Our Top Tips For Weekend Playtime

top tips for weekend play time

Parents and carers can often feel under pressure to make weekends the highlight of the week. Of course, every weekend ends up being different because there are different circumstances around them. Maybe you’ve had a really bad week and you don’t fancy exerting yourself over the weekend, despite knowing that you and the kids deserve some time together. Or maybe the kids have had a tough week at school and they’re grumpy. What to do?
We’ve got some tips to get you started!

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Be weather prepared

It’s Britain – the weather is about as predictable as the next top toy trends for kids. In 2018, we’ve had the Beast from the East freeze up our pavements only to be followed by the kind of heatwave that makes some kids want to hide in air-conditioned rooms. The moral is “be prepared”. So, always have in mind two sets of activities for weekend playtime – one suitable for indoors and one that could make use of the outdoors if the weather holds up. This might seem like a waste of energy but remember that you can use the other option at some point in the future. Having a collection of ideas stockpiled can make things much easier further down the line.
It’s cheap enough to buy indoor and outdoor branded toys that you can save until you need them. Most parents have experienced (and learned from) that mistake of letting kids see something outdoor-appropriate when it’s almost like monsoon season outside. Avoid that by stockpiling a collection of budget toys in secret and bringing them out at the right moment.

Include chill time

It’s a hard life for a kid, and for parents too. There seems to be pressure to “do something” every weekend and that can be exhausting. Staying at home for a morning and relaxing with some inside games or activities can let all of you recharge your batteries in time for the next week. This could be something as simple as doing a jigsaw together or quiet drawing time. Whatever makes your family relax, schedule some time in for it. Getting whatever girls toys or boys toys your child is into can be so important, children are more likely to keep their toys for longer if they like them.

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Get that energy used up

You probably don’t want them to be utterly exhausted come Sunday night, but you do want them to sleep well before school or nursery on Monday morning. So, figuring out ways to encourage them to use up all that excess energy over the weekend is key. If the weather’s okay, get them out in the garden playing with outdoor toys like mini footballs or glider kits. But, if you’re forced to keep them indoors, drain their brain power instead and that can be just as exhausting. Try some science toys to keep them thinking or spend time with educational toys as a family – this can limit the feeling that they’re “working” on a weekend while still having the same impact on their energy levels.
Our final tip? It’s your weekend too – enjoy playtime as much as the kids do!
We would love to hear your top tips! Let us know down below...

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