What makes a good baby toy?

baby playing with xylophone Babies are possibly one of the hardest age groups to buy for. You can’t exactly ask them what they want and it’s tricky to know what babies need and will enjoy playing with. The truth is, of course, that babies are as capricious as every other child. You could buy them the best toy on the planet that every other baby loves and they’ll just wrinkle their noses and burst into tears the first time they touch it. So, instead of searching for that mythical (and often expensive) perfect baby toy, think about these points when you’re buying a gift. If it fits any of these criteria, you’re on to a winner.
So, what does make a good baby toy?

Is it Colourful?

There’s no denying that babies respond to colour once their vision develops to accommodate it. Babies are much better with primary colours that are bold and interesting, so don’t be surprised if a 3-month-old is far more captivated by a bright red household bucket than pastel-coloured toys in the nursery. If it’s ever a choice between a primary colour toy for a baby and something a little more nuanced, choose the colourful one.
baby playing with stacking rings

Does it Improve Their Fine-Motor Skills?

Fine motor skills relate to the movements made using the small muscles in our hands, wrists and fingers that result in small movements. They’re so complex because they’re all about coordination and, if a child hasn’t developed those skills by the time they need to do things at school like drawing and stacking blocks, it can put them behind their classmates. So, while it might sound over the top to focus on these skills when you’re buying baby toys, it can really help as they grow. Choose toys that require them to start flexing those little muscles like toy cars they can crash together. Trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

Finding the perfect girls and boys toys can also be very difficult, so looking out for products which improve motor skills isn't easy. Brands like Infunbebe great for fun and interactive baby toys which help children learn and grow. 

Is it Practical?

The toys mentioned above can definitely be seen as practical, but there’s one other crucial element to being a baby that no parent is likely to forget – teething time. If you want to buy a great present for a baby, try a teething toy. A baby can never have enough safe items to aid their teething, and yours may end up being their favourite. That’s something to taunt them with later in life!
baby playing and smiling

Are They Character Led?

Babies are going to grow up into little people who love some of the most popular shows and characters around today. Like or loathe Peppa Pig, there’s no denying that she gets everywhere and she’s a popular character for girls and boys alike. Similarly, Paw Patrol is massively popular, and you won’t go wrong choosing gifts and toys that are linked with these characters. If you’re careful, you can find character toys and accessories that fit one of the above criteria do – make them do double duty and you’re definitely winning at baby presents.
What do you look out for when buying for your little tots. Let us know down below...

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