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Mum and dad walking with baby boyWith plenty of sunshine and longer days, summer is the perfect time of year to have fun as a family in the open air, so why not round up the troops? It can be difficult to tear children away from their computers and games consoles, but with so much to do outside, you shouldn’t have too much trouble encouraging them. Here’s our best ideas for outdoor family fun.

Go camping

With temperatures in Britain averaging 18 Celsius during the summer months, it’s the ideal time for a staycation. Going camping as a family can be a lot of fun and you can expect to make some really magical memories. Not only is it a great way to get away from it all and spend some quality time together, but kids love the novelty of going to sleep and waking up in a tent. You may struggle to get them to go to bed at home, but this won’t be the case when you’re camping! Plus, what better way is there to escape from technology like smartphones and TV? With so much beautiful countryside in Britain, you’re sure to find the perfect camping spot not too far from you. These days, many camp sites even have toilets and showers, providing a much more comfortable experience than in the past!

Family on a hike

Take a hike

Summer for children should be all about adventure, so why not take a hike together? Hiking in the great outdoors is very exciting for kids, with so much to explore and discover. Keep your first family hiking expedition fairly easy, making sure that it’s not too long or difficult. You should also choose a trail that has plenty of features, such as lakes, streams and waterfalls. If there’s a lot for them to see, they’ll have things to focus on other than their tired feet. Hiking is a great way for families to spend time together in the great outdoors whilst getting active and exploring nature. Remember to take packed lunches along so you can stop for some well-earned sustenance along the way. Even take some items to keep the family entertained on the way, a ball for a mini game of catch to keep things interesting or even something as little as having bubble toys in everyones' bag so they can pull out whenever they would wish. Everyone loves bubbles and they do look fantastic in photos.

Fruit picking

If you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive way to entertain your kids this summer, why not go fruit picking? Visit a farm in your area and pick strawberries, apples and various other seasonal fruits. Days out don’t get much better than walking through fields and gathering delicious juicy fruits before heading home to bake them in a pie or pudding. Grab some baskets and show your little ones where all the lovely fruit that they eat comes from. It’s the perfect way to get them out in the fresh air and having fun. Lots of the farms offering fruit picking have lots of other activities too, from tractor rides to lamb petting, allowing you to make a real day of it.
Seagulls at the sea side

Hit the beach

With so many fantastic beaches in the UK, there’s no need to head abroad this summer. There are plenty of pretty seaside resorts in all corners of the country, from Whitby in Yorkshire to St Ives in Cornwall. They may not have palm trees or piña coladas, but British beaches are some of the loveliest in the world. So, why not pack up your bucket and spades and head to the beach for a fun family day out? You can build sandcastles, paddle in the water and enjoy some of the most amazing fish and chips. Your kids could even ride a donkey if they like! Days out at the beach during summer are guaranteed to create many happy memories that your children will cherish forever.

Garden games

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, there’s no excuse for not having fun outside this summer! Outdoor games can keep the whole family entertained, with lots of them ideal for people of all ages. Before the school holidays hit, why not invest in some? Not only does playing games together deliver a great opportunity for bonding, but if games are educational, kids will learn things at the same time as enjoying themselves. Whether you have a large garden or a small backyard, there are games available to suit a range of spaces. Why not opt for an inflatable beach volleyball game and get competitive? Or test your mettle with a giant garden Jenga? Get gooey and messy with some awesome slime toys, especially since we all know the kids are completely obsessed with them at the moment. There are so many options for family garden games that you’ll be spoilt for choice.
Family having fun, smiling and laughing
Fun family activities are a must once summer arrives, as they help you to create precious memories. After all, you only have so many summers with your kids whilst they’re young and it’s important to make them count. Plan some exciting days out together or have fun in your garden to make the most of the nice weather.
So what's it going to be for you and your family, a day at the beach, hiking, a camping trip or something else? Let us know in the comments...

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