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Our toy emporium gets bigger and better every day. With the cheapest prices on toys you’ll ever see and the most exciting collection of toys you’ll ever come across, PoundToy is the place to shop for little ones. We cater to even the tiniest of humans, stocking colourful toys for babies that aid their development. Find board books, musical instruments, sensory toys, teethers, bath toys and lots more by exploring our huge range of cheap baby toys.

Despite babies and toddlers’ obsession with all things uninteresting (such as cardboard boxes and remote controls!) It is super important to provide kids with child-friendly materials and objects for them to interact with. Purchase a collection of our inexpensive toys to further your child’s development and provide them with hours of fun. Here at PoundToy, the fun never ends (and neither do our extraordinary discounts!

Toys to enhance hand-eye coordination skills

As babies hit the 6 month mark and begin to achieve milestones such as sitting up and rolling over, the opportunity to start exploring toys arises. Babies of this age and upwards are fascinated by almost everything. Bright lights, colourful imagery, textures and interesting sounds stimulate the senses and enable children to gain an understanding of their surroundings.

Hand-eye coordination plays a vital role in a child’s development, these skills help to strengthen their fine motor skills, handwriting, proprioception and visual perceptions amongst many others as a child grows up. There are thousands of carefully crafted toys that are designed to help incorporate hand-eye coordination development into playtime activities. PoundToy stocks tonnes of them!

Shape sorters: Both dexterity and hand-eye coordination can be vastly improved using these incredibly versatile and fun toys. The very concept of problem solving in order to slot objects into the correct slots challenges the mind and enhances their fine motor skills at the same time. Find amazing shape sorters for under a fiver at PoundToy!

Puzzles: Interlocking different shapes to create one big picture is an activity that really helps kids establish problem solving skills. Not only this, but playing with puzzles helps children learn the beauty of patience and concentration. At PoundToy, you’ll find themed puzzles for fans of Cocomelon, Paw Patrol and Unicorns!

Toys that develop social skills

Soft toys: Never underestimate the power of a simple soft toy. Providing small children with a cuddly companion comes with numerous benefits for their development and mental health. Not only do fluffy teddy bears bring comfort, they are also excellent tools for practising social skills. Through imaginative play, soft toys can encourage young ones to practice speech, understand conversational skills (one way conversations at least) and encourage qualities such as empathy and affection. We stock all of your child’s favourite Disney characters in plush form as well as lovely cute animals for your baby to grow with.

Board books: The joys of reading can be discovered even at the youngest of ages. In fact, putting a book in front of a toddler and reading to them can have a significant impact on their language development. Not only does reading make the perfect bonding activity, it also enhances their learning journeys. Interactive books help babies to explore the world around them and begin to understand different colours, textures and language.

Teething toys for babies

All babies need something to chew on as their little peggies start coming through. To avoid them munching on their fingers or your necklace during snuggle time, why not look for bright and bold, baby-safe toys for them to get their tooshies into? All of the baby products we stock are made of high quality materials so you don’t have to worry about your baby slobbering all over the toys! We even stock beautiful gift sets containing both teethers and rattles, so you’re always sorted for cheap presents that don’t cost a fortune.

Discover a wide range of cheap baby toys at PoundToy

Many parents search far and wide for development toys that they know their baby will love. Here at PoundToy, we dedicate ourselves to putting the needs of both parents and children first. To achieve this, we ensure our prices are as low as possible to ensure that kids can receive the best toys without their parents and family members spending too much. Choose from a variety of books that allow children to escape to fantasy worlds, arts and craft kits that encourage creativity or fantastic action figures that help their imagination go wild!

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