The big PoundToy January Clearance

wooden play toysHave you recovered from Christmas yet? It might have taken you time to stuff all that wrapping paper into the bin and work out which way the batteries fit on the kids’ latest favourite toy, but life’s returning to normal, right? Well, not here at PoundToy HQ.
To make January a little easier, we’ve discounted a huge range of products that your kids will love in our toy clearance. Whether they’ve got a birthday coming up or whether you just want to get a few reward presents in the bag for the next few months, we’ve got you covered. January doesn’t have to boring and you can still entertain the kids on a budget.
Check these out for inspiration.

Favourite Characters Alert

If there’s one thing we know about kids, it’s that they love toys that are associated with their favourite characters. It’s true that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might get a little boy brushing his teeth when simply encouraging him might not work. Plus, seeing their favourite characters on creative toys and crafty items is a sure-fire way to spark their imaginations.
So, grab some great deals featuring their favourite characters at brilliantly low sale prices. Or why not try and get them interested in some new characters and shows? January’s a great time to try something new and ease the boredom of these long winter nights.

Get Crafty

Something else that can make these winter evenings a bit more enjoyable are crafting activities. Yes, the prospect of having your dining table covered in felt pen isn’t an enticing one, but it doesn’t have to be that disastrous. There are plenty of craft supplies that don’t make a permanent mess and you’ll be helping your child’s skills develop at the same time as keeping them busy.
Linking up with the characters mentioned above, why not grab some stationery or craft materials that match their interests? It’s a great way of getting them drawing or writing – plus it doesn’t have to break the bank with our low, low prices.

Slime Time

Have you had enough of slime yet? If you have, it’s unlikely that the kids are over the slime toys craze. It’s slimy and strange, but it’s going nowhere. Kids love slime and, if it keeps them busy, who are we to argue? Fortunately, you’ll find that we’ve got plenty of slimy choices for your kids to enjoy in our sale. At these prices, it’d be a slimy shame to miss out.
slime being played with in the bath

Bath Time and More

Along with all the brilliant toys we’ve got on sale, we’ve also made it easy for you to grab bath goodies and little pampering packages. Bath time never goes out of style for little ones, so why not make it even more enjoyable by throwing their favourite characters into the mix? We’ve got some great bath toys and smellies to make them positively love getting into the tub. How you get them out is another matter!
It’s not all about bath time either. You can find little pampering packages with lip gloss and body lotions, plus temporary tattoos for both girls and boys. We’ve even got hydration covered with some awesome character water bottles.
wooden toys

Collectables Galore

At PoundToy, we adore blind bags and collectables that help kids start a collection of something they love at a low price. In fact, we like blind bags so much that you’ll find heaps of them in our sale.
Mini collectables and cards work as great rewards. If you’re operating a star chart, for instance, they’re a cheap way of rewarding the kids with something they’ll enjoy collecting. Plus, they’re more likely to strive for another star if they’re adding something to a collection they’re building! Get your family through the slow winter months by starting a new collection with their favourite characters at budget prices.

Pocket Money Presents

Pocket money doesn’t stretch as far as it used to, so help the kids make the most of it by introducing them to the PoundToy website. We’ve got a heap of pocket money friendly toys just waiting for them to discover. They’ll learn the value of stretching their money as far as it’ll go, plus they’ll get to choose the toys or craft materials they want. That’s a win-win, right?

party supplies Any Birthdays Coming Up?

Kids who have birthdays in January or February sometimes draw the short straw and get presents they don’t really want just because stores had them leftover from Christmas. With our sale, you don’t have to worry about that. All the items in the PoundToy sale are from our popular ranges including Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. There’s no second-best, just the characters and toys kids love and want to find wrapped up for their birthdays.
Not forgetting, we have stuffed our January clearance full of all the best cheap party supplies. Perfect for adding the finishing touches to any little one’s special day, stock up on all the latest cups, plates, serviettes, party banners, table clothes and so much more.
christmas presents

Stock up for Christmas 2019

You might hate us for saying this, but it’s never too early to start thinking about next Christmas. We’re not suggesting stocking up on chocolates that’ll go out of date (if they survived more than a few days in the house anyway) but what about buying decorations ready for next year?
Over December, we heard a few comments about people feeling unprepared for Christmas 2018. They felt like it’d crept up on them and they hadn’t been able to get all the goodies they wanted. Or, if they had, they’d really had to pay top prices for them. The PoundToy team definitely don’t believe in that!
What toys are you most excited about getting for your kids this year? Let us know down below... 

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