The benefits of Educational Toys & why your kids should play with them

Child choosing which colour pen to use
Educational toys are a great way for your child to learn new skills whilst having lots of fun. They can enhance problem solving, social skills and physical development as well as boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Research shows that learning through play is an important part of a child’s development, and with a huge range of educational toys available, there’s a wealth of choice at your disposal. We are here to tell you the biggest benefits of educational toys.

Develop fine motor skills 

Fine motor skills refer to a child’s ability to use the small muscles in their hands, fingers and the thumb. This allows them to pick up small objects, use pencils and crayons, and turn the pages in a book – essential skills that they’ll use throughout their life. The good news is, there are various educational toys designed to help children develop these skills. These include lacing toys, threading toys and hand-eye coordination activities and games. There’s a fantastic range of educational fine motor skills toys available to support this important stage of child development.
Girl playing with a problem solving toy

Inspire problem solving

Adults encounter problems every day at work or home, but it’s usually easy for us to resolve them and move on. However, for children, problem solving is an important skill that they need to develop gradually over time. This will allow them to solve problems for themselves, making them happier and more independent. Fortunately, it’s possible to encourage the development of problem solving skills from an early age using educational toys. Good problem solving toys including building blocks, magnetic construction kits and puzzles. These encourage them to think outside of the box which is a key life skill that they will continue to use throughout their lives.

Encourage social interaction 

In this modern age where children are constantly surrounded by screens, it’s becoming increasingly important for them to socialise with other children. This is the best way for them to develop social skills. Play encourages children to interact, make friends and learn how to develop positive relationships in the long run. There is a variety of educational toys available to help children build their skills in social interaction. With the right toys, children can learn teamwork, compromise and patience whilst developing self-confidence and esteem. Great ideas include role play toys such as dress-up costumes, art and crafts activities and board games. Through this they'll become more creative as they will learn to share ideas with each other, their communication skills will also thrive as they will be able to talk to a variety of different people.
A little child colouring in with a pen

Improve hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is one of the most important developmental skills. It helps children to learn how to use their eyes to track the movement of their hands, which is essential for activities like reading. It can also significantly impact their handwriting and writing skills, as they use their eyes to guide and control the movement of their hands across the page as they write. One of the best educational toys for improving hand-eye coordination is stacking toys. Building blocks are not only brilliant for developing hand-eye coordination skills, but also for improving spatial awareness and stimulating a child’s imagination. Shape sorting toys, puzzles and balls are also ideal toys for improving this important skill.

Develop communication skills

The better a child is able to communicate, the better his or her quality of life will be. That’s why it’s so important for children to develop this skill as early as possible. Communication starts the moment a child is born when they let their mothers know they’ve arrived safely with that first distinctive cry. As a child grows, it becomes important for a child to learn how to express themselves clearly and confidently using communication skills. Whilst children largely learn to communicate by listening to their parents and copying their words, educational toys can also play an important role. Counting toys, sequencing toys, rhyming books and puppets are excellent examples of toys that promote communication skills.
Little child doing arts & crafts

Encourage creative play

Painting, drawing, cutting, pasting, modelling and make-believe are all examples of creative play. You might think that such activities sound terribly messy, but they can help children to develop in so many different ways. Not only does it promote creative thinking – an important skill which has become highly sought after amongst employers, but it also helps them develop problem solving skills and the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. There are many educational toys available to help children develop a love of the creative process, including colouring books, playdough, craft activities, Etch a Sketch, Duplo and wooden blocks. If your little one has taken an interest in more complex activities then science kits would be perfect for them. Our wide range allows them to pick and choose which experiments they would like to complete. Little Einsteins in the making!
Little girl laughing playing with letter block toys
It is through play that children develop fine motor skills, learn how to solve the problems in front of them, how to use their imagination, and how to interact and communicate with others. The toys that you buy for your children now will make a huge difference to them in later life, so why not invest in educational toys? They’re a great source of fun, but they can also educate children and enhance their skills whilst they play. With so many toys available to encourage learning and development, you shouldn’t struggle to find appropriate toys that your child won’t want to put down.
Did you know just how important educational toys are and which ones do you plan on adding to your little ones playroom?

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    This blog is very valuable because it explains clearly why it is so important for each child regardless of age or ability needs to have toys geared to their abilities and capabilities. Playing with articles chosen to aid in their development is important to their proper and timely development.

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