Welcome to the first day of summer

Summer written into the sand on the beachJune 21st marks the first day of summer in the UK, so you can officially start looking forward to fun-filled days spent outdoors in the sunshine. With the weather set to be hotter than Ibiza, it’s time to get in the summertime groove! Here’s how to get ready for the start of summer.

Make an ‘unplug pact’ with your family

Summer is a great time for families to reconnect, so why not make an ‘unplug’ pact? Technology can be difficult to live without in this modern world but taking a break from it at least once a day can be a great idea. With bad weather for much of the year in the UK, it’s no surprise that most of us spend much of our free time indoors on our computers or glued to our tablets or smartphones. However, there’s no excuse for this when the sunshine is gracing us with its rare presence. Encourage your kids to get outdoors in the summer and participate in activities that don’t involve electronics. Breaking free from the shackles of technology every so often will improve everyone’s well-being mentally and physically. For the evenings when the sun starts to set, bring everyone in bring out the toys. The unplug pact can continue inside the house, give the little ones a couple of hours where they can play with their favourite toys. Get them some new toys as well to keep them excited and intrigued why not try out science kits for kids? Not only does it provide hours of fun but it also stimulates their minds and they learn whilst they have fun.
Children writing a list

Make a summer activity list

If you want to avoid hearing the phrase “I’m bored!” every day over the holidays, it makes sense to make a summer activity list. Get your kids to write down things that they’d like to do whilst they’re not at school and then pop the bits of paper in a jar. You can draw one out each day to make sure there’s always something to do. Thinking up activities on the spot can be difficult, but this will ensure that you always have ideas for things to do over summer. This is fantastic because it also gives everyone a fair chance of doing an activity of their choice.

Plan a picnic

The start of summer means it’s time to indulge in some alfresco dining. So, why not plan a leisurely outdoor picnic? Pack up your family’s favourite foods and head to a local park or even somewhere more adventurous like a hilltop in the countryside. You could always head to the beach and enjoy a picnic by the sea. Wherever you go for your first picnic of the summer season, simplicity is key. Choose foods that are easy to transport, such as sandwiches, pies and crisps. It’s important to opt for foods that keep well and that won’t deteriorate quickly in the summer heat. Don’t forget to pack adequate beverages to make sure everyone stays hydrated.
Little boy watering the flowers in the garden

Get your garden summer-ready

Even if you’ve planned countless fun-filled summer activities, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time in your garden. So, it makes sense to get your outdoor space summer-ready. It may be looking a bit dishevelled after months of bad weather, but it shouldn’t take too much time or effort to whip it back into shape. As well as tidying up and mowing your lawn, you should also look to spruce up your garden furniture. If a bench or table has seen better days, don’t simply get rid of it. Give it a good sand down and prime and paint it. Of course you want something for the little ones, so now might be the time to invest in some outdoor toys. With a great garden, you might be able to create your own holiday villa in the comfort of your own home.

Go camping

Camping is the ultimate summertime activity. It’s fun, easy and the ideal way to bond as a family. Camping not only gets you outdoors and appreciating nature, but it also increases your activity levels. You can take long walks, ride bikes and visit local attractions. If your family have been spending too much time with technology recently, camping is a fantastic idea. You can swap your iPhones for singing songs over the campfire and waking up to the sound of birds singing. With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start planning an amazing camping adventure. You’re sure to find many amazing campsites not too far from where you live.
Girl playing with water gun

Plan a start of summer party 

As summer draws closer, why not plan a summer party for friends and family? It’s the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer! You might think that organising a party in your garden will be a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be. All you really need is food, music and a few select people to make your start of summer bash a success. If you don’t want the pressure of feeding all your guests, you could always ask friends to bring something along with them. If kids will be attending, make sure there’s plenty to keep them entertained. Give them water guns or turn a giant plastic tarp into a slip n' slide, you can even get creative and use slime toys for the slide. Plus, the messier the better since they'll be outside anyways!
Summer brings longer days, warmer weather and flowers in bloom. There are many ways you can enjoy summer and soak up amazing memories with those you love – hopefully this blog has given you some inspiration for celebrating the start of summer. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite summer activity is...

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