Sensory Toys

Sensory Toys

What are sensory toys?

Sensory toys are toys which provide a particular sensory input, this may be to capture a child's attention both cognitively and physically through stimulating senses. This may be through touch, smell, sound sight and taste.

The role and benefits of sensory toys

Sensory toys are ideal for children with certain special needs but can be of benefit to all kids. Toys in general play a valuable role in the development of young children, enabling them to learn new skills, learn about colours and shapes and improve hand-eye coordination. There are all sorts of sensory toys available on the market designed to address specific needs that can also benefit all young children.

Stimulate multiple senses

The role of sensory toys is to win children’s cognitive and physical attention. They can stimulate one or more of the five senses, which include taste, sight, sound, smell and touch. Sensory toys often feature contrasting colours and can stimulate multiple senses. Some manufacturers have put certain toys on the market before repackaging them as “sensory toys”. However, genuine sensory toys are generally the results of vast research and input from leading clinical experts, therapists and teachers.
sensory toys

Contrasting colours

To stimulate sight, a sensory toy might include certain colours and contrasts to generate visual interest. It might also include various textures to encourage exploration and emit certain aromas to arouse interest as well as sounds that encourage aural engagement. Some toys even feature flavoursome materials to stimulate the sense of taste. Though genuine sensory toys may cost more than conventional toys, they can be worth their weight in gold in helping children develop their skills and understanding of the world around them.

Intense sensations

Sensory toys can play a big role in providing creative, emotional, linguistic and social stimulation. These toys can be particularly advantageous for young children who don’t respond to sensations as much as others. They may require intense forms of sensations including speed, touch, texture and speed. In these cases, sensory toys can help them focus their attention.

Sensory toys and touch

If your child needs to gain a greater understanding of the sense of touch, sensory toys can be highly beneficial, enabling them to experience touch in a myriad of ways. Children lacking in concentration skills and those with learning difficulties can also benefit from sensory toys, which can help them learn and engage in the wider world. Playing with bubbles are a fantastic start to children learning and growing with sensory toys, it can improve understanding of touch and feel whilst being a fun activity.
kids playing with blocks

Reducing anxiety and boosting confidence

Sensory toys can also reduce anxiety. The more a child plays with sensory toys, the more relaxed they can become. With sensory toys, natural development can occur in a fun manner, whilst negative habits like nail biting are reduced and confidence grows. The toys can also help children on the autism spectrum to improve their fine motor skills whilst immersing them in the world of play. New textures, sounds and tastes can help children become more adept at communicating about the world around them and therefore improve their language skills.

Comfort and development

It’s vitally important to ensure your child stays safe when using sensory toys and moving from one toy to another, which is why it’s so wise to add soft barriers to your play area and divide the space up by themes. Sensory toys can play a considerable role in aiding your child’s development and shaping their future.
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What sensory toys do you buy for your children? We would love to hear in the comments box below..

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