Thomas The Tank Engine... Moving with the Times

Mattel the US toy giant of the much-loved Thomas The Tank Engine super-brand is to get a huge dramatic brand make-over. Thomas the Tanks new group of engine friends will be changed to more accurately represent the world we live in and our little ones grow up in today.
There will be 2 new female engines replacing 2 of the existing male crew, one of these Nia is an engine all the way from Kenya!

Nia The Tank Engine









Other changes include changing the voice of the Narator which has traditionally being a Liverpudlian man, and a brand-new theme tune to accompany the new look show!

Perhaps the biggest change of all is that Thomas and his Friends old and new will be leaving their home land The Island of Sodor to venture abroad tacking important issues on Equality, Sustainability and other UN educational matters.

So for the love of Thomas old and new we are showcasing the Top 10 products in the range...
















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