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With Christmas just around the corner, it won’t be long until parents come to blows on the high-street as they fight to get their hands on the latest must-have toys for their kids. Whilst it remains to be seen what the top-selling toys will be in 2019, a Fortnite Battle Bus and a Walking Buzz Lightyear are predicted to be popular. There have been plenty of crazes over the years, ranging from Hot Wheels cars to everyone’s favourite robotic toy - the Furby! Here are 10 of the biggest selling Christmas toys ever. How many do you remember?!

Hot Wheels – 1968

Mattel’s Hot Wheels may be a favourite with car-loving kids today, but it was even more popular back in 1968. The Hot Wheels Racetrack was the must-have toy that Christmas, with children everywhere putting it at the top of their lists. It came with a track with a brightly coloured route and several tiny cars. Those cars are worth a small fortune today and luckily for you we have a wide range of awesome Hot Wheels Cars!

Uno – 1972

In today’s modern world, many kids would be shocked that a card game could take top spot in the toy world. However, that’s exactly what happened in 1972! The aim of Uno is to play all your cards whilst remembering to shout Uno at the end. Inexpensive to buy and easy to learn, Uno appeals to a people of all ages. Turn a game of Uno into a tournament and see who is the best at all the Board Games, puzzles and more! 

Sylvanian families – 1987

Who can forget Sylvanian Families? Constructed from fake fur and plastic, these cute toys were a massive hit in 1987. These adorable creatures, which included woodland animals like rabbits, bears, and hedgehogs allowed kids to tell their own stories and unleash their imaginations. Sylvanian families continue to sell well today, with a wide range of new characters and accessories for kids to discover.

Tamagotchi – 1997

Tamagotchi was released in 1997 and quickly became one of the biggest toy fads of the decade. This handheld digital pet was housed in a small egg-shaped computer with three buttons. Kids could perform activities like feeding the Tamagotchi, playing games and even cleaning up after it (remember picking up the poops?!). More than 100 million Tamagotchis have been sold worldwide since 1997.

Gameboy – 1991

Gameboy by Nintendo rode high on a wave of Christmas sales back in 1991, with the device transforming the way kids (and adults!) played video games. Gamers loved being able to play their favourite games whenever and wherever they wanted. To date, more than 200 million Gameboys have been sold around the world.

Furby – 1998

Released in 1998 in time for Christmas, Furby is a robotic toy resembling a hamster-owl creature. It starts out speaking "Furbish” but is programmed to use English words over time. This is intended to resemble the process of learning the English language. Furbies took the world by storm, becoming a must-have toy for two years. 40 million of these talking creatures were sold in the first three years of production.

Iggle Piggle – 2007

Parents of toddlers thanked their lucky stars when ‘In the Night Garden’ first aired on BBC in March 2007. Designed to entertain and relax one to six-year-olds, it became a hit in households across the country. Iggle Piggle became one of the show’s favourite characters and it wasn’t long before a toy was introduced. It flew off the shelves that Christmas, becoming the most popular toy of the year. 
of Pixar's Toy Story series, the toys are sad to see Andy getting ready to leave for college. Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toys are heading for the attic but end up outside with the rubbish! In the UK, the DVD broke records, selling more than any other animated feature on its first day of release.
The Bratz dolls

Bratz Dolls – 2002

Barbie may have featured in every girls' childhood back in the early ‘90s, but it was Bratz Dolls that sat pretty at the top of the must-have toys list in 2002. With their kick-ass look and all that sass, kids couldn’t wait to have one of these cute10-inch dolls. Yasmin, Jade, Cloe, and Sasha were in such high demand that it wasn’t long before the range expanded to include siblings and boys. A video and a movie soon followed. If your little girls haven't taken a liking to the iconic dolls we grew up on then luckily you can treat them to a wide range of other toys because we have expanded our Girls Toys collection!

Hatchimals – 2016

Imagine if Furby and Tamagotchi had babies and you’ve basically got Hatchimals. These robotic creatures come inside plastic eggs and can be taught to talk and walk. Released in 2016, Hatchimals faced huge demand and they ended up becoming the top Christmas seller. A major toy phenomenon, there was limited stock, leading to waiting lists and even raffles.
Little girls celebrating Christmas
Whether you’re an ‘80s kids or were born after the turn of the century, there are surely toys that you remember becoming ridiculously excited to receive over the years.
Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane and rediscovering some of these nostalgic gems that you might have forgotten! Let us know some of your favourite down below!

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