The UK’s Most Loved Parks

UK's most loved parks

Where are the most loved parks in the UK for a day out?

Many people love a day out at the park, the mixture of fresh outdoor air, pleasant views and fun activities all combine to make parks a lot of fun. Moreover, parks are a great place to take your children to play outdoors in nature with their favourite toys!
To determine where the best and most popular parks are in the country we looked at reviews from people who have used them to create a ranking list of the nations top fifty favourite parks. 

Five most popular parks

Top 5 most popular parks in London

1: Richmond Park, London - 7.73/10
The highest-rated park in the country is Richmond Park in West London, the royal deer park achieved a score of just over 7.7/10. This gigantic park has many activities and facilities to keep families entertained for days let alone hours, from a golf course, to flower gardens, to play areas, this park has something for everyone. Out of over 2,000 reviews by visitors, 74.6% gave the park the top rating of ‘excellent’, meanwhile, only a minuscule 0.21% gave it the lowest rating.
2: Regent’s Park, London - 7.53/10 
Scoring just 0.2 fewer than Richmond overall is the central London attraction of Regent’s Park, a large park situated close to famous London establishments Lord’s Cricket Ground and Madame Tussauds. Regent's Park is rife with activities as it is home to playing fields, a boating lake, Japanese gardens, and most impressively the London Zoo. A slightly smaller percentage of people reviewed Regents Park as ‘terrible’ compared to Richmond Park. However, there were 71.4% ‘excellent’ reviews, which is lower than Richmond.
3: Hampstead Heath, London - 7.47/10
It is less than an hour's walk from Regents Park to Hampstead Heath, and just like geographically they are located right next to each other in these rankings. Hampstead Heath is an ancient throwback to what the landscape of the area could have been like before the sprawling metropolis was built around it. Natural open-air bathing pools and a hilly landscape characterised this park. Hampstead Heath had an incredibly low percentage of ‘terrible’ reviews (0.12%) showing that hardly anybody had an awful time visiting.
4: Hyde Park, London - 7.4/10
Surrounding Hyde Park are areas including Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and Kensington, this makes it one of the most expensive and desirable areas in the world. The park itself is richly equipped to entertain multiple visitors, from the gigantic Princess Diana memorial playpark to the Kensington Palace Gardens there is much to do. Hyde Park had the biggest number of visitors reviewing their experience, as over 22,000 people have rated it on Tripadvisor, of this total around 94% had a positive experience.
5: St James’ Park, London - 7.14/10 
Just like Hyde Park, St James’ Park has a palace situated at one end, stretching from Buckingham Palace down to the Horse Guards Parade at the other end and is located in one of the busiest parts of the city. The park is filled with peaceful grassy areas perfect for a city centre picnic, moreover, there are flower gardens and multiple playgrounds to keep the whole family occupied. The park had the second-highest number of reviews, and the fewest percentage of them having a ‘terrible’ time, as only 0.07% gave it the lowest possible rating.
The UK's most loved parks

Three most popular parks outside of London

3 most popular parks outside of London

1: Christ Church Meadow, Oxford - 6.62/10 
This park is owned by Christ Church College, an inaugural member college of Oxford University in 1546. Fourteen British prime ministers studied at the college, and they would’ve got to enjoy the best park in the country outside of the capital. This picturesque park had the lowest percentage of reviewers giving a terrible rating of any park in the country, only 0.07% of reviewers were extremely dissatisfied after their visit. 
2: Seven Sisters Country Park, Seaford - 6.5/10
The Seven Sisters white cliffs straddling the coastline of the South of England are one of the most iconic natural sites in the country, consequently, many people want to visit them. The Seven Sisters Country Park helps enable this by offering amenities such as toilets, car parks and cafes to help keep families catered for whilst visiting this beautiful natural wonder.
3: Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa - 6.41/10 
The Worcester spa town of Leamington Spa is home to the Jephson Gardens is the third most popular family-friendly park outside of London. The area includes the formal flowered gardens, a large open grassy park as well as plenty of amenities to keep people of all ages entertained for hours. Visitors to Jephson Gardens gave the lowest percentage of ‘poor’ reviews, with only 0.07% of reviews giving that score.
Top 26 parks outside of London


  • Reviews for the parks were found from visitors' reviews on Tripadvisor. 
  • We chose the parks from the 50 biggest according to the OS, as well as the most popular and reviewed on Tripadvisor. 
  • We removed any with under 500 reviews so that we had the top 50 definitive best parks of which to rank.  
  • Factors include the percentage of Tripadvisor reviewers who gave the park each score, as well as the number of annual Google searches for the park, and the total number of reviews (as this indicates how popular the park is).
  • We gave each park a normalised score out of ten for each review factor and took an average of each score to create our overall score out of ten for each park. 

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