Playing, Exploring and Learning with Toys

kids playingThe toys that children and their parents remember most fondly are the ones that combine two elements together. Sure, it’s nice to just play, but kids will enjoy playing with something that either inspires their creativity or teaches them something even more. The best toys don’t let kids know that they’re educational because, at the heart of it, they’re just plain fun.
With that in mind, our range of toys and games combine a variety of playing, exploring and learning, which makes playtime extra special for all children. You can explore our full range of toys in our huge toy sale.

Unicorn Toys

Unicorn toys are brilliantly popular right now and they come in all shapes and sizes, playing, exploring and learning with unicorn toys has never been so easy.
Since it’s highly unlikely you're ever going to encounter a unicorn in the wild, why not let them grow their own? It’s a simple enough procedure, and the kids will love the anticipation of waiting for it to hatch. As well as this, it encourages them to think of nature as something that grows. They might not see many more unicorns in their life, but they’ll begin to be entranced by nature.
Some of our other favourite options in the unicorn category are the inflatable unicorn stick (perfect for imaginative games), our unicorn magic towel and the unicorn poop slime kit that will encourage them to explore new shapes and designs.
dinosaur toys

Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs are a perennial favourite and, thanks to the recent film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, more kids than ever are clamouring for dinosaur toys. Who doesn't love adventuring in dino land? These legendary creatures provide hours of fun for anyone involved, whether you want to simply play with dinosaur toys, learn about excavation and exploring the world of archaeology from a young age. Our range of dinosaur toys even have fun for the family, why not test their concentration with this dino version of the popular game Operation? It’s more fun removing dinosaur bones, we promise.

Diecast Cars

Why are diecast cars still so popular? As well as being great collectors’ items, they’re also sturdy and can survive a lot. Thanks to manufacturers keeping up with the demands of each new generation, you can find diecast cars that are as entertaining for today’s kids as the older models used to be.
In our range of Diecast Cars, you’ll find some big names that will enjoyable for your kids to play with, but they’ll also flex their creative muscles as they create scenarios for the cars and zoom around the room with them. For Cars and Planes fans, we’ve got a great range of diecast cars that will not only be creative companions for your child but will also help their coordination and fine motor skills.
kids writing on the grass

Activity Toys

Activity Toys and sets come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention featuring all your favourite characters. Children learn through play and they become used to exploring the world with their hands and eyes as they grow up. Giving them free rein to play with toys doesn’t mean they’ll just be playing – activity toys can help improve a child's creative thinking and problem-solving.
What toys do you like your children playing with most? Let us know in the comments below. 

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