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Party bags are a great idea for kids parties, especially as nearly all children love receiving exciting bags full of sweets and toys! They’re a sure-fire way to make sure your children’s friends leave with smiles on their faces. However, putting together the perfect party bag isn’t always a simple task, particularly if you’re a busy parent with little time to hunt down interesting and affordable items. Here are some fantastic ideas for kids party bags.

Sweet treats

Let’s face it, whilst most parents try to encourage healthy eating, most kids love sugar. So, it’s no surprise that party bags often contain sweet treats. You could opt for favourites such as Haribo, marshmallows or chocolate coins, but if you want to keep things a little healthier, you could always elect for low sugar sweets or those without additives. To make your life that little bit easier we have a full collection of affordable party supplies, in this collection you'll find confectionery amongst many other party essentials. However if you are trying to steer away from the sweets and sugar then packets of dried fruit or boxes of raisins are also good ideas. The options are almost limitless. However, it’s important to watch out for allergies when choosing sweets for party bags. Ask if any of your guests have food allergies before you begin the task.

Crayons and other stationery

If there’s one thing children enjoy, it’s getting creative! So, why not opt for a pack of crayons and small colouring book? You can buy rubbers in interesting designs too which can make great additions to party bags. However, be mindful of those that could be potential choking hazards. Go for larger styles which won’t break easily.
Girls blowing bubbles at a birthday party


There’s something about bubbles that children just love! Kids of all ages go crazy for them, so why not add little pots of them to party bags? Not only will they provide hours of fun, but they’re also really affordable too. You can easily buy a 24-pack of bubbles for just a few pounds. We all know that kids love bubbles, but did you know that bubble play provides a range of benefits? From improved hand-eye coordination to better oral motor skills, they can help children to grow and thrive in a variety of ways as well as allowing them to have fun.  


Books are a great idea for party bags, whether your guests are toddlers or older children. Not only will they benefit from reading a book, but they will also be able to keep it forever. Some parents think books are too pricey for party bags, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Look for a book bundle online to keep costs down or have a look in charity shops for second-hand books. You’ll be surprised at the bargains you might find. Just make sure the books you buy are age-appropriate. Alternatively, novelty bookmarks are a fun and even more affordable option.
Mini toy figurines

Party Toys

This would not be the perfect party bag without the crucial party bag fillers. Even though the little ones love the sweets and the other fun items you might pop in, they also keep a look out for toys. We know that with the fillers you don't want to spend too much on them since you'll most likely be buying in bulk. Whether it be a girls party or a boys party we have some affordable cheap toys that you can choose from. Take your pick from blind bags, little figurines and more. Ultimately children can be easily amused so don't fret too much over the perfect fillers as long as they can play with it, they're guaranteed to love it.

A packet of seeds

Seed packets are ideal for green-fingered kids! They are unique and interesting party bag fillers that children will benefit greatly from. Not only will they learn about planting and gardening, but they will love watching the seeds grow into beautiful flowers over the weeks and months. Keep in mind that this party bag idea is generally better for older children.

Play dough

If there’s one thing children love, it’s play dough! It’s colourful, squishy and they can make almost anything out of it – what’s not to like? You can buy little pots of the stuff in shops, or you can even make your own with just a few ingredients. Play dough is fun for kids to play with, but it also offers various benefits. Not only will they hone their creativity whilst moulding it, but it can also help fine-tune their fine motor skills too. Play dough can make an excellent addition to party bags, but keep in mind that it poses a few risks for younger children. Be wary about giving it to children under the age of three.
little girls with balloons


If you’re looking for party bag fillers that kids love but cost next to nothing, look no further than balloons! Lucky for you, you also don't have to search far because we have all the party balloons you'll need. They can have a balloon pet animal, they can have one filled with confetti or they can even make and decorate their own. Give a child a balloon and they will play with it for hours, and this is simply because they’re so fascinated with its peculiar qualities! Balloons are colourful objects that float and bounce, and this can be very appealing to young children. Be aware that balloons can be a potential choking hazard, so always make sure that an adult is close by if young children are playing with them and to remove them as soon as they're deflated.
Whilst party bags can be a great addition to kids parties, you don’t need to stress too much about finding lots of different items to put in them. Most children will be happy with a few items to keep them entertained, and you certainly don’t need to spend too much either. A handful of carefully selected toys and treats will surely bring a smile to their faces.
Let us know in the comments what items you hate finding in your kids party bags and what your perfect party bag would contain...

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