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Mother and son outside
The sun is shining and the school holidays are just around the corner. That means it’s time to start making some amazing memories with the family. Whether you’ll be hanging out in the garden, playing at the park, or chilling out at the pool or beach, fun in the sun is guaranteed.

Dig out the paddling pool

Let’s face it, summer wouldn’t be the same without cooling off in the paddling pool. As the heat intensifies in July, there’s nothing more refreshing than jumping into the water. Paddling Pools come in all shapes and sizes these days, with options available for children (and adults!) of all ages. Our Gator Spray Pool from Intex is particularly great for little ones. If you want to add even more excitement to the experience, why not add some Ooze Baff to the water? Your kids will be in their element in a paddling pool full of green slime.
If you don’t have a garden, you could always head to the local swimming pool to cool off. There are many outdoor pools and lidos in the UK, allowing you to enjoy swimming in the open air whilst the weather’s fine. Grab your rubber ring and jump in!

Hit the beach

The UK might not be known for having the best beaches in the world, however, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised if you take a trip to the coast. With some fantastic golden beaches to explore, there’s no need to jet off abroad to enjoy some sun, sea, and sand this year. At PoundToy, we sell an impressive range of Outdoor Toys, from inflatable balls and floats to frisbees and sand moulding sets. A day spent on one of Britain’s best beaches is sure to be a memorable experience for the whole family.
Parents and daughter on the beach

Grab your water guns

Water guns provide kids with hours of enjoyment throughout the summer holidays. Not only can they enjoy soaking each other to cool down in the sunshine, but they could also try water pistol painting. This involves squirting paint onto a large canvas with a paint-filled water gun to create some fantastic artwork. Our Super Shooter Water Guns are the ideal addition to your child’s toy chest this summer.

Enjoy a game of football

If you’re looking for an activity for the whole family, why not arrange a game of football? Euro 2020 has given most of us footy fever and children and grownups nationwide are desperate to channel their inner Marcus Rashford! Fortunately, organising a backyard football game isn’t hard. You can have as many or few people on each team as you want, however, you should try to make sure the teams are even. Children vs adults usually works well, as long as there are no crunching tackles involved!
A group of kids playing football outside

Play with bubbles

When it comes to Cheap Toys that kids love the most, bubbles are likely to come at the top of the list! Bubbles are fascinating to children of all ages, and what’s more is that they can contribute to various areas of their development, from fine motor skills to hand-eye coordination. Bubble play is the ideal outdoor activity for the summer months, whether you’re using a small tub of bubbles, a bubble sword, or an electronic bubble blower. You’ll love watching the smile on your little one’s face as they try to grab the floating bubbles in the air.

Plan a picnic

Summer is the perfect opportunity to enjoy alfresco dining with the family. So, grab a blanket and pack your cool box with delicious treats like sandwiches, pies, and cakes. You can have a picnic in your back garden, head to the park or even the beach. There are many idyllic spots perfect for picnics in the UK. Spending time outdoors with the family eating yummy food is one of the highlights of summer. You could even pack a football or frisbee for a fun game once you’ve finished eating. You’ve got to burn off those calories somehow!
Parents and sons having a picnic

Stay safe in the sun

When the sun is shining, your kids will obviously want to spend lots of time outside. However, it’s important to make sure they’re protected from its harmful rays. Not only should they wear a sunscreen of 30SPF or higher but they should also cover up as much as possible, ideally wearing a wide-brimmed hat to protect their eyes, ears, and neck. Keep in mind that UV rays are strongest around midday, so it might be best to keep them indoors at this time.
Outdoor fun with the family is easier than ever during the summer months. Not only is the weather nicer but everyone feels more relaxed and ready to enjoy playing games together in the sunshine! A bunch of water balloons

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