Top 10 Hacks for Hosting a Party on a Budget

Kids playing with party balloons
Throwing a birthday party for your child can be a lot of fun, and seeing the look on their face as they celebrate their big day can be heart-warming. However, you might be worried about the cost of hosting a birthday bash for your little one, especially if times are tight. Read on for our top 10 hacks for hosting a party on a budget. 

Choose a venue that’s free or cheap

Since the venue can take up a significant chunk of your budget when hosting a party, it makes sense to choose one that’s either free or cheap. Your local park or the beach are good options, particularly for spring or summer birthdays. You could also consider throwing a bash at home if don’t mind having several children running around your living room!
Party Guest List

Keep the guest list small

Inviting everyone in your child’s class can quickly become expensive, especially if you’re providing food and drink. So, rather than sending out invites to 30 or more kids, it’s a better idea to ask your little one to choose a handful of their best friends to attend. This not only keeps costs down but allows them to spend quality time with those closest to them.

Time it right

Consider what time of day you will host the party. This is because if you host it over meal time, people will expect to be served lunch or dinner, which can be expensive. If you host it in the mid-morning or afternoon, you’ll only need to provide light snacks and sweets, which are much more affordable. If you do end up serving a meal, choose low-cost options like pizza, sandwiches, and finger foods like mini sausages.
Digital Invitation 

Send digital invitations 

Sending party invites is so much easier and cheaper when you go digital. Digital invitations allow you to add all your details to a template and then send them to your guests, often for free. You’ll save money on supplies and stamps, and you can even manage the guest list with built-in RSVP tracking.

Bake your own birthday cake 

Often, one of the biggest expenses of a birthday party is the cake. So, rather than paying a professional cake maker or buying from your local supermarket, why not make it yourself? There are some fantastic recipes and ideas online to help you make the best homemade cake possible. Your child will love knowing that you have put time and effort into making their birthday cake this year.
Craft Supplies

Get crafty

Dressing the venue for the party can be expensive. Costs can quickly mount up, especially if you’re buying decorations from the supermarket. So, we recommend getting crafty and making your own DIY decorations. Use coloured paper, glitter, and balloons to add beauty and colour to the party venue.

Shop for great deals all year round

Since party supplies can be costly, it makes sense to look out for great deals all year round. We always have huge savings on our wide range of party supplies to ensure that every single birthday is special! This means you won’t need to spend a huge amount right before the event. Snapping up sale items six months in advance might seem odd, but you’ll be thankful in the weeks leading up to the party.
Kids Unicorn Theme Party Set Up

Check what you have at home

Before you hit the shops or head online in search of party supplies, it’s a good idea to check what you have at home. Chances are that you have a few decorations, spare invitations, and games that you can make use of. This can help you to save money when planning a party.

Throw a joint party 

When you throw a joint birthday party for children, you’ll half the cost of the event. You’ll pay less for the venue, food, entertainment, and party bags. This also means you may be able to throw a bigger party than you otherwise could have done. The trick to a successful joint party is to make both children feel equally special on their big day.
Party bags

Shop for party bag fillers online 

The cost of party bag fillers can quickly start to add up, particularly if there are several children attending. All those sweets and toys can be expensive if you don’t shop wisely. We recommend shopping online since this is usually where the best deals can be found. At PoundToy, we sell a huge range of fantastic party bag fillers at incredible prices.
Kids celebrating at a party
When it comes to hosting a birthday party for your child, it can be easy to overspend. After all, they mean the world to you and you want them to have the time of their life on their special day. However, you don’t need to spend a small fortune if you use these hacks when planning a party. You can save money whilst still ensuring that your little one has a fantastic time celebrating their birthday.

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