22" Colouring Books

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What better way to encourage kids to get creative, relax and unwind than gifting them with a colouring book? This activity is truly incredible for promoting self expression in kids - something that is especially important as they grow and develop.

At PoundToy, we understand the importance of getting children’s creative juices flowing at an affordable price. For this reason, we stock a plethora of cheap books suitable for kids of all ages. We ensure to provide an assortment of activity books that incorporate all of your children’s favourite characters. With creative activities for fans of Peppa pig, Harry Potter, Star Wars and much, much more, you will be spoilt for choice with our selection of high quality products and cheap kids books.

Our diverse range of colouring books consists of:

  • Dot to dot books
  • Painting books
  • Festive activity books
  • Alphabet colouring books
  • Bumper colouring books
  • Colouring and sticker books
  • Paint by number books

With a collection of books this varied, you will not leave our wonderful website without all of the gifts you could dream of! When it comes to understanding the benefits of colouring, there are countless great reasons as to why this form of activity proves valuable to children and their development. So, what are the advantages of colouring?

Stress relief technique

Believe it or not, children get stressed, anxious and upset just as much as adults can. By encouraging your child to sit down and concentrate on their colouring creation, all of the stress will be alleviated. It is for this reason that so many professionals choose art therapy as a way of helping children with worries or stress feel relaxed. Essentially, colouring can help a child vent when articulating their negative thoughts is difficult.

Promote creativity and self-expression

The beauty of colouring is that it can be completely personalised to suit the tastes of the creator. Children’s creativity is massively stimulated by a blank canvas of exciting outlines for them to fill in. By giving them the option to choose from different colours, styles and materials, children begin to express themselves and get creative through being artistic, even at its simplest level!

Relaxation method

Most modern parents are desperately searching for an alternative to technology. Why not deter their eyes away from their screens and encourage them to complete a drawing? By picking up a colouring pencil, kids are forced to truly relax and unwind. Many parents may opt to get their children to engage in colouring activities just before bedtime, as this allows their little minds to settle and encourages their eyes to drop!

There really is no negative element to diving straight into a good colouring book. We stock all of the activity books, colouring pencils and art materials a child could possibly need in their journey to becoming an artist! By compiling a fun collection of cheap kids books at PoundToy, you will save yourself time, money and effort, all while gifting the children in your life with learning resources, entertainment and fun! What’s not to love? Take advantage of our unrivalled discounts today!

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