Top 10 Highest Paid Kid YouTubers of 2019 (So Far)

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With over 23,000,000 different channels, YouTube never has a shortage of content. With 1,300,000,000 daily users, YouTube offers instant access to one of the largest audiences on the Internet to all video content producers. The best part is, that you can create your own channel for free and start uploading videos today. From vlogs and gaming videos to music videos and make-up tutorials, there's bound to be a creator out there for you, but what about the kids of YouTube?

With young people using YouTube more than anyone else, it makes sense to have creators that are of a similar age. We've done some research and found some of the highest paid young YouTubers on the market. Things change but we'll try our best efforts to keep the info up to date. This list compiles the 10 highest paid young YouTube stars, with vloggers, gamers, toy reviewers and more aged between 8 and 16, there's sure to be someone in this list that any kid can enjoy!


10.) Hayley LeBlanc - est. earnings for 2019 = £102.2K

  • Age - 10
  • Subscribers - 1.4M
  • Views - 85.1M

Hayley LeBlanc is from Texas and is one of the stars of the family blog channel BratayleyHayley is a 10 year old girl who loves her family, friends and bunnies! Her YouTube channel consists of challenge videos and make-up tutorials among other videos!

Hayley LeBlanc

Link to channel:


9.) Annie LeBlanc - est. earnings for 2019 = £209.2K

  • Age - 14
  • Subscribers - 3.6M
  • Views - 428.5M

Annie LeBlanc is Hayley's older sister and has also starred on BratayleyShe's been making videos on YouTube since 2008 and is also a gymnast, actor and singer! She makes challenge videos, vlogs and reaction videos!

Annie LeBlanc

Link to channel:


 8.) EthanGamer - est. earnings for 2019 = £823.2K

  • Age - 13
  • Subscribers - 2.4M
  • Views - 1.6B

EthanGamer is a 13 year old gaming YouTuber from England who joined YouTube in 2013 and has been making videos since! He mainly plays games such as Roblox and Minecraft!


Link to channel:


 7.) EvanTubeHD - est. earnings for 2019 = £850.9K

  • Age - 13
  • Subscribers - 6.4M
  • Views - 3.9B

EvanTubeHD is a 13 year old boy from Pennsylvania who makes toy videos on his YouTube channel. His channel is all about kid fun such as toys, challenges, animals, video games, science experiments, special effects, animation and attractions!


Link to channel:


 6.) ronaldOMG - est. earnings for 2019 = £1M

  • Age - 10
  • Subscribers - 2.6M
  • Views - 922.5M

ronaldOMG is a 10 year old Canadian YouTube gamer who plays games such as Roblox and Minecraft.  All of his videos are age-appropriate, no 'R' rated content or language. Just good, clean fun!


Link to channel:


 5.) GamerGirl - est. earnings for 2019 = £1.6M

  • Age - 12
  • Subscribers - 3.5M
  • Views - 1.2B

GamerGirl is 12 years old and the older sister of ronaldOMG, she posts gaming videos on Minecraft and Roblox to her YouTube channel. She uploads daily videos with a variety of content!


Link to channel:


 4.) Its JoJo Siwa - est. earnings for 2019 = £2.1M

  • Age - 16
  • Subscribers - 9.9M
  • Views - 2.4B

JoJo Siwa is a 16 year old social media sensation who was born in Nebraska. On her YouTube channel, she posts comedy sketches, vlogs, Q&A's, challenges and many more!

Jojo Siwa

Link to channel:


3.) キッズライン♡Kids Line - est. earnings for 2019 = £4M

  • Views - 7.5B

Kids Line is a Japanese toy review channel featuring a boy and a girl who play with a variety of different toys and give their thoughts on it. This channel is mainly aimed at parents to give them advice and reviews on toys that they could buy!

Kids Line

Link to channel:


2.) CKN Toys - est. earnings for 2019 = £7M

  • Subscribers - 13M
  • Views - 11.6B

CKN Toys is a toy review channel that features a young boy called CKN, the channel features toy reviews and superhero role play as well as many others. It's a family and children friendly channel reviewing kids toys and opening giant surprise eggs.

CKN Toys

Link to channel:


 1.) Ryan ToysReview - est. earnings for 2019 = £24.2M

  • Age - 8
  • Subscribers - 20.8M
  • Views - 30.9B

Ryan ToysReview is a toy review channel featuring Ryan from Texas. Ryan loves Toys, his channel features toy reviews for kids by a kid! He also does challenges, science experiments and much more!

Ryan ToysReview

Link to channel:



Young stars are born every day, but reaching the heights of the top ten highest paid YouTubers requires patience, hard work and most of all a stroke of luck. The world's largest video sharing platform offers great opportunities for young people who want to share their skills, thoughts, and ideas with the rest of the world, but it also demands a lot of creativity and dedication.

The total of all these channels' estimated revenues is £41.8M and the total number of views is 60.5B! This just goes to show that if you put your mind to it, the tools are there for anyone and everyone to create content for the world to see! Whether you're 8 or 80, you can entertain the world!

YouTube is a great platform for people to share their lives and talents for the world to see, however, making money on YouTube is no easy feat. These young talents have managed to work their way up the ladder through hard work, perseverance and a little bit of luck.

Who's your favourite young YouTuber from the top 10 richest YouTubers in 2019 list? Let us know in the comments below.

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