Top 10 highest paid child YouTubers of 2020 so far

YouTube has become incredible platform for influencers and child product reviewers. The 2020 YouTube League tells us several children have been pocketing three-figure sums for each video they produce, attracting tens of millions of followers in the process. The number of child influencers found on YouTube is only set to grow over time as the market becomes increasingly lucrative and kids spend more and more time using the platform via internet-connected TVs and other devices like tablets. Let’s take a look at ten of the highest-paid child YouTubers of 2020 so far right now.
Vlad and Nikita, thumbnail

Vlad and Nikita

Brothers Vlad and Nikita have been earning more money per video than anyone else on YouTube. They have only been active on YouTube for about 2 years. Aged six and four, they have more than 34.5 million followers and use their channel to unwrap toys, tell stories and play. It’s been reported that they have earned more than $64 million for their video streaming endeavours so far. As of June 2020, they are estimated to be worth $138 million.

Nasty AKA Anastasia Radzinskaya

Aged just six, Nasty has been making $258,493 per video. She is also able to boast more than 48.1 million subscribers. Nasty actually has six different channels, the most popular of which is Little Nastya. When the channel was first set up, it focussed on the YouTuber’s challenges with cerebral palsy but now also includes videos of her playing and learning with her father.
Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana Show

According to the latest figures, the Kids Diana Show has been making $126,938 per video recently. The channel is fronted by a 6-year-old Ukrainian girl called Diana and features videos of her playing with friends and family members. The channel has clocked up a hugely impressive 23 billion views and has 50 million subscribers. Her brother Roma has been featured in some of her latest videos and also has his own channel, Kids Roma Show.

Toys and Little Gaby

It’s claimed that English siblings Gabriella and Alex have been making £1 million a year thanks to their YouTube videos. In the clips, the pair open toys and play games. Their videos have drawn more than 11 million subscribers. The channel was set up by the pair’s Latvian mum Sabine, who is now its full-time manager.
Ryan's World Toy Review

Ryan Kaji

Ryan has been unboxing toys on YouTube for many years and has recently started carrying out scientific experiments on his channel. He has also popped up on traditional TV channels like Nickelodeon and inspired over 100 toys, items of clothing, and other merchandise products. You can shop some of his amazing blind bags and products from our huge range of Blind Bags! His Ryan’s World channel has more than 23 million subscribers. In 2019, it was reported that Ryan had a net worth of £17.7 million. Ryan has quickly built himself a strong platform that has been loved by millions! His journey is one we have enjoyed watching and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for him.

Kyle Gierdorf

Gaming influencer Kyle is still yet to reach 18 years of age but is now worth more than £2.6 million following his Fortnite World Cup victory. His victory earned him £2.4 million. Known as ‘Bugha’ on YouTube, he has a stunning 2.95 million subscribers at the time of writing.
Everleigh Soutas and her mother

Everleigh Rose Soutas

Already worth around £1.8 million is young fashion fan Everleigh Rose Soutas. Everleigh is noted for her crafts videos, food-themed uploads and unboxing clips. With 2.8 million subscribers, she works closely alongside her parents and has also worked as a model for the Kardashian Kids Collection. If your little one enjoys getting crafty and creative, then Everleigh is a great account to subscribe to! Just create a hamper with everything you need from our incredible range of Craft Supplies and you can have just the same amount of fun, right in your home!

Sophia Grace Brownlee

Sophia Grace Brownlee first won the attention of the public when she performed a Nicki Minaj cover on Ellen back in 2011, aged eight. She now uses her YouTube channel to showcase her vocal talents, where she has more than three million subscribers. She has starred with her cousin Rosie in their own movie and inspired a pair of children’s books. Sophie is said to be worth £1.4 million.
Milla and Emma

Mila and Emma Stauffer

Mila and Emma are a pair of twins who are now believed to be worth around £960,000. They first won the world’s attention after appearing in a video talking about their future ambitions. After the video scored more than four million views, they signed a deal with Amazon. They have 285,000 YouTube followers.

Taytum and Oakley Fisher

Aged just three years old, the Fisher twins are reportedly worth around £880,000. Their channel The Fishfam has 4.1 million subscribers, and they also have three million Instagram followers. The Fishfam is a joint family channel that also features their father, Kyler. Noted for their matching outfits, they recently appeared in a video for their dad’s track Stay at Home.
Children playing together 
Child YouTuber parents often say their uploads have resulted in incredible opportunities and have helped them set their offspring up for life. More work goes into producing the videos than you might expect, and many parents have given up their jobs to become full-time video directors and channel managers. Thank you for reading, how would you feel about your little one jumping into the YouTuber life?

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