheap toys, we sell affordable craft & design tools for children of all ages. From colouring pencils, glitter, glue and coloured craft feathers to craft kits and - our huge range of products are sure to have craft enthusiasts grinning from ear to ear! 

Our craft products make excellent gifts all year round. Moreover, collecting craft supplies for school projects, holiday decorating and birthday parties has never been more simple. Everything you will find available on our fun-packed website is cost-effective, high-quality and super entertaining for children of all ages. 

Start shopping now to uncover a never-ending collection of toys, sweets, gifts and accessories at amazing prices !

Cheap art and craft supplies

What could be easier than sitting your little one down with some paper and colouring pencils?  At PoundToy we stock a wide range of cheap drawing materials such as chalks, jumbo crayons, washable and scented crayons, pens, pencils, felt tips and stationery sets. We also have a plethora of different coloured paper, card, canvases and colouring books to suit every taste- there is truly nothing you cannot create once you’re fully equipped with our tools and equipment!

 If your child prefers painting, we have lots of different options: craft paint, watercolours and acrylics in a rainbow of colours. Not enough space left on the fridge to display their masterpieces? We have a variety of display folders and files to keep your little one's artwork clean and safe.

Craft essentials

We have all the tools you need- whatever craft project your children are attempting. If paper crafts are your bag, we stock different weights and colours of card and paper as well as various types of adhesive Including PVA, glue sticks, double sided sticky pads & tape, not to mention safety scissors to ensure those precious little fingers are kept far from harm, while building dexterity and other fine motor skills.

Messy play

Although parents secretly hate it, the kids absolutely love getting messy. Splodges of paint across their faces, gooey slime on their little hands and a couple of glue spills on the table - what’s not to love about messy play? The materials we stock are not only stimulating and interesting, they also make perfect sensory toys. From putty and play dough, to kinetic fun sand and slime - your little boys and girls will be amused for hours.

Don’t forget to protect clothing and furnishings from all of the mess! We don’t forget the essentials here at PoundToy. Make sure you stock up on aprons and table protectors!

Family Craft Projects

Spending time as a family and getting your creative hats on is one of the best ways to bond and distract children from technology. We understand how important this valuable time really is for families, which is why we supply everything you could need to go craft crazy with your kids. We can provide you with a whole box full of creative products! We offer cheap craft kits that include pom-pom making kits, scratch art, sticker sheets and beautiful jewellery making kits. When the holiday season approaches, why not order your children a couple of card making supplies? Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a homemade gift or card!

The importance of arts & crafts to a child’s development

The importance of arts and crafts in children's development cannot be underestimated and that is why it continues to be a priority in the school curriculum. There are considered to be four types of development skills seen in early years: motor, language and communication, social and emotional, and cognitive.  In the early development stages, you will see a wide range of art activities and materials in your child's nursery classroom; from painting to making cards, folding paper to messy play, all of it is integral to these four areas of development.  However, arts and crafts are not just resigned to the early years' classroom - no, they are an important aspect of development for children of all ages - as well as for adults.

10 Reasons why crafting is good for the mind

Aside from the fact that crafting is relaxing and fun, there are several other reasons why sitting down and engaging in a craft activity is good for children of all ages (and their parents): 

  • Crafting develops fine motor skills in infants - holding a pencil properly is a developmental expectation at age 6 but encouraging your baby and toddler to play with crayons, pencils and chalks will make the process less of a chore and prepare them for writing tasks in school.  
  • Crafting improves coordination, creating mastery in using both hands.  
  • Crafting improves relationships, allows children to socialise, and creates a greater bond with others.     
  • Getting creative with art improves communication skills and vocabulary, particularly when engaging in family crafting as children can discuss their choices, follow instructions and learn words associated with colour and texture.
  • Art breeds creativity and choice - there's no need for rules and so craft activities allow children to express themselves and cultivate confidence.
  • Participating in these art activities develops numeracy and critical thinking skills - counting how many stars to include on a picture or creating patterns and questioning decisions are all important life skills.
  • Crafting fosters mindfulness, enabling children to be in the moment, aware of their surroundings and concentrating on the task at hand.
  • Producing art-work encourages resilience, patience and perseverance 
  • Crafting activities improve attention span - seeing a craft project out from beginning to end provides children with the opportunity to see the finished product and the fruits of their labour.
  • Crafting has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety - research shows that taking time away from the stresses of life to concentrate on a craft project can be incredibly therapeutic.  Craft projects have even proved helpful to those suffering from degenerative illnesses such as dementia.

At Poundtoy, we pride ourselves on providing excellent high-quality products at cheap prices so you can be sure you will always find branded and unbranded items at affordable prices.  However, we also offer clearance items year round and our craft clearance items are incredibly popular. All your favourite branded items including Crayola, Disney, Grafix etc. are available at PoundToy because we not only pride ourselves on price but also on the quality of our art and craft supplies. Take a look now and see what you can grab for your craft crazy children (and their parents).

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