Top 10 girls toys to keep your little one entertained during lockdown

Little girl playing with toys
Keeping your little girl occupied during lockdown can be tough, whether you’re full-time parenting or working from home. Perhaps she’s grown bored of all her old toys or you want her to have some educational fun whilst she’s away from school. These are difficult times for kids, particularly when their parents are stressed and anxious. Therefore, it’s important to make sure they’re entertained and as content as possible. Read on to discover our top Girls Toys to keep your little girl happy during lockdown.

Scratch Magic Art Set 

The Scratch Magic Art Set is the perfect toy for creative little girls aged ten and over. The lady in your life will love becoming an artist and creating her own pretty designs to show off to you. Scratch Art involves scraping away the lines to reveal beautiful pictures beneath them and is an extremely popular craft activity for young kids. This great set includes two rainbow scratch sheets, a stencil, and a scratch tool – everything she needs to create stunning artwork for you to treasure.
Trolls movie characters

Trolls Blind Bag – Series 6

Show us a little girl who doesn’t adore Trolls! You’re sure to bring a smile to her face with this Dreamworks Trolls Blind Bag - Series 6. She’ll be so excited as she opens it to find out which of her favourite characters it contains. Will the surprise Troll figure inside it be Poppy, Branch, Harper, or another much-loved troll? Your little one will love styling and playing with their wacky hair. There are 12 trolls to find in these great blind bags, so why not encourage her to start her own collection? Even better, you don't have to stop at Trolls, we have so many Blind Bag Toys in our huge collection for her to choose from. She will love swapping and sharing with her friends once she gets back to school!

Pebble Painting Kit

Lockdown is the ideal time to encourage your little girl’s creative streak! This Pebble Painting Kit has everything she needs to let her artistic side out, including three pebbles, three paint pots, and a paintbrush. She can create her own designs, making beautiful and colourful pebbles that you can then use to decorate your home or garden. Pebble painting comes highly recommended for young children, with the activity teaching fine motor control, colour recognition and allowing them to experiment with colour mixing. It’s the perfect creative activity and an ideal addition to your home-schooling schedule!
Little girl playing with pink Gelli Play

Gelli Play Sachet

Does your little girl enjoy messy play? If so, this Gelli Play Sachet is for her. Turning into thick goo when it hits the water, it’s perfect for adding fun and excitement to boring bath times. She will love playing with this gooey, squidgy Gelli for hours, keeping her entertained whilst you enjoy some well-earned relaxation. This 20g sachet makes up to four litres of Gelli play, making it a very cost-effective messy play activity. It’s also kind on skin with no harmful chemicals, making it ideal for little ones over three years old.

Grafix Make Your Own Bouncy Balls

If you’re looking for a brilliant rainy-day activity during lockdown, look no further than these Make your Own Bouncy Balls from Grafix. Your little girl can create her own super bouncy balls, providing her with the perfect toys for hours of fun at home. The set contains three bags of multicoloured powders and a ball mould – everything she needs to practice her creative skills and make colourful and super-bouncy balls in just 20 minutes. Playing catch is a great garden activity, but now your little one can play with a ball she’s created with her very own hands.
Little girl playing with science experiment toys

Grafix Weird Science Aqua Sand Underwater Experiment Kit

Do you have an aspiring scientist on your hands? If so, why not treat her to this Weird Science AquaSand Experiment Kit from Grafix? Your little one will be able to build her own sand sculptures as well as mix and her own waterproof hydrophobic sand. This fantastic set is so much fun for kids and adults alike, so why not build and sculpt together and create some fantastic memories during lockdown? If you’re looking for great toys which are both entertaining and educational for kids over eight, look no further.

Kinetic Sand Unicorn Kit 

Little girls can't help but be attracted to unicorns. With their flying imaginations, this magical creature fascinates and intrigues them! This is why we ensure to have a huge variety of Unicorn Toys available to put a smile your little ones face. A popular item from our collection is the Kinetic Sand Unicorn Kit. She can create her own pretty sparkly unicorns using the coloured glittery sand. The pink and purple sand sticks together like magic, allowing her to shape and mould it to create her own beautiful unicorns. Kinetic sand is a great activity for young children, promoting fine motor skills and providing a range of sensory experiences. Parents love kinetic sand as it’s not a messy activity. Since the sand sticks together, it doesn’t scatter about like normal sand does and requires little cleaning up once playtime is over.
Different colour loom bands

600-Piece Loom Band Set 

This 600-Piece Loom Band Set features pretty loom bands in many different colours and styles, with some of the bands striped and glittered. She will love creating beautiful woven bracelets in many cool and exciting designs. Why not encourage her to make them for family members or friends who she hasn’t seen during lockdown? This loom band set is sure to make time fly for your little one. Loom bands come with a wide range of benefits for young children, enhancing many important developmental skills. As well as improving fine motor skills, they can encourage patience, persistence, and boost self-esteem. They can also help your little one to learn how to follow step-by-step instructions successfully.

Grafix Weird Science Bath Bomb Kit

Weird Science is a fantastic range of Educational Toys, encouraging kids to find their inner scientist! Our collection features a massive range of toys encouraging learning and fun. A great kit from our collection is this Bath Lab Bath Bomb Kit will teach your aspiring science boffin to create her own fizzy strawberry-scented bath bombs, making once-boring bath time a whole lot of fun. These safe and kid-friendly experiments will educate, inspire, and entertain your little girl during this time of lockdown, creating exciting memories for you to share.
Close up image of a crystal

World of Science Crystal Growing Kit

Crystals are fascinating to look at and your little girl will love learning how to grow them. This fun-packed science kit from Word of Science lets kids create a mind-blowing chemical reaction, leaving them with a sparkly memento for them to treasure. The experiment will produce amazing crystals in unique and interesting shapes. Whether your child is an aspiring scientist or you just want them to have fun whilst learning new things, this crystal growing kit is the ideal choice!
Lockdown doesn’t have to be boring for your little girl. You may be tempted to turn on the TV so you can complete work tasks or housework, but there’s no need. With hundreds of fantastic and affordable toys and activities available, you can ensure your child is entertained and occupied throughout this difficult time. Many of our toys are educational, as we are keen on helping children to learn new things and develop new skills whilst they’re away from school or nursery. Playing and learning at home can be so much fun with the right toys!
The whole PoundToy team sends all of your families the best wishes and we hope that you are all staying safe during these unprecedented times!

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