Top 10 boys toys to keep your little one entertained during lockdown

Little boy playing with his toys
These times of lockdown are tough for everyone, particularly young children who may not fully understand why their whole world has been turned upside down. They can no longer go to school, see their friends or their grandparents, or even play at the local park. They may feel as if everything has suddenly changed. Young kids can quickly become bored and restless during this difficult period in their lives. So, why not buy your little boy some fun and educational toys to excite and stimulate him? We have gathered our top 10 Boys Toys that we know are guaranteed keep him entertained during lockdown.

Disney Cars Mini Racers Blind Bags

The Disney Cars movies are a guaranteed favourite with young boys, with Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Sally, and the rest of the gang having real hero status! So, why not treat your little man to one of these great Disney Cars Racers Blind Bags? Each bag includes one vehicle with its iconic styling and authentic detail, as well as a cool poster perfect for his bedroom wall. Kids can build their own collection of cars or even choose to swap them with friends when they finally get back to school.
Boy watching a volcano experiment in shock

World of Science Create your Own Volcano Eruption Set

Boys of all ages are fascinated by volcanoes, so why not help him to create his very own eruption? This World of Science Create your Own Volcano Eruption Set will teach your little one how they happen and why, with this cool kit including everything he needs to create a mini explosion. Your aspiring scientist can carry out his own experiment, combining plaster and baking soda to create a thrilling volcanic eruption at home. He will love finding out all about the wonders of volcanoes and watching them happen before his eyes. This kit is perfect way to combine learning and fun, if he loves this one let him choose another from our collection of Science Kits For Kids and ask for feedback on what he's learnt! It's a great way to motivate them to stay on top of their homeschooling and look forward to "class" time.

Fun Snaps Throw Bangers

If your little boy loves making loud bangs, these Fun Snaps Throw Bangers will be right up his street. He can drop them, throw them, and step on them to make a mini explosion that won’t fail to bring a smile to his face (especially if he manages to give you a shock!) These are the perfect toys for a mini prankster who loves to cause chaos and mischief. Kids have been playing with these fantastic noisemakers for years and they’re still popular today. Just remember that they’re for outdoor use and should not be used in the house.
The cast of Avengers, official movie post

Avengers Hot Wheels Set of 7 Vehicles

This Avengers Hot Wheels Set of Seven Vehicles is sure to go down a storm with fans of this popular superhero movie. The set includes seven different Avengers cars made from robust and hardwearing die-cast metal. Your little one will love playing with his favourite characters from the movie, including Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor, and Hawkeye. These cars will form an important part of his toy car collection for many years to come!

Building Blocks

School isn’t the only place your little boy can learn important developmental skills like hand-eye coordination, maths, and engineering skills. He can do so easily at home using the Block Tech 750 Assorted Building Blocks. He will have so much fun creating houses, castles, and even spaceships with these fantastic building blocks in ten different colours. Building Blocks have remained one of the most popular kids toys over the years and there are so many reasons why. They allow them to get creative whilst learning key competencies that are crucial for their development.
Thomas and Friends series poster

Thomas & Friends Minis Blind Bags

Thomas & Friends is one of the best-loved TV series, with so many little boys dreaming of joining Thomas, Percy, James, and Emily on their amazing adventures on the Island of Sodor. If you’re looking for a toy that will bring a smile to his face, look no further than these Thomas & Friends Minis Blind Bags. He can collect all of his favourite engines and could even swap them with friends once the lockdown is over.

Mould and Create your Own Dinosaurs

Many little boys are enthralled by dinosaurs, and experts even believe that a serious interest in these prehistoric creatures could indicate that a child is particularly clever. If your little man loves dinos, we recommend this Mould and Create Your Own Dinosaurs set. He can let his creativity run wild as he makes his own dinosaur friends using plaster, paint, and moulds. This is such a fun activity which is perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.
Ryan's World Logo

Ryan’s World Gelli Play Sachet

Ryan is one of YouTube’s biggest young stars, with millions of children tuning it to watch the ever-popular ‘Ryan’s Toy Review’ show. He’s now taking kids on a messy adventure with this fantastic Gelli Play. Adding water to the crystals inside the sachet results in a gooey explosion, providing hours of fun for little ones. Ryan’s World Gelli Play contains no harmful chemicals and is kind on skin, making it ideal for children over three. Messy play comes with a wide range of benefits for kids, fostering their curiosity and imagination and encouraging communication. It also improves their ability to play independently (letting you focus on work or household tasks).

Hot Wheels Rally Cars Blind Bag

Does your little guy love cars? If so, a Hot Wheels Rally Cars Blind Bag is the ideal gift. There are seven cool rally cars to collect, including the Rip Rod, Jump Truck, Drift Car, Quick N’Sik, Buggy, Roger Dodger, and Loup Coupe. He will love trying to collect all these fantastic cars and complete the collection before his friends. Each of these cars has a pull-back function, making them perfect for racing. Hot Wheels cars have been a firm favourite with little boys since 1968, with millions of them sold every week. In fact, they’re now the best-selling toy globally, having sold their 4 billionth car this year.
Little girls playing during bath time

Crackle Baff Colours Set

Is bath time a chore? Perhaps getting your little one into the bath is proving to be a battle you can’t win? If so, don’t despair, as this Crackle Baff Colours Set could be the fun-packed solution you’re been looking for! Not only do they turn the water a different colour, but they crackle and pop too, creating a super-fun bath time experience for little boys over three. Your little one will be desperate to get in the bath that the only problem you’ll have will be getting him out! Don’t worry about these Crackle Baff Colours making too much mess - they can be drained away and disposed of easily. Who would've thought that Bath Slime would be the key to having a smooth nighttime routine! With our wide selection of quality slime to choose from, you'll never have to worry about running out.
Little boy playing with his yellow toy car
Lockdown can be boring for adults and children alike, but there are so many ways to add fun and excitement to these days spent at home together. PoundToy has a huge selection of fantastic toys to keep kids of all ages entertained and stimulated, and many of them are ideal for parents to join in too. Why not help your little boy create his very own volcanic eruption or join him in creating a super high skyscraper with building blocks? So many wonderful memories are waiting to be created. With the right toys, time will fly during lockdown!
The whole PoundToy team sends all of your families the best wishes and we hope that you are all staying safe during these unprecedented times!

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