The Power of Playing, Learning & Being Creative

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We should never underestimate the value of play and what benefits it reaps for our children. It doesn’t just put big smiles on their faces, creative play, learning and growing goes hand in hand with a child's development from their very first toddler steps to the moment they walk into big school.

Playing shouldn’t just occur after the school bell rings or on weekends. It is a vital part of the school day as it encourages problem solving, experimentation and helps build creative thinking. Whether your child is young or old, time spent in the sandpit, on their bikes, doing art or in a P.E lesson is as important as those spent in the classroom.

Creativity is also very important part in our children’s growth, not just because it allows children to express themselves and their thoughts, they can express emotions onto a piece of art, project or creation. Being creative at a young age can help build and develop motor skills, which in turn help children grow into strong young adults.

Playing and being creative on a daily basis can also play a very important factor in learning and growing. Whether it’s counting, letters or languages, toys can provide a fun and interactive way for children to learn and grow. 

At PoundToy, we don’t just want to sell toys. Our aim is to provide creativity through learning and playing, to help children grow every day. Explore some of our collections below...

Creative Toys

Our extensive range of Creative Toys empowers the way children think and how they behave. We want to ensure that all are toys offer something more than just fun, and children can get something extra from them. In our creative toys collection you can find, arts and crafts sets, stationery supplies, colouring books, science kits and make your own sets.

Featured Products:

Play Doh 8 Colours Rainbow Starter Pack 

Play Doh Rainbow Starter Set

Crayola 500 Sticker Set

Crayola 500 Sticker Set

Play & Activity

Play & Activity toys are vital for childhood growth and development. At PoundToy, we provide a huge variety of playsets and activity toys, providing children with hours of enjoyment. From bubble play sets and train sets to action figures and games, there’s something for everyone. Through our Play & Activity toys we aim to encourage problem-solving and communication skills, whilst providing glittering smiles across children's faces.

Featured Products:

Block Tech Dino Park Pen Breach

Block Tech Dino Park Pen Breach

Grafix My First 3D Fairy Puzzle

Grafix My First Fairy PuzzleScience Kits For Kids 

Our Science Kits For Kids don’t just make learning fun and exciting, they help keep budding scientists minds engaged and thinking for hours. If you want to explore how volcanoes erupt or how to grow your own crystal, here’s the place. Science experiments encourage discovery learning, exploration and scientific thinking in an interesting way.

Featured Products:

World Of Science Create Your Own Volcano Eruption Set

World Of Science Volcano Eruption Kit

Weird Science Make Your Own Rocket Launcher Experiment kit

Weird Science Rocket Launcher Experiment Kit

Thank you for reading our latest blog post, we hoped you enjoyed it. What do you think about playing, being creative and learning through toys? 

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