Toy Nostalgia (Part 3)

Toy nostalgia Part 3It’s hard to believe that the noughties began almost two decades ago, yet many people who were yet to reach their teens around the turn of the millennium are now parents themselves. With this in mind, it’s time to turn our attention to some of the most iconic toys of the 2000's with our Toy Nostalgia blog Part 3.



Also known as Tekno the Robotic Puppy, Teksta was a robotic toy first launched way back in 2000. The toy sold 40 million units during its first four years and even featured on the cover of Time magazine, winning multiple awards. The dog had more than 160 emotions and functions and gave kids the opportunity to experience pet care without genuine responsibilities. Teksta could respond to voice instructions and could play with bones and balls, whine and fetch. A new generation of Tekstas has since been unveiled, and the dog can now be controlled with your smartphone.



The Robosapien is a walking toy able to grasp and throw objects. The action figure came with a loudspeaker unit and was capable of talking in various voices. The product first hit the market in 2004, selling more than 1.5 million units that year. The Robosapien was designed to be modified with ease, with hackers across the world working together to provide the toy with new functions including video cameras and more.


Iggle Piggle
If your child or children have been toddlers at any point during the past ten years or so, chances are you’re very well acquainted with Iggle Piggle and the rest of the In the Night Garden cast. The dreamlike, somewhat hypnotic In the Night Garden was first shown on the BBC in 2007, with 100 episodes being broadcast over a two-year period and the show continues to entertain new generations of young children in repeat form. The show featured a range of oddly-named colourful characters who lived in a magical forest and had their own distinctive song and dance, with Iggle Piggle being arguably the most popular of them all.


Nintendo Wii
Popular amongst kids and adults alike, the Wii was widely regarded as the most inclusive console ever made and was so sought-after there was once a temporary shortage of units. The Wii was largely focused around virtual sports such as bowling, tennis, golf and skiing and was credited with making the gaming experience more active and physical. Its main rivals during its peak included the PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo have continued to bring out a range of toys and games. 



The Pokemon craze dominated the early 2000s, with the franchise developing cartoons, games, trading cards, movies and more. Pikachu was one of the most popular Pokemon species and was trained by humans to battle other Pokemon. It is one of the most iconic characters in Nintendo history and Japanese pop culture, inspiring a host of toys and figures and even making his way onto Snapchat in 2017. The Magna author Hiro Mashima has dubbed Pikachu “the greatest mascot of all time”.


Trackmaster Trains

The popularity of Thomas & Friends has surged since the launch of the Trackmaster trains in 2007. Recently rebranded in 2015, the engines current models are designed to climb steep incline and race at speeds never seen before. You can purchase a wide variety of Trackmaster trains and sets featuring character favourites included Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Edward and many more. The Trackmaster series follows the Thomas the tank engine TV show. 
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