The best outdoor toys for kids

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to get your kids outside! Technology means that there’s a lot to keep them occupied indoors, but it’s important for them to enjoy the fresh air whilst the weather’s pleasant. After all, in just a few months’ time, those dark clouds will return once again. Summer brings warmer temperatures and longer days, making it the ideal opportunity for your kids to play outside. Here are the best outdoor toys for your little people.

Water guns

With hot, hot summers becoming the norm in the UK, it’s a good idea to think about toys that will help your kids keep cool during long active days. Water guns are the ideal solution, and with various types and sizes available, you’re sure to find ones that your children will love. Kids can quickly work up a sweat running about in high temperatures, but waters guns will go some way to beating the heat whilst having fun. Whether you’re looking for small, compact water pistols or heavy-duty blasters for some serious soaking, you’ll find plenty of options on the market. To add extra excitement to your kid’s water fight, why not throw in some water balloons too? Let the water warfare begin!

Inflatables in the pool

Paddling pools

With a typical British summer bringing temperatures of up to 35C, it makes sense to invest in a paddling pool for kids. There’s a huge of range of pools available on the market, from cute inflatables with themes such as tropical islands and racing cars, to larger models that parents can use too! There are pools to suit all ages, size requirements and budgets. If you need some inspiration, we have a great range of Intex Pools & Toys to choose from. Additionally when buying a paddling or swimming pool, make sure that it will actually fit in your garden. The last thing you want is to get your kids all excited and then find out that it’s too big. You will also need to consider how much water it holds. Do you want your kids to have a decent splash about, or will they only be paddling? There’s lots to consider when buying a pool for the garden; however, it’s a worthy investment if you want to keep your kids cool and having fun over summer.


Sandpits have been very popular outdoor toys for kids for many years. Offering hours of sandcastle building and digging fun, it’s rare to see a child who doesn’t head straight for a sandpit when they see one! It’s the next best thing to the beach, and what kid doesn’t love the beach? If you want your child to get messy and imaginative this summer, a sandpit is the ideal choice. What’s great is that even the smallest gardens can boast sandpits, with options available for even the most compact spaces. Some of them can even be used for indoor play over the winter months.
Little girl on a swing

Swing sets

Few kids can resist swings, making them the ideal outdoor toy to tempt your technology-mad child outside of the house. It’s the first thing that many children head for at the park, so why not bring the fun into your garden? There are hundreds of options available on the market this summer, with swing sets for all needs and budgets. Whether you’re seeking a basic single swing, or a swing set complete with slide and climbing frame, you’re sure to find something to suit. Swinging is a lot of fun for kids, but did you know that it also offers a wide range of other benefits? As well as improving gross motor, locomotion, coordination and balance skills, it can also help children to sleep more soundly at night!


Trampolines are probably one of the most sought-after toys for active kids, with bags of bouncy fun on offer during the summer months. They can provide hours of enjoyment for kids of all ages (and adults too!) whilst helping them burn off excess energy. You’ll need to do your homework before investing in a trampoline though. You should think carefully about size before you purchase one, making sure that there will be enough space for a large area of grass around the sides. This will ensure a softer landing for your child if they were to fall off. Safety should be your number priority when buying a trampoline. Consider what features there are to prevent accidents. Does it have a safety net? How robust is it? Thinking carefully before making your purchase will lower the risk of injuries. Most kids will be happy to bounce around all day in the summer sunshine, although they should be supervised by an adult at all times.
Little boys playing together outside
Many people worry about cost when buying outdoor toys for kids, which is only natural. However, not all come with sky-high price tags, with plenty of affordable options for lower budgets. You can also get smaller fun toys in bulk and make them a summer toy hamper. With the help of our outdoor toys collection, you'll be able to get them a variety of toys that they can spend hours having fun with. Plus, when you consider that your children will probably use these toys for several summers, they work out as a good investment. Let the summer fun commence!
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