22" Activity Books

Looking for some engaging activity books for kids? You’ve landed in the right place. Here at PoundToy, we put the education and entertainment of little ones at the forefront of everything we do. With an exciting range of fun activity books, your kids are guaranteed to enjoy endless hours of scribbling, crafting, drawing and writing! Get an EXTRA 20% off all cheap kids books at PoundToy with discount code 'BOOKSALE20' at the checkout!

By shopping with us, you will gain access to the lowest possible prices on the market, including infinite discounts and ongoing sales - you can always count on PoundToy to provide high-quality books and toys at tiny prices!

As a busy parent with an endless to-do list, it is always useful to find activities that will retain your children’s attention, add value to their development and most importantly - put a smile on their faces. The bestselling activity books we stock at PoundToy are bound to keep your kids busy and away from those electronic devices! In addition, encouraging children to express themselves through interactive books will inevitably increase their development skills and fine motor skills.

Puzzle books

Challenge your little ones and put their inquisitive minds to the test by giving them the task to complete puzzles! Word searches, brain teasers and mathematical questions are excellent ways to develop a child’s problem solving skills. PoundToy knows a good puzzle when we see one - which is why we ensure to stock only the best activity books here!

Colouring books

A classic form of entertainment that never gets old. Colouring is a brilliant way to get children concentrating and keep them from technology. The amount of focus that goes into creating their art projects is super beneficial to their evolving creativity skills. Furthermore, completing a lovely colouring activity has a great calming effect on children, making the perfect wind-down activity before bed.

Beloved character activity books

At PoundToy, we make sure that all of our toys and books are perfectly catered to children and their popular interests. As a result, we stock a wide selection of books for children featuring all of their favourite characters at extraordinary prices. From interactive Peppa Pig books, to Disney arts and crafts and Star Wars sticker books - we guarantee you will find a book to please your little superfan!

Sticker books

We are pretty confident that there is not one child who doesn’t love stickers. One of the simplest forms of entertainment, sticker books are a popular choice of activity book. At PoundToy, you will find wonderfully cheap sticker books for your children to play with (and use to decorate your walls - oops!).

No matter what the topic or genre, you will always mind an enjoyable book at PoundToy. Why not also combine the gift of books with some sweet treats, craft activities or a couple of our penny toys? Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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