Our Guide To Secret Santa

Secret Santa

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a popular Christmas holiday tradition/game. It is mostly played in offices, schools, and between family members. It presents an easy and exciting way for a group of people to exchange Christmas gifts. The basic concept here is quite simple where the name of participants are written in small pieces of papers and placed in a box, hat or any other tool. They are mixed up and everyone gets to pick a name.
You will be responsible for shopping for a gift of the name you pick. At this point, you cannot reveal the person that you will be giving a gift. You just write their name and the deal is closed. Eventually, on an agreed date, all the gifts are placed in a general area and people have to guess who their secret Santa was. If it is not possible to guess, then secret Santa has to confess.

Be Creative

There is no rule when it comes to the amount of money you should spend as a secret Santa. But you should definitely not look to break the bank. You never know what someone else is going to get you! Anything under £30 is considered reasonable, but a prize at the beginning is normally agreed, this can start from just £1.
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Great secret Santa gifts are supposed to be thoughtful, creative, and most importantly something that the receiver can use and appreciate. If possible get a little information about the person that you will be giving the gift, so that you do not gift them something that will end up in the trash. You are also not supposed to give out inappropriate gifts that will have everyone staring at you in a funny way.
Make an effort and do not show up with a used gift from last year’s secret Santa party. That never goes down well! At the end of the day, you want the person to unwrap their gift and have a huge smile saying that their secret Santa nailed it.
Finding the right secret Santa gift ideas can be so difficult, as different people are interested in different things. Fun and novelty gifts are great for secret Santa with family members and friends, but there are so many ideas you can explore. From games and puzzles to inflatables and toys
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Secret Santa at Work

When playing secret Santa at work, remember to get involved even when your mood is leaning more towards Grinchhood. Bowing out will only show that you are not a team player. Most companies will set a price limit for the gifts that employees should get. Even when you feel that it is too low, stick to the limits and avoid going above and beyond. Show-offs are highly frowned upon. Do not get personal when choosing the presents because you do not want to be raising eyebrows, as you never know who.
Remember to thank the person who gave you a gift when you finally discover who it was. The main aim should be to enjoy light-hearted moments with your boss and other colleagues.
What happens if you get someone you don't like? Well, this can certainly be awkward. The thing not to do is by them something they hate or humiliate them, make sure you by for the natural and forget why you don't like them! Just remember, they may have drawn you as well, you certainly wouldn't want a horrible gift. 
What's the worse secret Santa gift you have received? Let us know in the comments box below... 



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