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This time of the year can be draining and exhausting for most of us. The leisurely Christmas break comes to a sudden halt and we are thrown back to the harsh reality of life. We must find the strength to endure Monday mornings once again, somehow replenish our bank accounts from a plethora of transactions and get back to our day to day routines. Are you feeling the January blues yet? You are not alone. Here are a few tips to help transform the January blues into a beautiful rainbow.

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Family Game Night – Winner Gets Ice Cream for Supper.

Getting everyone to sit together in one room at the same time can be a gruelling. After school clubs, meetings running late, being stuck in rush hour traffic are only a few factors that contribute to everyone getting home at different points of the evening. However, nothing makes the cold nights pass by quicker than quality family time, spent laughing and making memories that leave you with a faint smile when you reminisce.
Take it back to the basics with some beloved cheap board games. Ranging from classics like Monopoly and the stress inducing Buzz Wire Game to the all new Top Trumps featuring Disney Frozen, Doc McStuffins, the Minions and so many more character favourites. Just remember to ease up on the competitiveness, tears and tantrums are the default reaction to losing. On the other hand, losing builds character so perhaps you should give it your all - (but you didn’t hear that from us).

Revive and Rejuvenate

Many parents won’t even remember a time where they could bask in silence. A time where they could sit in peace and quiet and unwind as opposed to worrying about what the kids have broken in the other room. It can be difficult to squeeze a moment of “me time” at this point of the year especially with the back to school rush and getting the kids back to their everyday routine. So whilst you put your feet up and get a chance to take a breather, have a look at our fantastic toy sale. The perfect way to find toys and games that will keep the children content, that way they have their favourite toys and you have nothing to worry about. With everyone else at the forefront of your focus, you tend to forget about giving yourself that little bit of TLC. Take some time out, get your favourite show on and give yourself the chance to be back to full optimum.
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Creativity & Moving Forward

It is also important to remember that children also get stressed and anxious regardless of their age. Therefore, looking into remedies that can also help them relax is beneficial. At the end of the day, if both parents and children are happy and content – the home is harmonious and blissful to live in. We can guarantee that nothing can put smiles on faces quite like Minion toys, a must have for the playroom. Outside of the home, one of the most efficient ways to keep them calm and occupied would be giving them activities that allow them to explore their imagination and run wild. A space where they can be messy, loud and carefree is a space where they will overflow with happiness. A simple day out in your local park where you can play and run about all day is perfect for getting rid of any pent-up energy and frustration a long day at school might have caused.
A new year to make new memories and have amazing blessings for you and your family. Don’t let the rough start of January set the tone for your year, take control and make it your best year yet!
Thank you so much for reading, let us know in the comments down below what you like to do on a rainy day..

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