Winter activities for the whole family

Friends playing in the snow
As the temperatures start to drop and daylight is in short supply, finding activities that the whole family will enjoy can be tough. Whilst winter may mean planning more indoor activities than usual, there will certainly be times when you can venture outside and have lots of fun together in the great outdoors. For inspiration, check out our pick of the best winter activities to help you tackle the seasonal blues and make fantastic memories as a family.

Hit the Slopes

If cabin fever is setting in and you’re desperate to escape the house, why not head to the slopes? There are several dry ski slopes and indoor snow centres around the country, providing the perfect chance to enjoy snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing without travelling too far. The Snow Centre in Hemel Hampstead is a popular choice. With a 160m slope made of real snow and lessons available for all ages and abilities, it’s worth considering if you’re in that part of the country. If you’re further north, Chill Factore in Manchester is a good option. At 180m, the venue boasts the longest indoor snow slope in the UK. Wherever you are, you’re sure to find a great indoor snow centre not too far away.
3 little children building a snowman

Build a snowman

If the Great British Winter has brought snow this year, don’t be tempted to stay indoors. Although it’s great watching the snowfall from your living room window, it’s even more fun to get outdoors and play in it! Whilst snow falls most winters in the UK, this doesn’t make it any less exciting for your little ones. One of the best snow activities is building a snowman. Your kids will love using their hands to shape the snow to build their very own snowman. It will provide them with hours of entertainment as they try to make it bigger and taller or more lifelike with coal for its eyes and carrot for its nose. They could even tie a scarf around its neck and top it off with a hat. Building a snowman as a family is a great opportunity for bonding and working as a team.

Take a winter walk in the woods

Winter is a magical time of the year to pull on your walking boots and enjoy a stroll in the woods. With impressive icicles and snow-topped landscapes to admire, your kids will be in awe. The lack of foliage in winter often reveals another side to woodland, allowing you to glimpse views you wouldn’t usually see. It’s also a great opportunity to spot wildlife such as birds and squirrels, as well as winter fauna like primroses, snowdrops, and mistletoe. So, if claustrophobia is setting in as you hibernate indoors, it may be time to get wrapped up warm and head out into your beautiful local woodland. Make sure to keep a bag of goodies with you to keep the spirit and energy high. With the help of our Confectionery range, you're guaranteed to find a sweet treat to satisfy the whole family (make sure to dispose of all wrappers in bins)!
Little boy making a bird feeder in the snow

Make a bird feeder

Winter can be a difficult time for birds, with food in scarce supply. So, why not give them a helping hand by making a bird feeder? Kids will love getting creative before watching their feathered friends visit your garden for some much-needed sustenance. One of the easiest ways to make a bird feeder is to take a used juice carton and turn it into a seed holder. Start by cutting big, square windows into both sides of the carton. You can then pierce a hole beneath the windows and thread-thin twigs through them to make the perches. Add two more holes at the top of the carton and fasten a piece of string – this will allow you to hang the feeder. If the kids want to add more creativity, let them raid the Craft Supplies to see what they can use to add some life to the bird feeders and attract more birds! Now you can fill the feeder with birdseed mix. There are so many great ideas for DIY bird feeders online.

Have a movie marathon

If the winter weather’s stopping you from heading outdoors, you may be looking for fun and affordable indoor activities that everyone will enjoy. Fortunately, modern technology makes it easier than ever to entertain the whole family without stepping foot outside of the house. Dig out your favourite DVDs or download some classic films and enjoy a movie marathon together. You could ask everyone to name their favourite movie and then line them up to watch throughout the day. Alternatively, you could gather some Board Games to play in between movies to keep the kids active & prevent them from becoming restless, with a great variety of games to choose from, you're spoilt for choice. Grab your warmest duvets, whip up some delicious hot chocolate, and you’re all set for a winter day in!
Little girl playing in the snow
The winter doesn’t need to stop you from having fun together as a family. With so many indoor and outside activities to choose from, you won’t need to deal with cries of ‘I’m bored’ up until March! Hopefully, our list of winter family activities has provided you with some inspiration for things to do whilst the weather is at its worst.

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