Why you should collect blind bags

children smilingBlind bags and surprise eggs are a great budget way of offering rewards or presents to kids, but you might not realise that the simple act of collecting these items is having a significant impact on young children. Blind bags come in the shape of all their favourite characters and from films and the TV, with everything from Star Wars and Ninja Turtles through to Noddy and Disney Princesses available for fledgling collectors. With all the options, there’s something that your child likes, and we’ve uncovered a few reasons why you might want to encourage their collecting habit.

It Encourages Personal Responsibility

Without something to look after, kids are unlikely to develop their personal responsibility skills at the same rate as their peers. You might wonder how collecting figurines equates to personal responsibility, but when they’re genuinely interested in their collection, they want to ensure their safety and look after them. You’ll notice the difference if there are a couple of options for collectables and one is foisted on the child – they’ll be far more caring towards the collectables they’re genuinely interested in.
organising blind bags

It Improves Their Organisational Skills

If kids are genuinely interested in what they’re collecting, they’ll be keen to organise them in the best ways they see fit. That could be something as simple as keeping different Marvel factions separate or it could be more intricate and related to their perception of the characters. For instance, they might group them by colour or whether they have special powers or not. Ultimately, however strange their organisation practices might seem to you, you can bet they’ll be able to explain it.
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It Helps Their Social Skills

So, as well as learning to explain why they’ve grouped things in certain ways, kids’ social skills are also bolstered by collecting in different ways. For example, if they need to trade some of their duplicates with friends, they’re improving their speaking and communication skills. Along with this, the simple act of collecting encourages conversation. Collecting something that they’re genuinely enthusiastic about will mean that they want to talk about their collection with friends, family and even kids that they meet at the park. It gives them something to discuss that’s uniquely theirs.

It Can Help Them Budget

One of the major plus points of blind bags and surprise eggs from a parental point of view is that they’re so cheap. They’re a great use of pocket money, meaning that it’s a great way for parents to teach the importance of budgeting and using money wisely. As children will always want to spend their money at once! Plus, they can see the tangible benefits of buying blind bags and surprise eggs as they put their new collectable on their shelf alongside their others – it’s a great lesson in buying something they can repeatedly enjoy instead of spending all their pennies on chocolate or sweets.
At PoundToy we simply can't get enough of blind bags. We offer a full range of blind bags and surprise eggs in our huge toy sale. Our favourites are the Disney Cars 3 Mini Racers and the Noddy Blind Bag. What blind bags or surprise eggs do your children like buying? Let us know in the comment box down below..

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