Portion Control

Portion Control
Just how big (or small) are the recommended serving sizes for some of our favourite snacks?

Treating your children to chocolate and other sweet treats can form part of a healthy, balanced diet, as long as you’re sensible and make sure to limit their intake of things such as sugar, fat and salt.

This is why food and drink products always have a recommended serving size and have to display their key nutritional information on the packaging, but just how well do you know your portion sizes? They may be a lot smaller than you think…

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite snacks and treats to see just how much you should be giving to your children.


Chocolate PortionsThe packaging on a 200g bar of chocolate usually reminds us that they’re “great for sharing” but just how many of us are guilty of taking half a bar for ourselves or our children?

According to the recommended serving sizes, a 200g bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk should make up eight 25g servings, which works out as just five chunks (it’s six for a bar of Galaxy, with slightly smaller chunks).


Crisps Portion ControlCrisps are another treat that are ideal for sharing, but also very easy to overindulge in once you’ve opened the bag.

It’s also difficult to gauge exactly how much the recommended serving size is in real terms. For example, in a normal-sized tube of Pringles, you should be sticking to 13 individual crisps, while in a sharing bag of Doritos, the recommended serving size of 16 crisps.

And for kid’s favourites such as Quavers, you should only be portioning out about a quarter of a full 116g bag!


Drinks PortionsFizzy drinks are often full of calories and sugar, but you’d be mistaken for assuming that the individual 500ml bottles that you buy in the shops constitute one healthy serving.

However, you’d be wrong, as the recommended serving size for fizzy drinks is just 250ml, which is actually even less than a small can.


Sweet PortionsSome of our favourite sweets can be incredibly moreish, which is quite worrying when you realise just how few it’s recommended that we eat in one go.

For example, in a sharing bag of Maynard’s Wine Gums, it’s only recommended that we eat only four individual sweets as one serving, which contains 78 calories.


Cereal Portions

You might be surprised at just how much unhealthy stuff is in a box of cereal, which may make you think twice before filling the bowl to the rim.

The recommended portion size for cereal is usually 30-40g, which can be hard to visualise but as you can see below, it may not be quite as much as you would usually fill your bowl with!


All nutritional information and serving sizes were taken either directly from the product packaging or from listings on Tesco.

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