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children with balloonsIf you’re planning a party for your child and wondering how to keep everyone entertained, don’t panic. There are many party games and activities to choose from that kids of all ages will love. Whether you’re seeking classic favourites like pin the tail on the donkey or more modern options, you won’t be short of ideas. Here’s some popular activities for kids parties.

Guessing games

Fun guessing games are ideal if you’re looking for activities that require very little planning! One of the most popular guessing games for kids parties is ‘Who Am I?’. This involves players using yes or no questions to guess the identity of the celebrity they’ve been assigned. Questions are based around the traits and characteristics of the famous person. This is a classic guessing game and is sure to be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Another good guessing game is ‘What’s That Song?’. Give an adult two wooden spoons and ask them to tap out the rhythm of a song. The child who guesses the song correctly is the winner! Children love to sing songs, so this game should go down very well.

obstacle course in the park

Obstacle course

Obstacle courses are lots of fun for kids, so why not set one up either in your garden or at a nearby park? You can use objects found around your house, such as a table, ladder and ball pit. Hula hoops and foam noodles can also make good additions. Children love to jump and climb, so what could be more enjoyable than crashing their way through a fun obstacle course? Send the kids through one by one and time them to see who’s the fastest. You could always reverse the course after a few goes to make it more interesting.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are fun, creative and interactive, and what’s great is that they can be tailored to kids of all ages. You can have them in your home, garden or even in your local park if possible. Plus, because all you really need is some bits of paper and something for them to search for, it’s a really inexpensive game too. Split the kids into teams and get them to look for clues that you’ve hidden to lead them towards the hidden treasure. If you're short for items and toys then take a look in our toy sale for goodies, this a great collection for finding affordable toys that won't break your bank and the kids will still love them. The treasures that they find can be taken home at the end of the party (a good alternative to costly party bags).
daughter dancing with her parent

Hit the dance floor

If your child loves throwing shapes to their favourite music, dance activities are perfect. The kids can either have a dance off to see has the best moves or play popular dance games like ‘Partner Switch’, ‘Dance Switch’ or ‘Dance Hats’. ‘Create a Dance’ is a good choice as it lets kids create their own dance moves, allowing them to use their imagination and creativity. Dance games are sure to get children up on their feet and having a lot of fun. All you need for dance games is a large floor space (you may need to move your living room furniture temporarily), and a music source such as a hi-fi or laptop. Disco lights can add atmosphere and can be purchased affordably online.   

Pin the tail on the donkey

Pin the tail on the donkey is probably one of the most classic kids party games, and what’s great is that is can be adapted to suit any theme. If your child is having a ‘Frozen’ party, you can always opt to pin the tail on Olaf, or if they are a Harry Potter fan, you can always pin the scar on Harry instead! Kids will love watching their friends stumble around as they try to put the tail in the right place, so you can expect lots of laughter. Pinning game kits can be purchased easily online or on the high street, however, it is possible to make your own if you’re feeling creative. You could always get your child involved in the process!
children's water gun war

Water gun wars

If you’re planning a kids party in summer, why not plan a water gun war. If there’s one thing children love, it’s water pistols, so this idea is sure to go down a storm! The best part is you don't have to search far and wide because we have some awesome water guns in our outdoor toys collection. To get the battle going just split the kids into two teams and let them run riot soaking each other. You can incorporate water bombs and even a slip and slide to make the event even more fun and exciting. Just remember to tell the kids’ parents to pack a spare set of clothes!
Planning a kids party can be daunting, especially if you’re worried about keeping your young guests occupied. Fortunately, there are so many options when it comes to games and activities. Many require very little planning, and most are very affordable too. You should have no trouble organising a fun-packed party that your child and their friends will enjoy!
Let us know down below all the fun activities you have planned for the little ones at your next party...

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