Top Tips for Hosting a Kids Party at Home

Planning a PartyParties at home can be brilliant fun for the kids, but how do you stop them being stressful for the grown-ups? The idea of having a group of excitable children running around your home may fill you with terror. However, these top tips might help you survive the day – and you may even enjoy it!

1) Make Everything Colourful

Adding flashes of colour really makes a party fun, you can do this in many different ways – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Getting all the latest party supplies doesn't have to be so difficult, you can get character party banners, table covers, cups, plates and balloons all in one place. They add a bright and colourful touch to any occasion. 

2) Take It Outside

If the season is right, take the party outside into the garden. Whatever space you have, you can make it work for a party. There might be room for a paddling pool that could also double as a refill station for some water pistols. No room for the pool? Just try the water pistols and some buckets, along with an inflatable ball or two for cheap and easy fun.

3) All the Small Things Add Up

Did you know that the smaller your kids are, the more they’re likely to enjoy the simpler things in life? Save that trip to Disneyworld until they’re old enough to remember it properly and throw them a party that is chock-full of little bits and pieces. Whether it’s bubble toys, putting on temporary tattoos or having glider races, make the most of the period where the only thing that matters is that there’s something fun to do.

4) Keep the Food Simple

There’s no need to break the bank – or the cooker. Cooking for kids is generally simple. They like small bites they can eat with their fingers in between running around and enjoying themselves. So, stick with pizza, chips, sausage rolls and fairy cakes served on paper plates. Remember to ask for any dietary issues well in advance of the party, just in case.

5) Pack World Beating Party Bags
Party bags went through a stage where they were full of expensive gifts that wouldn’t look out of place underneath a luxury Christmas tree. Children love playing, they want something that can make them smile and feel entertained. So, pack the bags full of all the party bag fillers that might make their day – bubbles, balloons, jump up monsters, slinky springs, surprise eggs, putty and puzzles.

6) Just Shop Smartly
If you’re looking to avoid the expense of a party at a soft play area or something similar, it isn’t likely you want to spend a small fortune on your party at home either. At PoundToy, we offer a huge range of party supplies and party bag fillers, not to mention a fantastic collection of budget outdoor toys & Intex Pools. We’ve got everything you need to make your party one to remember for everyone. 
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What are your top tips for planning a children's party?

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