The best indoor games & activities for the family this Autumn

Mum and children playing in the Autumn outdoors
The trees turning terracotta and frosty mornings are sure signs that Autumn is here. This means that you’ll be spending much more time indoors than you have in recent months. You’ll need to find things do with your kids to keep them entertained – preferably not involving their games console or other digital distractions! However, fear not because your favourite toy Pound Shop has come up with a range of fun and affordable indoor games and activities for the whole family this Autumn.

Get crafty this Autumn

With Autumn providing so much colour and beauty in nature, it’s by far the best time of the year to get crafty and create a masterpiece from just a few objects found outdoors. There are so many fun autumn craft ideas to choose from. Why not head out into the garden or the park and collect some leaves? You could stick them to paper to make animals such as birds, hedgehogs, foxes or butterflies. Alternatively, you could make your own fingerprint autumn tree. Using some strong craft glue, stick some small twigs onto some heavy cardboard or canvas. When the glue’s dry, get some orange and red paint and invite your child to make the leaves using their fingerprints.
Another great craft idea for kids is to create an Autumn bird feeder. Children can create this with materials that you probably already have at home, which means it’s really budget-friendly too. Treat your feathered friends to a feast of nuts and seeds this Autumn!
Little child making creations with Play Dough

Make Autumn-scented play dough

All kids love play dough, with this squishy and colourful substance providing endless fun. Whether they’re rolling, moulding or sculpting it, your little ones are sure to stay occupied for hours. You can buy playdough in the shops, but it’s arguably much more fun to make your own. You can colour and scent it however you like, with plenty of options available. Why not get your child to help you make Autumn-scented play dough? Incorporate warming spices like cinnamon to the mixture to make a play dough that smells amazing. Playdough comes with a wide range of benefits for your children, from encouraging creativity and imagination to enhancing fine motor skills and developing hand-eye coordination.

Enjoy Autumn baking fun

Baking with kids can certainly be messy, but it’s also a whole lot of fun! As well as spending quality time with you and enjoying getting creative, they will also develop essential skills, including following instructions and measuring. Baking can strengthen their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills, as well as early concepts of maths and science. Why not head outside to collect some seasonal fruit and incorporate this into a child-friendly recipe? An apple and blackberry loaf cake is a good idea, or how about a good old rhubarb crumble? As the nights get longer and the temperature falls, there are few things nicer than a comforting dessert to warm you up.
A drawn scavenger hunt

Create a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to have fun with your kids during the Autumn months. It’s ideal for cold and rainy days when your children are indoors but you still want them to be active. Make a list of fun and unusual items for your little ones to find and then have them hunt around the house for them. Ideas include a straw, an old newspaper, a shoe or a coin dated in a particular year. If you want your scavenger hunt to have an autumn theme, why not collect items such as leaves, pinecones, conkers or acorns? There are so many great ideas for fun scavenger hunts in Autumn. It’s a great way to keep them occupied and away from their computers and video games!

Get slimy with the kids!

From Pie Pace to fidget spinners, there seems to be a new toy trend every year that kids just have to have. Most have come and gone; however, slime is one of the few that has stuck around. Children love slime and the fantastic sensory experience that it provides. Squishy and stretchy, they can’t help but touch it! why not let them play with some during those cold Autumn days stuck indoors? Slime can be purchased easily online, or you could make some yourself, we have a wide variety of slime in our Toy Sale to get you started! Additionally, there are many quick and easy slime recipes that require a few simple ingredients and 10 minutes of your time.
Little boy and girl playing outside in the leaves
Just because the summer has gone and you and the kids are now stuck in the house with the central heating on high, it doesn’t mean that boredom needs to rear its head. There are so many indoor games and activities that the whole family will enjoy. From crafts and creative play to baking and slime making, there’s sure to be something to keep everyone entertained!
Thank you for reading and let us know what some of your favourite family indoor activities are!

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