22" Christmas Confectionery

There is no age range that can be discarded when it comes to gifting sweets and chocolate - everyone has a sweet tooth! Our huge assortment of Christmas toys, sweets and confectionery are enough to get even the most hard-faced adults jumping up and down with excitement. With a large stock of supply from the likes of Cadbury, Haribo, Nestle, Mars, even Willy Wonka couldn’t keep up! Looking for Christmas candy?

We’ve got it. Searching for cheap buckets full of sweets? We’ve got it. You name it - if it’s sweet and delicious, we stock it here. Our stock is incredibly low priced, with sensational discounts not found anywhere else. If you want to give the gift of sweetness to your nearest and dearest, shop with us today!

Stocking fillers and gifts: Bags of sweets and gift boxes of chocolate are exceptionally convenient when it comes to stocking fillers. Need something to buy for that family member you barely know? Chocolate. Need to bulk out the Santa sacks with more stuff? Chocolate. There is no situation where chocolate isn’t the answer. PoundToy stocks exciting gift sets that your kids will adore, including chocolate make-up sets and tool kits. You can shop an endless supply of chocolate coins, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol advent calendars and selection boxes to your heart’s content.

Fruity, colourful candy: Get the kids giggling at their little blue tongues with a collection of tangy treats. From sour liquid candy sprays and boxes of mouth-watering, watermelon-flavoured Nerds candy to fizzy cola bottles and tantalizing lollipops bursting with flavour, we have it all. You will find every colour of the rainbow in our impressive collection of cheap sweets!

Party sweets: A kids party is not complete without energetic children fuelled by sweets! We sell large jars and tubs of candy at an extremely low price, making a perfect addition to your buffet or party bags. Why not add some tuck-shop favourites to your special occasion? Our Turner’s sweet tubs are great for sharing with your guests (or hide in the bedroom and devour - we don’t judge!). When it comes to a kid’s party, putting party bags together is an absolute essential, which is why we provide everything you need to make them fun and exciting. Our multi-packs of scrumptious sweets are priced as low as £1, helping you create the perfect party at the lowest cost possible.

Halloween essentials: Treat those little trick-or-treaters at Halloween with our wide range of confectionery. The collection of sweets and chocolates at PoundToy guarantees to make you the favourite neighbour on the block! We sell spooky bags of chewy delights, bubblegum lollipops and much, much more. Stock up cheaply for those little witches and vampires today!

PoundToy are dedicated to acquiring every toy, accessory, gift and sweet treat for kids of all ages. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that our stock is regularly updated, delivering only the best-quality items to our customers. There is nowhere else to shop for your birthday essentials at such impressive prices - PoundToy’s supply and sales are unbeaten! Looking for confectionery for tomorrow’s party? Select our next-day delivery option at checkout, and we’ll have you fully stocked in no time!

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